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A Twist Of Fate And Fortune

A Twist Of Fate And Fortune



Benjamin, after three devoted years of marriage, was stunned when his wife, Rosalie, handed him divorce papers, dismissing him as a failure. Swallowed by sorrow, he decided to start anew. At the moment of signing the divorce, he unveiled his true self. He was an heir to a trillion-dollar fortune, a celebrated medical expert, and a skilled martial artist. Each revelation took the world by storm. Rosalie, witnessing his series of incredible achievements, was thrown into disbelief. "Why? This can't be true! Darling, let's get back together!" But Benjamin, unwavering, simply said, "No." Would Benjamin find it in his heart to forgive his ex-wife? What would the future hold for their relationship?


: Benjamin Holland, Benjamin Holland novel

Chapter 1 The Househusband

"You're a total failure! Are you trying to kill me? How could you let this happen in the soup?"

In the Carter family's villa, Torrie Carter, a woman in her middle years, angrily pointed at a lifeless spider on the table.

Her wrath overflowed as she violently knocked her bowl to the floor.


The bowl shattered, splashing soup all over Benjamin Holland.

Benjamin studied the spider, his brow furrowed.

The spider was whole, merely covered in soup. Clearly, it was added to the soup on purpose.

However, he chose not to make a scene. Casually, he grabbed a piece of meat from a nearby dish and tasted it.

The food was delicious, surprisingly better than what professional chefs at fancy restaurants could cook.

"Torrie, I made sure these dishes were perfect before bringing them out..."


Torrie slammed her hand on the table before Benjamin could finish.

Pointing accusingly at Benjamin's face, she berated, "You're worthless. Am I so gentle with you these days that you even dare to talk back? Don't forget that you are living in my house and using everything belonging to me! Yet, you can't even prepare a simple meal properly. I've never seen such a useless guy like you!"

Benjamin's brow furrowed, and he balled his hands into fists without realizing, but soon relaxed them.

Torrie was causing a scene, trying to push him into divorcing his wife, Rosalie Holland. They'd been together for three years.

He had chosen those dishes with care, double-checking them before serving them up.

Torrie had never liked him, always finding fault.

However, today, she took it up a notch, deliberately making his life difficult.

How could she put a spider in the soup to set him up? That was a new low.

But Benjamin was no stranger to Torrie's nastiness over the years.

Containing his anger, Benjamin didn't bother arguing with Torrie. Shifting the conversation, he said, "Rosalie will be home from work soon. I'm going to keep these dishes warm in the kitchen."

Torrie's temper flared at his words.

She snatched the cup next to her, splashing the hot coffee onto Benjamin's face, and yelled, "Benjamin, are you dumb or just pretending? The Carter family is wealthy. Why eat this stuff? Just leave already, and quit bothering my daughter. You are such a loser. With her status, she's got loads of great guys after her. Why do you have the face to stay in the Carter family?"

When the hot coffee splashed onto his face, Benjamin didn't flinch. Torrie's curse rang in his ears, sharp and clear.

Three years back, the Carter family were just an average family. Owning an apartment was a distant dream, let alone affording a villa.

They were so strapped for cash that Rosalie's failed business venture left them drowning in debt. Back then, a meal with meat or vegetables was a luxury.

It was Benjamin who turned their fortunes around.

Not only did he clear their debts, but on marrying Rosalie, he also handed the family a whopping thirty million dollars. This generous sum allowed Rosalie to venture into business once more.

During those times, Benjamin wasn't just a financial support. He played a pivotal role in Rosalie's company, even assembling a team for her.

However, as the business took off, Rosalie got swamped with work, her focus solely on the company.

Rosalie was a dedicated career woman, but her health paid the price. She often skipped meals, leading to hypoglycemia and a hospital stay due to exhaustion.

Witnessing this, Benjamin chose to step back from the company and devote himself to Rosalie's care at home.

Embracing his role as a househusband, he took over all household chores. Every day, he prepared nutritious meals and herbal cuisine, improving Rosalie's health.

Thanks to his efforts, she maintained her well-being despite her hectic work schedule.

Behind the scenes, Benjamin was Rosalie's silent pillar, quietly tending to her needs at home.

Meanwhile, he still kept an eye on her business affairs, discreetly resolving issues that arose. Benjamin didn't just boost the company's growth. He also nurtured his wife's thriving career.

With his backing, Rosalie's business expanded, catching everyone's attention.

Rosalie herself emerged as a new star in the public eye.

She started showing up at social events, discussing business with influential families and top CEOs.

Her blend of beauty and skill earned her a bit of fame in Henvine.

This, however, widened the gap between Benjamin's and Rosalie's social standings.

The Carter family began to resent Benjamin.

Now, when he heard Torrie's harsh words, Benjamin could only respond with a sad smile.

Rosalie was his first love. Her dedication had captivated him when he first arrived in Henvine.

Three years of companionship deepened his love for her.

Despite Torrie's daily tirades, Benjamin never considered leaving Rosalie.

Finally, when Torrie paused from her ranting, Benjamin said slowly, "Torrie, I'm not leaving Rosalie unless she asks for a divorce herself!"

"You..." Torrie's anger flared, and her face contorted with rage.

Despite her tirade, he didn't catch a single word.

"I swear, I'm gonna knock some sense into you. You ungrateful bastard!"

In a huff, she dashed to the bathroom, grabbed the mop, and swung it viciously at Benjamin's head.

The mop arced through the air, flinging dirty water everywhere.

As the mop neared his head, Benjamin instinctively caught Torrie's wrist.

Without thinking, he gently pushed her away.

"Torrie, this is too much!"

A chill flickered in Torrie's eyes. She stepped back, dropped the mop, and collapsed to the floor.

Benjamin was puzzled. His push was so light. Even a little girl wouldn't have fallen from that.

What was Torrie up to?

Then, a stern voice broke the silence.

"Benjamin, what in the world are you doing?"

Benjamin turned around.

There stood Rosalie, in a white blouse and a tight skirt, her beauty marred by a cold, disgusted expression.

Benjamin felt like he'd been plunged into an icy pit.

He realized Rosalie had gotten the wrong idea!

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