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Shrouded Affections: Winning Back My CEO Wife

Shrouded Affections: Winning Back My CEO Wife

Artic Loon


For three years, Bryan only saw Eileen as an assistant. She needed money for her mother's treatment, and he thought she'd never leave because of it. To him, it seemed fair to offer her financial help in exchange for sex. However, Bryan didn't expect to fall for her. Eileen confronted him, "You love someone else, yet you always sleep with me? You're despicable!" The moment she slammed the divorce papers down, he realized she was the the mysterious wife he married six years ago. Determined to win her back, Bryan lavished her with affection. When others mocked her origins, he gave her all his wealth, happy to be the supportive husband. Now a celebrated CEO, Eileen had everything, but Bryan found himself lost in another whirlwind...


: Eileen Curtis, Bryan Dawson, Eileen and Bryan novel, Eileen Curtis and Bryan Dawson novel

Chapter 1 Give Her Twenty Million

At Apex Group Headquarters.

Eileen Curtis rose from the bed, gathering the shirt and short skirt strewn across the floor, putting them on swiftly.

She then turned, her smile as customary as ever. "Mr. Dawson, I'm off to work."

Bryan Dawson narrowed his eyes, his gaze lingering on her delicate face.

As she spoke, Eileen gathered her long black hair into a bun. Her appearance transformed from sexy to professional, yet her eyes retained a hint of allure, her ears flushed with a faint red.

Now, she was all business, her demeanor as cold and formal as if she had not shared a bed with him just now.

Indeed, within the confines of this room, their connection was undeniable. Beyond these walls, however, she was merely his assistant.

Her sensitivity and dedication were the reasons she had managed to remain by his side for so long.

"Vivian is back."

As Eileen reached for the doorknob, the sound of Bryan's voice stopped her in her tracks.

Her posture tensed, the warmth draining from her face as she momentarily held her breath.

Nevertheless, she quickly regained her composure, turning to face Bryan with a well-measured smile.

"Understood, Mr. Dawson. I will not step into this room again," she declared.

His first love, Vivian Warren, for whom he had waited for six years, had returned. In his life, she had been nothing more than a means to satisfy his needs.

Despite the fact that his presence had been her sole source of support over the past two years, she was acutely aware that she only truly had him to herself in those intimate moments.

Bryan rose from the bed, indifferent to his state of nakedness. He found his underwear on the floor and put it on. Then, he proceeded to slip into his meticulously tailored trousers.

"Since when is this any concern of yours?" he said with a light chuckle, offering her his shirt. She accepted it, helping him into it before fastening each button meticulously for him.

"Prepare a divorce agreement for me," he instructed casually.

Eileen paused, her gaze lifting to his face, taking in the sharp lines of his jaw and his thin lips.

"She has wasted six years of her life on me. It's time to put an end to it," he stated. He handed his tie to her. "What's your opinion?"

Wordlessly, Eileen took the tie from his hand.

Three years prior, upon her arrival at Apex Group for an interview, she could never have imagined that its CEO would be Bryan Dawson, her husband of three years whom she had met only once.

Even more astonishing had been Bryan's inability to recognize her. After all, she had been just a university graduate when they had first met six years ago, devoid of any notable status.

Over the course of three years, she had carved a name for herself as a distinguished assistant in the business world.

Even her own mother had thought she had changed into another person. So, it was only natural that Bryan, who had only met her once, had not recognized her.

Yet, with Vivian's return, both his assistant and wife were sidelined.

Her two identities could not hold a candle to his first love.

She suddenly smiled. Noticing this, Bryan furrowed his brow in confusion. "Why are you smiling?" he asked.

She adjusted his tie and stood on her toes to fix his collar.

"I'm simply happy for you, Mr. Dawson. The woman you cherish is finally back," she said.

After taking a moment to compose herself, she stepped back and offered a polite nod. "I'll start on the divorce agreement immediately."

Bryan's expression darkened, a flicker of annoyance passing through his eyes. "You're such an exemplary assistant, Eileen," he remarked.

Her indifference left him questioning his own allure.

Eileen merely offered a smile, dismissing the underlying message in his compliment. "Thank you for acknowledging my work, Mr. Dawson."

As she turned to leave, Bryan's voice halted her once more. "Give her twenty million," he said.

It took a moment for Eileen to realize who he was talking about.

"But your marriage agreement specifies only the coverage of her mother's medical bills for three years. Upon divorce, she would receive nothing," she said.

Six years ago, Bryan and Vivian had been the talk of Onaland. Hailing from noble families and blessed with good looks, their match had seemed destined.

Post-graduation, marriage talks had stirred, drawing many eyes their way. However, Vivian had chosen to flee.

Bryan's grandmother, Stella Dawson, had been incensed. Aiming to salvage their reputation, she had quickly arranged another match for Bryan. Eileen, fresh out of university and burdened by her mother's cancer treatment costs, had been chosen.

