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Deceptive Marriage: Who Are You, Hubby?

Deceptive Marriage: Who Are You, Hubby?

Icy Glacier


How would you feel if you were married to a stranger? Xenia was tricked by her future mother-in-law into marrying her fiance's wheelchair-bound and sickly uncle. She thought her life was going to be a living hell after marriage, but she was in for a big surprise. Her husband bought her a house and a land, and even showered her with all the love. Life was good. The only downside was that her husband, Vince always coughed as if he was going to die any minute. One day, Xenia stumbled on the secret of her husband, who turned out to have been keeping an eye on her for ages. She sneered, "Aren't you chronically ill?" "I'm better now. Thanks to your good care," Vince responded. "Weren't you crippled?" At this question, Vince broke out in a cold sweat. "Well, I didn't want our child to be mocked, so I got the best doctor to treat my legs." Xenia was big mad. She shouted, "Who are you? What else have you been hiding from me?" With a thud, Vince went down on his knees and said, "Darling, don't raise your voice. Shouting angrily could harm the baby. Just hit me as many times as you want." Vince's behavior shocked everyone who knew him. The ruthless man, who never apologized to anyone, was kneeling down for a woman! Why?

Chapter 1 Did I Hurt You Last Night

Xenia Holt couldn't believe her soon-to-be mother-in-law had actually sent her to another man's bed, especially right after her fiance had left.

When she came to and thought about escaping, she heard the door open in the dark room, followed immediately by an angry voice above her.

"Who gave you permission to be here?"

Before Xenia could even try to explain, her wrist was seized.

The man yanked her off the bed and coldly commanded, "Get out of here!" as if he were discarding something worthless.

Xenia hit the carpet with a thud, tears welling up from the pain.

She tried to stand up several times but couldn't.

"I... I can't get up..." she stammered, her voice sounding more like a timid kitten's mew, unintentionally flirtatious.

This left her feeling incredibly embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Feeling a headache, she worried that he might think she was flirting with him on purpose.

But suddenly, he rushed over to her, his eyes bright with excitement as he grabbed her arms. "It's you!" he exclaimed, sounding both surprised and happy.

"No, you're wrong... I mean..."

Xenia couldn't get her words out before her lips were abruptly sealed.

His breath, tinged with tobacco, overwhelmed her as he kissed her.

Quickly, he was on top of her, his movements assertive and unyielding.

Xenia tried to fight back, but he held her down even more firmly. He seemed determined to push all the air out of her lungs.

In the unending darkness, she couldn't tell when this suffering would end.

She had dodged that student's parent's sexual assault in the afternoon, but what had it changed?

Her fate was still the same.

Ouch, her shoulder ached.

The man bit her sharply and grumbled, "Pay attention."

Then he became more aggressive, overwhelming Xenia's thoughts, dragging her into the dark night.

The next morning, waking up, Xenia found herself neatly dressed, easing her awkwardness a bit.

Remembering last night, she shot up in bed and locked eyes with the man near the French windows.

Backlit by sunlight, his features were blurry, showing only a faint sickliness. His scholarly look, enhanced by gold-rimmed glasses, added a refined air.

Sitting straight in his wheelchair, he moved towards her, his noble presence unmistakable.

Seeing his face, Xenia gasped in shock. "Mr... Mr. Morrison!"

How was he her fiance's uncle, Vince Morrison?

She had just escaped a sexual assault by a student's parent last night, knocking him out in self-defense, and had gone to seek safety with her fiance, Trevor Morrison.

Trevor was going out on urgent work, leaving her in her future mother-in-law's care.

She had no idea that after drinking the milk given by the mother-in-law-to-be, she'd been moved to another room.

But why... why was it Trevor's uncle?!

Xenia was flooded with embarrassment and anger, wishing she could vanish.

"I'll take responsibility for last night's incident," Vince declared, rolling closer with a tone as soothing as a soft breeze.

His eyes shone with honesty, his words heartfelt.

