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The Unwanted Heiress And The Cold-Hearted CEO

The Unwanted Heiress And The Cold-Hearted CEO

Graceful Rose


"You don't belong here. Get out!" Hanna, the rightful Wheeler daughter, came back only to be expelled by her family. Her fiancé cheated on her with the fake daughter, her brothers looked down on her, and her father ignored her. Then, she crossed paths with Chris, the formidable leader of the Willis family and her fiancé's uncle. "Let's pretend it never happened." Despite Hanna's hope to part ways, Chris insisted she be responsible. He threatened to reveal Hanna's true talents as an outstanding doctor, a brilliant screenwriter, and the brains behind a famous design studio, forcing her into marriage. Chris was once asked to protect someone. Destiny reunited them in tricky circumstances. He had planned to keep his promise and provide a safe haven, only to find Hanna was far from the delicate woman she seemed. She was witty and cunning...


: Hanna Wheeler, Chris Willis, Hanna Wheeler and Chris Willis novel, Hanna and Chris novel

Chapter 1 A One-night Stand

A torn dress and a wrinkled shirt lay scattered beside the hotel bed.

Hanna Wheeler found herself ensnared by a massive hand, her senses dulled by the swirling effects of a potent drug and the heated breath of an unfamiliar man.

Her voice hoarse and her entire being aflame, she endured the onslaught of his aggressive kisses.

A peculiar blend of pain and pleasure sent shivers across her skin, and then she felt a discomforting sensation between her legs.

Yet, amidst the haze, she recalled her fiancé, Ryland Quinn, giving her a glass of wine under the instigation of her sister, Emerie Wheeler.

If Ryland, that scoundrel, hadn't drugged her, how would she find herself breaking into this man's room, subjected to such torment?

It was beyond her wildest imagination that the gentle and considerate fiancé she thought she knew had betrayed her, entangling himself with Emerie, the adopted daughter of her parents.

He drugged her, aiming to tarnish her reputation. Had she not escaped, she could have fallen victim to a gang of ruffians.

In a semi-conscious state, gritting her teeth, she whispered, "Ryland Quinn..."

The man halted, his voice a low and cold. "Hanna?"

Did he know her?

Struggling to open her eyes, she could only make out his cold, red eyes.

Lost in the throes of ecstasy, she leaned on the man's shoulder, breathless.

It all felt like a nightmarish dream.

It was unclear to Hanna when she entirely lost consciousness as a result of their intimacy. She was simply uncomfortable all over and had an embarrassing discomfort between her legs when she woke up again.

As she glanced at the bedsheet and the suggestive red marks on her body, the memories of the previous night flooded back.

How could she have shared intimate moments with a stranger?

But he had called her by name. He knew her.

Her countenance darkened.

She was the daughter of the Wheelers. However, when she was born, she was unintentionally taken away by another family. It wasn't until she was eighteen that she was returned to the Wheeler family.

But the Wheeler family was completely indifferent to her. Rather, they were partial to Emerie, the fictitious daughter. Her five older brothers always sided with Emerie and treated Hanna badly.

Despite that, Hanna harbored no grudge against her brothers or Emerie. But now they conspired against her. She vowed not to let them off the hook easily.

Was this man part of their wicked plot, attempting to besmirch her engaged status?

The bathroom light flickered, accompanied by the gentle flow of water as the man continued his shower.

After changing into new clothes, Hanna pressed her lips firmly. She was too scared to waste time trying to figure out who he was. All she wanted was to get out of there quickly.

She tiptoed to the door. But as she reached it, the bathroom door swung open.

A deep, resonant voice queried, "Leaving already? Did I say you can leave?"

Hanna's face paled when she saw his features.

How could he be Ryland's uncle一Chris Willis, the head of the formidable Willis family?

Unconsciously stepping back, Hanna was gripped by the wrist.

Eyes wide open in shock, she stared at Chris. His body was only wrapped in a bath towel, his hair wet. Water droplets trickled down from his hair, chin, broad shoulders, chest muscles to powerful lower abdominal. It was quite a breathtaking sight.

Unveiling a faint smile but still cold, he leaned in, pressing her against the wall. "So, Miss Wheeler, do you recognize me?"

Though Hanna wanted not to know Chris, she was unable to pretend.

Yesterday was Ryland's birthday, and she had gotten to know Chris. He was a regular on financial news, and he was well-known throughout the nation.

As the leader of the Willis family, Chris was reputed to be cruel and cold. Many ladies had attempted to crawl into his bed and become his wife throughout the years. Not one of them ended well.

Oh no! How could she rile up Chris?

In her thoughts, she called Ryland an asshole. She wouldn't have stormed Chris's room to escape those thugs if he hadn't drugged her.

Now that he had caught her, what should she do?

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