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The Mafia King's Lethal Obsession

The Mafia King's Lethal Obsession

Mirah Selim


"I-I swear I didn't mean to enter this house. I got l-lost. I am s-sorry sir." She politely said taking a step back only for her to froze in the spot. "Seal" He smirked when the main door of the mansion got sealed just by his one command. He could see how much she was trembling in fear. She looked like little innocent lamb trapped by the giant wolf who was toying with her before attacking her to his fullest. "Now my lady I am a gentleman I don't like to send my guests back without showing my hospitality. Especially uninvited guests." He said as his smirk widened. "Just look at you. An epitome of perfection." He said pointing at her head to tow before creepily darkening his shiny orbs. "And Perfection is made for only perfection. Which means you're made for a man like me." This was enough to make her run to the door faster than hurricane. A Story about a Narcasstic Mafia boss who considers himself a Greek God with insane power he holds. And a poor insecure naive girl who had been entangled in a relationship which couldn't even be called as one. WARNING: MIGHT HAVE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. IT'S A DARK ROMANCE STORY SO BEWARE.

Chapter 1 Prologue

Author Pov

The man standing in front of the mirror checked himself out thoroughly before a small smile appeared on his lips. He sighed shaking his head as a smile didn’t fade away.

“Damn I feel sad for the girls outside they are gonna have a breathing problem after seeing this aesthetic piece with no competition at all.” He said feeling proud at his godly looks that can make anyone fall on their knees for him.

Suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly but the smile didn’t waver. One of his workers standing behind him was holding a box in his hand which has his watch. And what the worker did made him internally excited.

He rolled his eyes at the narcissistic man.

The man having body of a beast size and dark green with a mixture of grey eyes turned to the worker. His smile widened as a dark look started appearing in his gaze. No one dared to look up to see how dark intentions his eyes held.

He walked towards the same worker and grabbed the watch from the box before wearing it.

“Look up.” He said making the worker oblige him without wasting a second. As soon as his eyes met the dark devilish ones he understood that he had done a grave mistake.

“M-Master.” The guy whimpered when the merciless man in front of him chuckled showing his perfect teeth. He pulled a gun out of his coat and stared at the poor guy who started trembling in fear.

The worker fell on his knees asking for mercy. He knew that his master had seen him rolling his eyes.

“You are annoyed by me right.” The devil said with an excited grin. The poor man on his knees shook his head apologizing again and again.

“I didn’t mean it master please forgive me.” Devil chuckled with a hint of amusement.

“Don’t worry I freeing you from being annoyed by me again.” With that, his face turned deadly serious as the smile left his lips. And in a second the worker was laying on the ground motionless.

“What a pity,” Devil exclaimed making everyone look at him with a trembling gaze. His eyes weren’t on the man he just killed but on his shoes.

“My shoes are dirty now. I have to change them.” He said walking towards the wardrobe but suddenly stopped. Other workers were about to sigh in relief when he suddenly turned around making them stiffen in their places.

“Uh uh, I forgot to ask.” He smiled at his workers before narrowing his eyes at them.

“Do I annoy any one of you? You can tell me I can free you too.” He said making everyone fall on their knees loudly denying. Their actions and words satisfied him as he widely smiled at them.

“That’s what I thought.” With that, he walked towards his wardrobe making everyone sigh in relief even though their bodies didn’t stop trembling and they wouldn’t till he will be out of the mansion.

Cyrus Sylvester. A notorious yet narcissistic mafia boss in history. He loves praising himself and having power in his hands. He loves having control over the things he wants. No matter if it’s human or mere things.

He’s not only a ruthless mafia boss but also known as a merciless smiley billionaire as well. Whenever he destroys someone’s business or is planning to do something which only evilness can define he always has a sinister smile on his lips.

“Creed you are here finally.” The man slightly bowed at his boss after all it’s the main rule that Cyrus’s father has made to bow at the boss.

“Boss.” He said making Cyrus nod soon Creed sighed heavily when his eyes fell on the dead body and blood all over the place. He didn’t give a single fuck about the dead man he just didn’t want his boss to start bloodshed in the early morning.

Cyrus noticed his gaze and a wide smile of satisfaction appeared on his lips.

“Burn him and don’t leave any traces behind. Also, these shoes have his blood burn them too.” The man nodded there was no risk of doing such a thing.

After all, Cyrus never appoints anyone as his worker if they have someone waiting for them behind. All of his workers and bodyguards are orphans with no family behind who wanted to run away from poverty. And they know one mistake can send them to hell but also one good job can win million dollars after all if their boss is satisfied he can satisfy them too by rewarding them with more than they have expected.

No one knows that Cyrus is a famous notorious mafia boss. He had kept his bloody world a secret. He is only famous for being a billionaire and having godly looks. He even had a nickname of Greek God of Evilness.

Women would die to be with him on his bed but no one ever dares to go any far. They know better to sign their lives to this devil like a man. They only want his body just like he does and none of them wishes to be with him more than a night.

Except for one woman. Ella is the only woman who never gives up on going in his bed and being a toy in his hands again and again. No matter how many scars he leaves on her skin. No matter how much he hurts her she wouldn’t just back away. She just loves his everything.

But she also knows better than to cross Cyrus. She knows the moment he found someone better than her he will throw her out and she will be helpless to do anything. But even after knowing that she’s nothing in his eyes she still prays to be only one for him.


“That’s enough.” The girl said glaring at the woman in front of her. She just wanted to poke the woman’s eyes out.

“I told you I will do anything to bring her back to life. Then why are you kept on poking your nose in her matter.” The woman scoffed before walking towards the girl who didn’t for once blink while glaring at the woman.

“Because the money you are wasting on her I want it. You are living in this house plus I am the one who took care of you for the past 6 years. That woman is stuck in that bed eating the money that you are supposed to give me.” The girl took a deep breath before grabbing the money she saved for herself and slammed it in the woman’s hand who rolled her eyes.

“Here. And don’t forget from the day I stepped into this house I have given you money for this room, my food and also the electricity and gas I use. So don’t you dare to say you took care of me when it’s me. Just I who did all for myself.” The woman was about to burst on the girl when another woman blocked her way.

“Enough mom. Just stop it. Why are you always behind her tail just let her be.” The old woman sighed out in annoyance and went out.

“Aunt you didn’t have to.” Her aunt looked at her with a small smile.

“I have to. You are my brother’s last memory and I will protect you whenever I could.” The woman said making the girl smile at her.

She is the only woman in this house who cares for her.

Hazel Astor. A beautiful young girl who had been living in a poverty for the last 6 years when she lost her father in a car accident and her mother went to a coma. It’s been 6 years since she started living with her aunt and grandmother.

Her grandmother wants nothing from her as her son married his wife against her will. She never let a chance to insult Hazel go and makes sure to never let her have a second of peace.

She even tried to stop Hazel’s mother’s medication but Hazel never let her do so. Being only 21 she has done more jobs than any girl could do in her age. She does 4 jobs a day. But still, sometimes she has left no money for herself.

If her aunt wouldn’t be with her she had no idea what she would have done. Her aunt is like a pillar who had let her rest her back against her anytime she feels tired giving her new hope to not give up.

Two different people from different worlds. One who wants nothing but a normal life with fewer hardships. And the other who loves hardships and overcoming them with his sinister acts.

Will the devil ever see the light of heaven? Or he’s more eager to make the hell he lives in, his heaven.


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