Xenia, taken by surprise, glanced up. She saw Vince cover his mouth, coughing lightly. His smile was self-mocking as he said with a hint of sadness in his voice, "Only if you're okay with me being in a wheelchair, of course. If you agree, we can go sign the papers today."

"Sign the papers?" Xenia's eyes widened.

Until yesterday, she had been desperate to marry and escape her family's control and ugly tricks.

That was why she had hurried to find Trevor, wanting to get married first.

But Trevor had dismissed her concerns and refused her.

Now, hearing such an offer from Trevor's uncle, Vince, left her speechless.

"I..." Xenia clenched her teeth tightly.

For a moment, she thought about accepting the offer to leave her family.

But she quickly came to her senses and shook her head with determination.

No, she just couldn't do it. This man was more than a stranger. He was her fiance's uncle. Plus, he was rumored to be a major player in Mapnard, known for his decisive and ruthless ways!

She definitely didn't want to get mixed up with someone from such a complex background.

Noticing Xenia's refusal, Vince didn't seem shocked. He let out a self-mocking laugh, his handsome face looking pale and sickly. He turned away to cough a few times, looking like he didn't have much time left. "It's okay, I get it. Why would an ordinary person want to spend their life with someone disabled like me?"

Xenia felt an ache in her heart.

Hearing Vince's words made her uneasy. But right now, she just wanted to get out of this awkward situation. She hesitantly said, "Mr. Morrison, unless you need something else, I... I should get going."

As she finished speaking, Xenia quickly stood up, but her legs failed her, and she fell forward.

Vince's face changed subtly. He quickly wheeled himself forward, reaching out to catch her in his arms.

Their bodies pressed close, her scent filling the air around them. Vince remembered last night's intimacy, feeling a catch in his throat.

Xenia, with her face against Vince's warm chest, heard his steady heartbeat and felt incredibly awkward.

Yet her legs were so numb, she couldn't stand.

Then she heard Vince's gentle voice above her head. "Did I hurt you last night?"

Xenia's cheeks turned red instantly.

Fighting the numbness, she pushed away from Vince's chest and stood up, feeling a mix of emotions.

Just a moment ago, she had felt a sense of safety like never before.

It was comforting, but then she quickly scolded herself.

What was she thinking?!

This man was her fiance's uncle!

Xenia felt so embarrassed she wished she could vanish on the spot.

Yet, Vince seemed not to notice her discomfort. He gently took her wrist, asking in a concerned tone, "Was I too inconsiderate last night?"

Caught off guard, Xenia quickly pulled her wrist away, uncertain whether to agree or disagree.

"I'm really sorry," Vince said, his apology sounding sincere.

Xenia looked up, surprised, and found herself caught in Vince's earnest gaze.

This man... he didn't quite match the rumors about him.

Then, Vince confessed to her seriously, "I'm sorry, it was my first time last night..."

Hearing this, Xenia's face, which had started to calm down, turned bright red again.

What was she even doing?

Why was she here, talking to her fiance's uncle about last night's intimacy?

Vince noticed her downcast look and a subtle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door that seemed to shake it.

"Vince, open up! Vince, you bastard! Release my daughter-in-law!"

The noise from outside startled Xenia, turning her face ghostly white.

It was Trevor's mom, her future mother-in-law!

The same woman who had arranged for Xenia to be in Trevor's uncle's bed was now accusing her of infidelity!

Xenia was mortified and at a loss for how to handle this.

Then, she noticed a man's slender hand appear before her, gripping hers firmly, offering an unexpected sense of safety.

His deep, raspy voice comforted her. "Don't worry. I'll handle everything."

Shortly after, Vince let go of her hand, moved his wheelchair to the bed, and began straightening the disheveled sheets.

He spotted a dark red stain on the sheet, his eyes darkened, and he silently covered it with the blanket.

Xenia watched Vince tidy up, feeling a surge of sadness.

Surprisingly, it was Trevor's uncle who was looking out for her dignity.

The door finally opened.

Vickie Morrison, Trevor's mother, burst in from outside.

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