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Falling For My Prisoner Wife

Falling For My Prisoner Wife

Sue Stigler


Kolton was forced to marry a disobedient young woman. He didn’t like her. "In two years, we must get divorced." Two years rolled by. It was time for them to get divorced. Surprisingly, Kolton refused to let Valentina go. Valentina secretly asked someone to handle the divorce proceedings for her. Kolton got wind of it, and he warned, "Anyone who comes in here won't make it out alive. You must never step foot out of this house. If you do, I'll break your legs!" Valentina felt so helpless and she cried. Kolton pulled her into his arms. "Be good. Just do as I say. We won’t divorce. Let's have a baby to keep you company."

Chapter 1 Never Judge A Book By Its Cover


The second Valentina Dixon stepped into her room, she heard a man's groan coming from her bed.

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and she walked over.

She could see someone moving under the quilt.

Perplexed, Valentina threw back the quilt.

The sight that greeted her left her startled. Her eyes went wide in shock.

Kolton Pearson was naked and tied to the bed. A red napkin was stuffed in his mouth and the only item of clothing he wore was a pair of red underwear.

The thick hemp rope accentuated his physique.

Two well-built pecs!

Six-pack abs!

A powerful waist!

There were also the long shapely legs, and...

Gosh! Was she able to watch this treat without spending money?

She was so tempted!

He was handsome and so solidly built. He must have been struggling under the quilt for a while. His entire body was drenched in sweat, making him look wild and sexy.

Valentina's gaze unintentionally swept over Kolton's body, leaving her hot and restless.

"Kolton? What are you doing?" Valentina blurted out, removing the napkin from his mouth.

Almost instantly, Kolton's roar echoed around the room.

"Valentina Dixon. I'm going to kill you!"

Valentina felt like he nearly shattered her eardrum. She quickly shoved the napkin back into his mouth.

Kolton's eyes were bloodshot, and his handsome face blazed red with embarrassment and anger.

He pursed his lips and glowered at her. He thrashed around frantically, wishing he could slice her into pieces with his eyes.

Valentina scowled, and soon it dawned on her.

He had been forced to wait in the bed for her.

Their grandfathers had arranged the marriage between Kolton and her. They had only met recently, and neither of them liked the other.

Their engagement ceremony had been fixed for today. Kolton had run away from home in a fit of rage and hadn't shown up to the ceremony.

She disliked him as well, so she didn't care whether he attended or not.

But Kolton's grandfather was furious and remorseful. He said he had prepared a big gift to make up for the fiasco at the ceremony.

She thought she would get something expensive, but she didn't expect that the old man would arrange for his grandson to be present here.

"Why are you glaring at me? Why did you get captured if you were capable?" she asked.

Kolton pressed his lips tightly and struggled against the rope. He wanted to speak and get rid of the binds.

Valentina continued, "I can remove the napkin from your mouth, but you can't yell anymore. I'm not the one who dragged you back and tied you to my bed."

After giving this warning, she removed the napkin from his mouth.

Kolton inhaled deeply, his chest heaving. "Valentina! Shut your eyes!"

Valentina had already averted her eyes from embarrassment, but when he yelled, her sharp gaze flew to him again.

His attitude rubbed her the wrong way. Who was he to her? How dare he order her?

"I can look at whatever I please. You have no say in it! And right now, I'm going to look at you!"

As Valentina spoke, she looked him up and down.

Kolton was about to explode with rage. "You are so shameless!"

"Shameless? Who is lying in my bed in just their underwear? You are the one seducing me!"

"Seducing you? Dream on!"

"I don't need to dream about it. It's the reality. But your physique is below average and your cock is as small as a worm. It's obvious that you're not good in bed."

Kolton was so incensed that his face turned purple. "You... You..."

"Stop stuttering. What do you think our next step should be? If you keep up this attitude, I won't untie you."

"Do you want me to beg you? No way!"

"Okay, then stay here. I'm going to spend the night in a hotel." Valentina strode out of the room, her voice dripping with contempt. "I misspoke just now. Your cock is even smaller than a worm. I can barely see it."

