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21+ Selgie Grizella, the most popular gang leader in school who can bring boys to their knees, no one can resist her. The arrival of two handsome wolves who are so cold towards her makes Selgie so curious about them. So Selgie had to get caught up in their charms Selgie tried to get close to them. But who would have thought that the two wolves had a grudge and an extraordinary passion? Will Selgie be able to get one of them?

Chapter 1

The stench of blood was overpowering.

when the entrance door was opened.

There was so much blood splattered on the floor with large claw scratches.

Suddenly something ran towards him very quickly, as if it wanted to pounce on its prey.

"Ah..." cried a girl who had just had a nightmare for the umpteenth time.

"Selgie! Are you dreaming again?" Asked a middle-aged woman, who had just arrived.

"Yes, the dream is back again."

Selgie smiled faintly at Aunt Wardhani with sweat pouring down her temples.

The middle-aged woman sat beside her bed gently stroking her long hair.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine."

Selgie lied to Aunt Wardhani and quickly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to get ready for school.

After finishing Selgie Grizella stood in front of the vanity mirror.

The reflection of the mirror showed a slim body, a smooth face without acne, straight hair, and wearing a school uniform.

Then she picked up her backpack and hurried down the stairs.

At the dining table was her niece, Melinda, who was waiting for breakfast.

Selgie walked into the kitchen to meet Aunt Wardhani.

"Auntie, I don't think I can have breakfast this morning."

"Selgie, you can't just leave without breakfast."

"You, take it, easy auntie, I won't starve to death."

"But, Selgie-"

"I'll eat at the school cafeteria later." She said as she walked.

Selgie was already at the front door.

As she stared out into the yard, the images of her dream suddenly reappeared.

Fear and anxiety washed over her.

The feeling that something bad would happen when she stepped out of the house.

Selgie looked around the deserted-looking courtyard.

It was as if the house was uninhabited.

Selgie felt that she was being watched by someone.

Her bluish eyes tried to find the person watching her.

Her blue eyes accidentally saw a silhouette behind a large tree.

The light was cloudy like it was going to rain.

The air felt so hot.

Selgie tried to look at the big tree that was always watching her.

Selgie's eyes began to rise slowly towards the branches of the big tree that looked so creepy.

The banyan tree looked old. Filled with weeds creeping up the branches of the tree.

Today was her first day back at school after a long absence, due to a school transfer.

Selgie was surprised to see a black bird with reddened eyes, staring at her creepily.

After a few seconds of trying to neutralize herself.

Selgie tried to convince herself that it was nothing.

She had nothing to fear, even though the terrifying bird, like it was infected with a virus, kept watching her.

The bird was huge.

The bird didn't move.

Selgie turned her face away from the bird that kept staring at her like a man looking for his prey.

Selgie was annoyed that the bird kept staring at her.

She threw a stone at the bird, hitting its wing.

The bird immediately flew away, no longer perched on the tree branch.

The gray clouds looked so overcast. Now it looked luminous and no longer looked scary.

Selgie felt that she was no longer afraid.

The anxiety that enveloped her had disappeared with the bird that flew off to who knows where.

Selgie's beautiful face smiled again.

Selgie looked at the clock in her hand.

No, this can't be happening.

She couldn't be late for school.

Selgie immediately ran as fast as she could to the bus stop to get to her school.


In an instant, the bird died in the hands of the man who caught it.

The bird turned to ashes in an instant.

He didn't mean to kill it.

The bird surprised him who was looking for prey to quench the thirst in his throat.

He was very thirsty and hungry.

So he was looking for prey. In such a terrifying forest.

The handsome man stood under the dense trees.

Dressed in a neat school uniform.

He was looking for a small rabbit to relieve his hunger, before going to school.

Kelvin Lullof was a handsome-looking man. Slightly pale, his white skin color was very abnormal.

Kelvin bit into the little rabbit, tearing the poor rabbit's flesh ferociously.

There wasn't a single piece of meat left, only small bones.

Kelvin wiped his lips, making sure no blood stains were left behind. After eating the little rabbit and killing the poor bird. He didn't want to take any chances.

This disguise was already hard enough for him.

A bitter smile appeared on Kelvin's handsome face.

It was sad that he couldn't have a place to live where he could be himself.

A few years earlier he was still living normally like a human. But now he wasn't a normal human anymore.

His family had been divided.

Forget all that.

She needs to go to school right away.

There was the sound of footsteps that were different from humans.

There couldn't be humans coming in the middle of a creepy forest like this.

Kelvin turned his head toward the bushes.

Two wolves appeared, fellow hunters.

The two wolves changed instantly.

Like Kelvin who looked like a normal human.

The fur on his body just disappeared.

"You already got your breakfast." He asked.

It was Jerry. A man who had grey hair, and black skin with the same uniform as Kelvin.

"Sure, because we're going to be late,oon," Kelvin said.

"We'd better go," Dea said.

A white wolf with black markings.

was now transformed into a girl with shoulder-length hair.

The two of them were Kelvin's friends

Kelvin was about to leave. He saw a bird that was the same as the bird he killed.

The bird was staring at him intently.

Kelvin wanted to try using his power, to find out.

Was the bird the same as the bird he killed or was it different from before?

Kelvin and his two friends soon turned back into wolves.

Kelvin turned into a big, shaggy wolf.

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