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Chapter 2 Kelvin Lullof

Word Count: 1017    |    Released on: 04/09/2023

g through the dry leaves

advertently looked at the bir

top to find out wh

fying looking at him

ious and wanted to

to start. He had to g

he mountain where the forest wa

ports motorcycle was o

nt of his motorcycle look

o longer

is two friends

g their respect

just arrive

school gate. All of her gang

iting at the

a gang of f

the most popular s

r friends appr

g time since they

better than before. Her appearance seemed to

things. Her parents were quite we

ldn't look expensive if her face did

approached Selgie. Shaking hands

Janeeta, somet

ta was going to st

elissa whose small breasts were starting to grow, her ha

h your beautiful long hair?

f the long hair and started with a new one." Melissa

t reply to Me

ho looked quite beaut

d grown longer in an ombre style, her dark skin

o other friends agai

to stare at Selgie's incr

es her will pro

lor your hair again

to look bett

it makes you look more perfect." Melissa

s, we better go now," Selgi

roaring motorcycle

spective classes stop and turn their heads towa

driven by a man wearing sunglasses with

is the man riding the sports bike

that person before." Someon

were soon parked in the

on the bikes go

and Dea emerged from behind their helmet

ck jacket without removi

tudents who s

re so curious about what t

me or just t

t followed by Jerry

nued to star

igned to not being a

met? Did he forget?" Selgie hea

o." Melissa replie

e takes off his face cover, I'm afraid you'll be su

gie replied to Melissa's words

isfied with Matteo yet? So you're looking for new prey ag

vantage of both, why not,

a change of clothes." Diana said a

e same?" Melissa sai

get big and long-lasting ones. " T

people who had walked ahead

the five members foll

escape from them' S

shoulder from beh

wherever she goes." Selgie

d quickly looked at the

o was now entering the teachers' room. Selgie deliberate

through the glass w

w student?"

Did you just go to sleep and just wake up from you

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