After throwing this last barb, Valentina sashayed out of the room.

Kolton's outraged roar rang out from behind. "Valentina Dixon!"

As soon as Valentina was out of the room and out of Kolton's line of sight, she patted her chest.

She was terrified just now. Not only was Kolton perfect, but he also had a perfect body. Fortunately, she had excellent self-control, or else, she would have pounced on him in there.

In a cafe, Valentina looked down and stirred the bitter coffee she wasn't fond of. She patiently listened to Sheri Hudson and Kolton's love story.

"We have known each other for ten years. Our relationship is everlasting. I love him and he loves me..."

Valentina's head shot up curiously and she interrupted Sheri. "If your relationship is everlasting, why doesn't he marry you?"

When Sheri heard this, she scowled and flushed. Valentina's taunt left her tongue-tied.

She had always dreamed of marrying Kolton, but he...

Unable to retort, Sheri withdrew a bank card from her purse and tossed it in front of Valentina.

"This card has one million dollars. Take the money and return to your hometown. You're not worthy of Kolton. You will never have any happiness even if you marry him. I deserve to be his wife."

Valentina leaned back into her chair and said enthusiastically, "What a coincidence! You want to marry Kolton, and I don't. Convince him to break off the engagement to me, and I will pay you one hundred million dollars for your troubles!"

"What?" After a moment, Sheri shrieked, "Valentina, are you trying to demean me? Are you insinuating that you were forced to get engaged to Kolton? Don't you know what kind of person you are? If you hadn't so shamelessly insisted on marrying him, he wouldn't have gotten engaged to you.

And do you even have any idea about how much one hundred million dollars are? How can you get your hands on such a big amount? You're just a bumpkin from the countryside. Let me tell you. I..."

Sheri's tirade came to an abrupt halt.

That was because Valentina slowly took out a black card and put it on the table.

The surname "Pearson" glittered in the cafe lights.

This card obviously belonged to Kolton.

Sheri was irate. Valentina wasn't even married to Kolton yet, but she had received the black card with no limit from the Pearson family.

Sheri's eyes turned red with envy. She jumped to her feet and screeched, "You bitch! How dare you steal Kolton's bank card!"

Valentina was annoyed.

"Don't abuse me. I'll ask you one last time. Will you be able to convince Kolton to break off the engagement to me or not?"

Sheri huffed in anger. If she was able to accomplish that, would she come to talk to Valentina?

It seemed to her that Valentina was not asking her, but humiliating her.

Sheri screamed, "Why can't I curse? You seduced Kolton so shamelessly, but you have the guts to stop me from giving you a piece of my mind? You're nobody to stop me from berating you! Bitch! Bitch!"

Valentina had reached the end of her tolerance and slapped Sheri multiple times in succession.

Sheri didn't even get a chance to fight back. Her face instantly began to swell up.

She was in so much pain that she couldn't curse anymore. She could only plop on the floor and groan.

She didn't even dare to cry because her face hurt so badly.

Valentina stopped and said in a displeased voice, "I told you not to abuse me, but you refused to listen. You've been pestering me for a few days, but I didn't bother to respond to you. I believed you could actually talk Kolton into breaking off the engagement. But I didn't expect you to be cut from the same cloth as him. You are useless!

Let me tell you one thing. In my eyes, even a cup of milk tea is more important than Kolton. If you can somehow convince him to break off this engagement, I will appreciate your help. But if you can't do it, stay away from me in the future. Don't bother me ever again!"

After saying that, Valentina tucked the black card back into her pocket and left.

The patrons in the cafe were shell-shocked.

Who would have thought that a young, slim, and demure-looking girl would slap someone so indiscriminately?

As the saying went, one could never judge a book by its cover.

Valentina had walked out of the cafe. She pursed her lips, looking unhappy.

Her mind flashed back to Kolton tied to her bed, and she shook her head in disgust. Although he had a good body, he looked dumb. He was definitely not her type of man.

She had believed she would be able to end the engagement through Sheri. If she had known that Sheri didn't have such an influence, she wouldn't have come. What a waste of time!


A loud noise came from the cafe, followed by a plume of thick smoke.

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