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Chapter 3 Matteo

Word Count: 1003    |    Released on: 04/09/2023

otion, she was only foc

ook too bad where Selgie was. He looked quite

t praise hi

the boy took off

almost saw

there was another

sk that covered part of

ait for him in the doorway of the office and hope that he wou

helmet on his head and the mask on his fac

ie could now clearl

n't see the co

ad for her, at least

ite seductive, and a sharp nose that looked like a boy in the movies.

e close

to pretend to pass by him. She was

ratiating herself with men

etending. Standing at the end of the cor

r body as the ma

ed Selgie who was ab

!" The pl

d her. He just

ly. She felt ashamed of herself,

this? How could

ing from behind an

s her class regardless of th

ll behind." Nagged Diana wh

late for class. S


eard the entr

cher had arrived and was soon explainin

aight ahead, but

t. That man had hum

chool, of course, she would feel upse


the desk wi

the class turn thei

fool of herself, out of frustration with

arrassed again as everyone

e you doing?" A

There was just a


y on the desk? This was

ed them and refocused on Mr. Andre wh

umpled he

dn't be t

her. It was okay if he rejected

time she had trie

t about

with Matteo, as soon as possib

o keep being wi

if she had a new, m

an is a toy whe

ay and replace it

ew it, the cl

r books and quickly

teria, leaving her friend

an action to find

lowed her gang. Even though the ma

elgie shout


." Selgie sh

cess Selgie." He said w

irst time Selgie had called out to her


ve up on joining Se

new student who

around, she didn't want anyone to know

friends would k

test sports bike?" Z

u're ver

ented Zayn who

find out wher

s name. Tell me everything about him. " Selgie e

I manage to gather information about the

oin the Quenby gang, the name

You have to do what I say

." She said an

er first plan wa

y and was about to w

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