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Alpha King's Pregnant Ex-Luna

Alpha King's Pregnant Ex-Luna

Bosy Elselhdar 2


"Get undressed and wait for me in bed. Keep your legs open until I finish my shower," he commanded with the power of his Alpha status and as her mate. She wanted to resist. "Do you think I'm the same Luna you forced in the past? I refuse to submit to you. I won't let you touch me." He growled softly, feeling a hot desire for her. She was no longer the unattractive Luna he remembered - she was gorgeous. He wanted to devour her with his tongue. He pulled her close and pushed her onto the bed, licking the back of her ear, making her moan in pleasure. He whispered, "I won't touch your body. Just your p*ssy until you beg for more." He used to be next in line for Alpha and was under the control of his grandfather, the Alpha king. He had to accept mating with the woman he disliked the most - the daughter of one of the most powerful Alphas in the werewolf kingdom. If he didn't, he might lose his chance at being Alpha king after his grandfather's death. He thought he was mateless at the time. He didn't choose to mate with the unattractive woman, so he cheated on her day and night. But, one drunken night, he lost control and slept with her. Later, he forced her to break their mating bond. But, he discovered she was carrying his triplets. He forced her to be his mate again, or she wouldn't see her children again. Six years later, he was no longer weak. He was the Alpha king of werewolves.

Chapter 1 1

At the moonlit hospital, the doctor's voice echoed through the corridor, his words carrying a peculiar sense of excitement. "Congratulations, Ms. Jackson! You bear the mark of the moon and carry within you not one, but two new beings of the pack."

Nelly Jackson stood frozen, the news hitting her like a merciless full moon. "Pregnant? With twins? How is this possible?"

The doctor nodded, his eyes glimmering with anticipation. "Indeed, you are the first she-wolf in our pack to embrace the transformative power of the moon with a pregnancy like yours. It is a rare and wondrous occurrence. Celebrations are in order!"

Clutching the ultrasound image, Nelly stumbled out of the hospital, her mind swirling with a whirlwind of confusion and disbelief. She could hardly comprehend the surreal image before her. How could she, after sharing one passionate night with Alpha Kilian, be carrying two wolfish offspring within her?

Before she could reconcile the mysterious twists of fate, her phone howled with urgency. Glancing at the screen, a photo captured her attention—a snapshot of Alpha Kilian Morris, smiling smugly on a yacht, accompanied by a beautiful woman in a revealing bikini. Instantly, fury ignited within Nelly, burning like the fire of a transformed werewolf.

Summoning a taxi, she commanded the driver with urgency, "Take me to Moonwalk pack, now!"

On the Yacht, "You're drunk." Alpha Kilian said kissing her neck. She was sitting on his lap. He grabbed her books with his hands firmly. Ready to fuck her. Her bikini was revealing most of her sexy body. His dick was was hard. They were alone on his own yacht. He was cheating on his luna but he didn't care. He didn't love his wife after all. And he was womanizer. He loved to fuck a hot lady everyday. He grabbed her ass and said, "I want to fuck you pussy and ass."

She was nothing but a one night stand plaything for him.

"Oh baby." She replied, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

He kissed her and made out with her. He rubbed her pussy and she moaned. Her hands grabbed his dick. He put her down on the floor and she immediately took off his clothes. She started to lick his cock. It tasted good. She wanted more.

"I'm hungry baby. Let me eat your cum." She said and started to deepthroat him. He put his hands around her head. She sucked his dick hard. He moaned.

"Yeah, eat my cock." He said and she moaned. He knew that she had a big oral fetish.

She was sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. She didn't stop until she got his cum in her mouth. She tasted it.

"Oh baby." She said.

He pulled her bikini top off and started to play with her boobs.

"Mmmmmmmm" She moaned. He licked her tits and played with her nipples. He squeezed her boobs.

"Do you want to fuck?" She asked him.

"Yeah. Bend over." He replied and she obeyed. He bent her over the sofa and he started to rub her pussy.

"Ohhhhh." She moaned. He kissed her back and said, "Do you want me to lick your pussy and ass?"

"Yeah." She said.

He licked her pussy. She was so wet. He stuck his tongue inside of her and she moaned.

"Ahhhh." She moaned.

