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Chapter 1 Selgie Grizella

Word Count: 1001    |    Released on: 04/09/2023

f blood was

ntrance doo

splattered on the floor

s him very quickly, as if it

had just had a nightmar

gain?" Asked a middle-aged

dream is b

Aunt Wardhani with sweat

at beside her bed gently


m f

ckly got out of bed and headed for t

Grizella stood in fro

im body, a smooth face without acne, str

er backpack and hurr

er niece, Melinda, who wa

o the kitchen to

ink I can have brea

't just leave wi

sy auntie, I won'

, Se

ol cafeteria later."

lready at th

e yard, the images of her

xiety washe

bad would happen when she

und the deserted-

the house was

she was being w

ied to find the pe

tally saw a silhouett

loudy like it w

r felt

t the big tree that wa

wly towards the branches of the

Filled with weeds creeping

at school after a long abse

a black bird with reddened e

ds of trying to n

onvince herself t

the terrifying bird, like it was infe

rd was

d didn'

the bird that kept staring at her

d that the bird k

e at the bird, h

ew away, no longer perc

ercast. Now it looked lumino

at she was no

had disappeared with the bird t

utiful face

at the clock

can't be

't be late

ast as she could to the bus


d died in the hands of

ed to ashes i

t mean t

was looking for prey to que

y thirsty

for prey. In such

n stood under t

a neat scho

rabbit to relieve his hun

king man. Slightly pale, his whi

rabbit, tearing the poor

le piece of meat le

e left behind. After eating the little rabbit and kill

was already har

ppeared on Kelvi

't have a place to live w

iving normally like a human. But n

y had bee

t all

o go to scho

f footsteps that were

coming in the middle of a

his head tow

ppeared, fel

ves changed

o looked like

is body just

ot your breakf

grey hair, and black skin wi

re going to be lat

ter go,"

f with blac

d into a girl with

hem were Kel

He saw a bird that was the

staring at

try using his p

the bird he killed or was

friends soon turn

d into a big

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