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Chapter 5 Diana

Word Count: 1062    |    Released on: 04/09/2023

that made Matteo

ee a shaggy wolf staring at him intentl

..." Selgie cr

or a way to get out of the warehouse by pushing Selgie's body towards the

side to save himself, leav

, he saw two more w

it," he

g to hit the wolves with,

acked her body up by dragging it under the dirty floor, ex

l, seeing the enormous


hrow her small ba

ked like it

growled and ju

overed her face by crossing h

bite her hand, makin

.. B

nconscious on the dirty floor. Af

ery afrai

ly changed his f

ollapsed on the floor in fear. He

ch made him accidentall

t made he

o help the woman from the ma

to Selgie who was

h blood by licking it, until it was completely clean and st

the girl's body which fe

ke her away from there and immediate

Selgie c

you awake?"

white-painted room

staring at her friend wi

u okay


hand, which was wrapp

hat happen

asked curiously and worriedly

her mouth

incing answer made her friends even m

. What happened to you, how did you

Selgie turn to her

and what Melissa wa

you mean

d to her because she did not understand

in that creepy w

d been torn apart by th

nything else, because seeing the

as in the sch

s room? Who saved

e you don't underst

. How can she understand,

ickly te

end who was about to exp

ht you here, you're so lucky to be in that handsome man's arms. But

w blood. After that, we fain

happened to her while

her friends. She was very happy if what her friend sa

ortunity for her to

oss as to what to

ell them about what had happ

e of Matteo, the

ill breathe and not

rue. I just fell, making

that had happened to her. She di

like that... I mea

eyes, looking incre

en, no one knows." Selgi

idents can happen at an

gry, I need to get to the

Melissa replied although she was still

he cafeteria, Selgie accidentally saw

ng strange about Janeeta not meeti

Selgie said as if she

Janeeta said was as if she

vited Janeeta to go together, but Janeeta's answer made Se

ust go." Janeeta's reply so

don't want to

eave Janeeta's pr

what had happe

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