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Breastfeeding The Ruthless Mafia

Breastfeeding The Ruthless Mafia



On her birthday, Alena secretly went out to meet her boyfriend and friends after midnight. However, she accidentally entered a stranger's room and was forced into a one-night stand with a man. The tearful Alena quietly returned home the next day only to discover that she was pregnant several weeks later. The scandal that Alena was unmarried and pregnant directly led to the family's bankruptcy. Living with her son, Alena's life became increasingly difficult. One day, she was suddenly kidnapped. When she regained consciousness, she found a remarkably handsome man pinning her down. He forcefully planted a kiss on her neck and declared, "Don't struggle, your father sold you to me!" As the most powerful mafia, Erlangga is rich, powerful and has no shortage of women. But he had always been unable to forget the woman from that night—the fragrance of her soft body and her pitiful appearance beneath him. Every time he thought of this poor soul, Erlangga's body would react. Until one day, he saw a lone figure on the street and immediately recognized her as the woman he had been yearning for. He went to great lengths to bring her to his side, imprisoning and plundering her. However, his anger flared when he discovered she had a son, assuming it was a child from another man. But wait, why does this child look so much like him!

Chapter 1 A painful birthday

"Mami, send me a beautiful girl who is still young and of course a virgin who has never been touched by anyone"

The man's voice sounded so cold.

"With pleasure my dear, mami will choose the best girl for you Mr. Erlangga Mahesa Raja"


The phone was immediately switched off, with no intention of answering the words of Mami Rachel, the pimp.

She chose to go into the bathroom to clean herself up.

After taking the last sip of the expensive wine.


"Alena, where are you? Come quickly. I'm waiting for you in room 32." Said someone on the other side of the phone.

"Wait for me there... I'll be right there!" Alena said



The Android phone fell apart on the floor.

"Ah .... My phone..." Alena shouted.

The person who hit the girl, however, didn't care at all about Alena's screams who was now picking up her shattered cell phone on the floor.

Just finished picking up her cell phone and stood back up.


Someone opened the door of the room that Alena had just accidentally bumped into.

Because she was pushed by the person who hit her earlier, Alena crashed into the room of someone who was waiting for her order to arrive.


Alena screamed loudly as a hand pulled her into the room she had crashed into.

"Let go of my hand!" Shouted Alena who could not clearly see the man holding her hand.

"What took you so long. You bitch."

The sharp voice pierced Alena's ears,

Making Alena gasp in shock at the title spoken by the man who had pulled her hand.

"Bitch! What do you mean, let go of my hand..." Said Alena who continued to struggle as her hand was pulled into the man's room, which was so dimly lit that Alena could not see the man's face clearly.

"Ahh... my cell phone..."

The girl screamed at her cell phone which fell to the floor, as the man dragged her inside and threw her on the bed.

Quickly the man crushed Alena's petite body that was only 148 cm tall.

The man was so tall, probably around 185 cm with such a large body, the muscles on his body were so shapely when seen from the outside with a black shirt that fit so well.

"Who are you... why are you pulling me inside, I need to meet my friends soon..."

Alena yelled at the man who was now on top of her.

"You're so loud, bitch..."


The man was now kissing Alena's supple lips that no one had ever tasted.

So soft, so gentle.

Making both of their heartbeats skip a beat as their lips met.

There is a strange feeling now felt by the man who managed to taste Alena's lips for the first time.

The smell of alcohol is so strong in Alena's nose who is being kissed by a man she doesn't know.

'My first kiss' Alena thought with rounded eyes and immediately pushed away the man who had managed to get her first kiss.

But unfortunately the man was very strong, making Alena who only had a small part of her strength, how could she push the big body that pressed her.

The man tore Alena's shirt to shreds, without letting go of the kiss on his lips he stripped off all the clothes attached to Alena's body, without leaving a single strand wrapped around her body.

Alena's body was so naked now.

The drops of water in her eyes began to come out on their own, as she felt her body was innocent.

Alena squeezed the chest of the man who was pressing her with all his might.

The man breaks the kiss and switches to kissing Alena's neck wildly.

"Bastard, get away from me..." Alena shouted loudly.

But the man was engrossed in his own world.

The passion that enveloped him made the man ignore Alena's words and continue kissing Alena.

The scent of Alena's body is so soothing, making the man not want to take his eyes off her.

He didn't even care about Alena's tears that had already come out a lot.

"Ahh... fuck... stay away from me... ahhh..." Alena unintentionally sighed as the man kissed his way down her neck to her chest.

He sucked one of Alena's cute but very large breasts with one hand.

Squeezing it roughly, Alena felt pain and a strange sensation that she felt for the first time.

The man didn't open his mouth at all and was instead engrossed in playing with Alena's supple breasts.

Alena couldn't stay still and kept trying to rebel.

Her mind was in turmoil, because Alena was sure that after this the man's goal was to eat her whole body.

'How's this' Alena thought

"Please... please..." Alena shouted until finally the man again silenced her mouth.

He kissed her ferociously as if he didn't want anyone to pass by.

"You're so noisy, bitch! But I like you like this. It's as if I'm controlling a helpless woman, making my passion burn even more." With that heavy sounding voice, Alena's body stiffened.

Alena was very afraid of what would happen next.

"I'm not a bitch. You're the wrong person..." Alena shouted and continued to try to push the chest of the man who was still covering her body at this time.

"Please don't do this... you asshole! I'm not a bitch. You can't be like this to me." Alena shouted

"The more you scream, the more you make me want you. You're so tempting. Moreover, the two fruits on your chest are still so solid."

Alena who heard the words of the perverted man in front of her.

She wanted to slap the man's face, but unfortunately, he caught her hand and immediately lifted it above her head, then went back to sucking on her breasts.

"Ah..." Alena sighed

She couldn't rebel anymore and could only surrender to what was about to happen.

She could only close her eyes tightly. her tears were already flowing so fast. Her mouth didn't stop talking.

"Please, not like this..." Alena pleaded.

"I haven't even started this battle yet." The man said happily, then grinned.

"You've completely lost your mind!" Alena shouted in frustration.

'Mom... I'm sorry, disobeying the ban you said' Alena spoke in her heart.

Before coming to the hotel to meet his friends who were going to give him a birthday surprise in the hotel room rented by them.

Her mother had forbidden Alena to go. Especially now that it was late at night.

It would probably be 12 o'clock in the evening, when Alena's birthday was supposed to be a very happy night for her.

But instead it was a disaster for Alena, because she didn't obey her mother's words.

She left home secretly just to meet up with her friends and boyfriend.

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