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Chapter 4 Zayn

Word Count: 1025    |    Released on: 04/09/2023

to start again. She hear

" she ca

her head towards th

atteo walkin

we need

She also wanted to talk to Matteo

ked her just to tal

lgie's hand to leave the pla

Matteo to the ba

et that no one wante

l were often heard the sound of howling wolve

?" Selgie immediately dismissed Matteo

looking at his hand

o smiled at Selgie

you about the mes

aid soft

p from now on. All this time I only considered you as my

n who was now staring a

to be holding

ip going to end in separation? Just like death

ong to you... Our relationship has been fine so far. Eve

es, he was very happy to have a m

don't like you? We should

did not want to stay too long behi

her hand made Selgie

d back and saw Matteo

of your hand,

ove his hand fr

st break up wi

seem to accep

th Matteo, if it did not end soon then s

too emotional, it was just a

iled dism

, Matteo

rds the warehouse at the back of the

teo. What are you doin

s really afraid that Matteo would take

ming fear kept coming over her. Should sh

would help her, everyo

should s

. We have to get out of here

eo into letting go of her

m. She sensed that something was going to h

, she continued to fight for


he warehouse do

and creepy, similar t

ehouse to see if there was t

We need to get out of here o

lgie's words, he did

as a

do not end this relationship. And take

r, then pushed Selgie's bod

be with you anymore

to be with a man

t to be with me, then I'll

t gaze. Selgie began to feel scared,

ere. She didn't know what to do and could only keep backi

faster and faster, very irregula

ger move her body backward, so

d, after seeing a large

her lower l

atteo or I will scr

if Selgie screamed or not bec

ghs you will feel.

o perverted, it

ry for datin

ou look di

feel disgusted

ie with his big strides and grabbed Selgie's

hing the man's body with all her strength to break away from him, but t

eo was about

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