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Tempting Fate With The Tycoon

Tempting Fate With The Tycoon



One drunken night, Miranda boldly approached Leland, only to be met with his cold and unyielding gaze. He pinned her to the wall, cautioning, "Don't provoke me. I doubt you can handle it." Soon after, her engagement fell apart, leaving her destitute. With no other options, Miranda sought refuge with Leland. Over time, she took on the role of a stepmother, caring for his child. She came to understand that Leland's decision to marry her wasn't just about her being obedient. It was also because she resembled someone he cherished. Confronted with Miranda's request for a divorce, Leland hugged her. "Please reconsider." Miranda just smiled. "Mr. Adams, are you ensnared?"


: Miranda Martin, Leland Adams, Miranda Martin and Leland Adams novel, Miranda and Leland novel

Chapter 1 Take Me Away

It was common knowledge that Miranda Martin had feelings for Edwin Murphy.

However, people had no idea that Edwin hadn't shown affection towards her in the last five years.

On the phone, Miranda spoke with a hint of hope. "Edwin, it's our engagement's 5th anniversary. When are you planning to come?"

She had been waiting in a hotel's top-floor suite decorated with balloons and roses. The call connected at nine, even though their meeting was set for seven.

"I'm tied up right now," Edwin responded, his voice devoid of warmth.

"What's keeping you so busy?" Miranda barely finished her question when a soft cry echoed from Edwin's end.

"Edwin, that hurts!"

A pang of distress hit Miranda. She managed to ask, "Are you with Maggie Adams?"

"She's had an accident," Edwin replied, his tone frosty.

"Why must you be there with her?" Miranda's voice quivered as she continued, "Or in your heart, she's more important than I am?"

"Must we argue about this now?" Edwin's impatience was evident.

Miranda felt a wave of disappointment wash over her for a moment. Her eyes reddened, and her heart sank, with a shiver through her entire body.

She opened her mouth and finally said, "If that's the case, let's call off our engagement."

She expected Edwin to offer some words of consolation.

To her shock, he just ended the call.

Miranda laughed bitterly at herself, tears streaking her face. What had she been hoping for?

She reached for a bottle of wine and gulped it down.

By eleven at night, she finally left the suite.

Stepping into the elevator, she glanced back and noticed a man outside.

He stood tall in a black suit, with a defined face and a furrowed brow that gave him an imposing air.

The man was checking her out from head to toe.

She wore an elegant dark green bodycon dress, accentuating her slender waist and long legs. Her flushed cheeks resembled blooming peach blossoms, and her almond-shaped eyes and thin eyebrows added to her charm. Her movements were captivating and seductive.

She exuded an alluring charm.

But the scent of alcohol on her dimmed his expression. He hesitated at the elevator entrance when, unexpectedly, the woman inside stepped forward.

She reached out, playfully grabbing his tie and pulling him into the elevator.

In the next moment, she fell into his arms, the heat of her body taking him by surprise. His entire body tensed instantly in response to her sudden proximity.

Caught off guard, he found the woman in his embrace reaching up to kiss him.

Her lips were gentle and warm.

Yet, she swayed unsteadily, nearly slipping from his grasp. Just in time, he caught her by the waist to steady her.

Their bodies pressed tightly against each other, sending waves of excitement coursing through Miranda.

Regaining her senses, she found herself pinned against the elevator wall by the man. The wall was chilly, yet the man's passionate kisses were both commanding and intense.

She couldn't handle both the heat and the cold at once, letting out a groan like a little kitten.

Her voice was enticing, adding to her allure.

As the elevator descended, it felt like she was being drawn deeper into a whirlpool of desire.

"Ding!" The chime of the elevator signaled their arrival on the ground floor.

Their intimate moment was interrupted.

With her hand still clasped around his tie, Miranda whispered, "Take me away."

The woman before him was so frail that she leaned on him, her warm breath brushing against his face.

It was a tempting moment.

The man's gaze grew intense, and he swallowed hard.

They understood each other's intentions with just a glance, especially given her forward approach.

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