Bryan had only agreed to cover her mother's medical expenses for three years. Thus, three years prior, Eileen had resigned from her job at a small company to join Apex Group, hoping for a better salary.

And she had been lucky. Bryan had recognized her talent, and she had secured a position after a probation period of a month.

Yet, her earnings had not been enough to cover her mother's treatment expenses.

Until two years ago, her life had taken a turn she hadn't expected. It had happened after a night with Bryan, who had been drunk.

He had offered her money afterward, and she had accepted it. He wanted to alleviate his guilt, and she was in need of the money.

Because of her mother's illness, pride had been a luxury she couldn't afford.

However, she hadn't foreseen the pattern that would follow. Their relationship had settled into an unspoken agreement.

Whenever he called, she would come. Sometimes, he would ask her what she wanted. And if she was short on cash, she would ask him for money.

But if she needed nothing, she would decline.

She aimed to preserve some semblance of dignity, refusing to see herself as nothing more than a commodity.

Bryan excelled in his roles, both professionally and personally.

He was never miserly, lavishing her with gifts even when she desired nothing.

Now, he seemed to fit the mold of a good husband, too. He could effortlessly give twenty million dollars to a wife he barely knew and felt nothing for.

"After all, that's six years of her life. And she seemed to be having a difficult time back then," Bryan said.

Bryan left the lounge and settled at his computer, lost in thought. Their paths had crossed once outside City Hall, six years ago. She had seemed timid.

Fearing she might become greedy, he had committed to covering her mother's medical expenses for only three years. To his surprise, she never sought more than what had been promised.

In this aspect, she reminded him of Eileen.

Eileen finished preparing the divorce agreement and sent it over to Bryan. With his approval, it was printed.

Later, Bryan and Eileen went to the airport to pick up Vivian.

At the bustling airport, young folks were clinging to their moments together, while travelers in pairs radiated excitement for the journeys ahead.

Amidst the crowd, Bryan and Eileen stood out.

Bryan was clad in a tailored suit, his features finely chiseled.

He stood there, lips slightly pressed together, eyes scanning the exit with a touch of impatience.

Eileen was right by his side. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, her makeup flawless. She had dressed up with care, knowing he would want her company to the airport.

Despite understanding its futility, she couldn't resist.

The look of surprise in his eyes upon seeing her earlier had been worth it, especially when he had casually remarked, "You look better than in your work attire."

Suddenly, the crowd swelled. Eileen's gaze darted among the people coming out of the exit.

A woman emerged, clad in a floral dress, her long hair a cascade of purple waves, sunglasses obscuring her eyes.

Eileen sensed the woman's gaze, even behind those lenses, fixed on Bryan.

True to Eileen's intuition, the woman rushed towards Bryan, suitcase in tow, only to lose grip of it as she launched herself into his arms.

Vivian, unbothered by her suitcase, clung to Bryan, her voice soft and sweet. "Bryan, I'm back. I'm sorry..."

Eileen, witnessing their embrace, felt her spirits plummet.

She turned to retrieve Vivian's suitcase, navigating the crowded space with a hint of awkwardness.

With the suitcase in hand, she hesitated, observing Bryan and Vivian from a few steps away, unsure of her next move.

Bryan's hands found Vivian's waist, a clear display of undiminished affection after years apart.

When Eileen watched the man she had been intimate with in the morning embracing another woman, her composure shattered.

Her heart ached, the pain so intense that it left her struggling for air. The lipstick she had applied did little to hide her paleness.

"Bryan, I've missed you so much. What about you? Did you miss me?" Vivian relaxed her hold around Bryan's neck, yet her hands lingered on his shoulders.

To Eileen, they seemed a better fit than she and Bryan ever were.

Her own style was a stark contrast to Vivian's. She could never be this affectionate with someone in public.

"Of course," Bryan replied, his eyes briefly meeting Eileen's.

He noticed her usual calm demeanor was absent, though he couldn't pinpoint the reason, which drew a slight frown from him.

Vivian's eyes, red and filled with grievance, sought Bryan's attention. "Bryan, I promise to make it up to you this time."

"It's late. We should head back first," Bryan said, his gaze unreadable.

Eileen forced herself to maintain her professional demeanor.

"Mr. Dawson, Ms. Warren, this way, please," she said.

"Let's go," Bryan said, taking the lead. Accustomed to his quick pace, Eileen remained a few steps behind.

Vivian, struggling in her high heels, could barely keep up with Eileen.

"Are you Bryan's assistant?" she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Yes, Ms. Warren," Eileen replied with a nod.

"Then you must be pretty good at what you do. I think we're about the same age. Do you think we could be friends? I'll add you on WhatsApp later," Vivian said.

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