He was eating her out so good.

"Oh god, eat my pussy." She said and he licked her pussy. He inserted his fingers inside of her ass and started to finger her.

"Ahhhh." She moaned.

He stuck his finger in and out of her ass.

"Ahhhhhhh." She moaned.

He fucked her ass.

"Yes, eat my ass." She said.

He went from licking her pussy to eating her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh." She moaned.

He licked her asshole and fingered her pussy and ass. She was moaning so much.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

He continued to eat her ass. He wanted her to cum.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

She came. He stuck his fingers in her ass.

"Mmmmmmm." She moaned.

He continued to finger her ass. She moaned and started to cum again.

"Ohhhhhh." She moaned.

He stopped licking her ass and went for her pussy. He inserted his tongue in her pussy and ate her out. He played with her clit with his tongue.

"Ahhhh." She moaned.

"Do you want to fuck my pussy?" He asked her.

"Yes." She said.

He stood up and got behind her. He started to rub her pussy and he grabbed her hips.

"Oh god, fuck my pussy." She moaned.

He put his dick inside of her pussy and started to fuck her.

"Ohhhhh." She moaned.

"Is it good?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied.

He started to fuck her harder and faster.

"Ahhhhhhh." She moaned.

"Yeah, take my cock." He said.

"Yeah, fuck my pussy." She moaned.

He was fucking her pussy so hard.

"Ahhhhhh." She moaned.

He pulled his dick out and slapped her pussy.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

He started to slap her pussy harder.

"Ohhhhh." She moaned.

He continued to slap her pussy. He slapped her pussy again and again.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

"Does my baby want me to fuck her?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied.

He slapped her pussy again and she moaned. He stuck his dick inside of her pussy and she moaned. He continued to slap her pussy.

"Ahhhhhh." She moaned.

"Fuck my pussy." She said.

"Yeah." He replied.

He fucked her pussy harder and faster.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

He slapped her pussy again.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned.

He slapped her pussy harder.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned. Until he was ready to release his cum. He pulled his duck out of her pussy and splashed his cum on her boobs. He handed her tissues to clean herself. He put back his clothes and she wore back her bikini. They both decided to rest and drink some wine then fuck in the shower. But he didn't expect his luna to find him.

After an eerie half-hour journey, the taxi screeched to a halt near the towering yacht. Nelly stepped onto the deck, her silvery eyes scanning the scene. There, she spotted Alpha Kilian, laughing carelessly, his champagne glass clinking against another woman's. Embracing her inner beast, Nelly stormed towards them, snatched the glass from the woman's hand, and launched it, shattering her anger into a furious symphony.

The woman in the bikini shrieked in surprise, her eyes wide with shock. As she observed Nelly, understanding washed over her, accompanied by disdain. "Hmph! What a primitive creature. Does she not comprehend the world she's entered?"

Nelly's icy stare pierced through the woman's core, her voice dripping with venom. "I am the rightful mate of this man before you. Need I clarify further?" Though her insides seethed with rage, Nelly managed to conceal her tumultuous emotions, her demeanor cool and collected.

The woman feebly retorted, her ambitions rooted in the entertainment industry. She gazed at Alpha Kilian, his expression unchanged.

"I shall depart and attend to other matters," she sighed, conceding to the threat that Nelly's presence posed.

Seizing the opportunity, Nelly took her place opposite Alpha Kilian, her face displaying an eerie stillness like the calm before a full moon's storm. "Are you finished toying with the hearts of others?"

Alpha Kilian's lips curled, a dismissive smile playing on his face. "As long as you breathe the same air as me, my games shall never cease."

A wave of hurt crashed upon Nelly's spirit, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Do you truly despise me so?"

"You are but an insignificant town-dweller. Do not expect affection from me," he retorted with a condescending drawl, his arrogance evident.

Nelly's heart sank, her plain features reflecting her disappointment. She had never been one to revel in the art of transformation, her simple life devoid of frills. "Then tell me, why did you vow to spend your life with me?"

Alpha Kilian's unyielding gaze met hers, his words laced with frustration. "Had it not been for the tight bond between our grandfathers, our paths would never have intertwined. Do not delude yourself, my dear."

"Do you suggest it is impossible for you to harbor any fondness towards me?" Nelly queried, a flicker of hope in her somber eyes.

"Do not spoil the word 'like' with your unworthy presence," he shot back, his words sharp as talons.

Nelly's spirit crumbled under the weight of his words, her clenched fists betraying her inner turmoil. "Then let us sever this bond! Let us divorce!"

Alpha Kilian's hand, gently swirling the champagne, halted mid-air. "Are you truly willing?"

"As long as your heart remains untethered, this marriage is a charade. There is no purpose in clinging to hollow promises."

"You show a surprising determination," he mused, taking in her resolve. "I shall respect your choice."

Their conversation reached its conclusion, and Nelly rose to leave. However, after a few hesitant steps, she turned, her gaze locking onto his. "But what if..."

"Don't tell me you already regret this decision," he scoffed, his eyes fixed on hers.

Her voice shook with conviction. "Alpha Kilian, may we remain as distant as the sunrise and the moonset. The sooner our divorce is finalized, the better."

Six years later, as Nelly's plane glided towards Moonwalk pack under the watchful gaze of the moon, her phone stirred to life. Answering the call, Nelly ambled forward, a black trucker hat shielding half of her face. Draped in loose, black attire, her figure hidden from prying eyes, she exuded an elegance surpassing that of any star.

At the airport, three children, accompanied by Nelly, caught the attention of onlookers. Donning sunglasses, they exuded an air of regality as they pushed their trolleys behind Nelly. One couldn't immediately tell if they were her children because she didn't bother to look back, even after walking for a while.

As they neared the entrance, a tall figure at the gate caught their attention. Ben, the second eldest child, lowered his sunglasses and approached the figure, scrutinizing the photo they held out.

"This photo...," Ben began, lifting his head to look at Nelly, who was still engrossed with her phone. "Nelly, is this you in the photo?"

The girl in the photo looked simple, with a determined face. There was nothing inherently wrong with it, except she resembled a hillbilly.

Snapping out of her daze, Nelly frowned slightly when she saw the photo. "That's me."

Ben teased, "That's... amusing. You look like a refugee at first glance!"

Nelly wasn't annoyed by her son's comment. She had taken that photo back in the village for nostalgic reasons, as she didn't particularly like taking photos. Therefore, it remained the only photo she had on her phone, and she saw nothing wrong with it.

The person who welcomed them at the airport observed Nelly and asked, "Are you Ms. Nelly Jackson?"

"Hello!" Nelly nodded.

The person compared the photo to the woman standing in front of him, his eyes widening in disbelief.

Donna, the youngest of the triplets, teased Nelly, "Nelly, your photo might make others think you've had plastic surgery!"

"Nonsense! Nelly is a natural beauty!" Tony, the eldest, defended Nelly by patting her head. He was always quick to come to her defense.

Believing the triplets to be Nelly's siblings, the airport staff member smiled and said, "Ms. Jackson, your siblings are adorable."

Nelly turned to look at the triplets. She initially discovered she was having twins during her checkup, but it turned out to be triplets after another round. However, she cherished and appreciated her triplets, as she had always yearned for a close-knit family.

"Just wait here for a moment. I'll send them out and join you," Nelly said, not feeling compelled to explain further.

"Sure! Take your time," the man replied with a smile.

"Nelly, it's fine. Gramps is waiting right outside. We can find our way there ourselves!"

"Are you sure?"

All three nodded together.

Confident in their independence, Nelly didn't insist further. "Okay then. Tell Gramps I'll be back soon."

"Okay!" Ben confirmed.

With that, Nelly followed the man outside, where a car patiently awaited their arrival.

Once they left, Tony led his siblings and said, "Let's go."

"Tony, I need to use the restroom!" Donna exclaimed.

Tony surveyed their surroundings and noticed a restroom nearby. "Alright. Hurry up."

Donna handed her Barbie doll to Tony and said, "Take care of Elisa for me, Tony. I'll be right back."

After using the restroom, Donna fixed her hair and prepared to leave. However, she accidentally bumped into someone in the corner and fell to the ground. "Oh no."

Alpha Kilian, noticing the noise and spotting the pretty little girl on the floor, approached her.

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