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A Twist of Fate In Love's Awakening

A Twist of Fate In Love's Awakening

Sweet Dream


Corinne was set up to marry Julian, who had been reduced to a vegetative state following a tragic car accident. Yet, on their wedding day, fate intervened in a most unexpected manner. Julian suddenly stirred from his slumber, demanding an annulment. Corinne, though taken aback, wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. "Sure, Julian, but not without a hefty sum - fifty million, to be exact!" Julian acquiesced without hesitation. "Deal!" Initially, Julian harbored a disdainful view of Corinne, deeming her a mercenary soul who had bartered her integrity for wealth. But as time passed, his perception began to shift. When Corinne found herself disillusioned with him, Julian embarked on a quest to win back her affections. "Honey, I messed up big time. I'm truly sorry," he confessed, his voice laced with remorse.


: Corinne Gibson, Julian Scott, Corinne Gibson and Julian Scott novel, Corinne and Julian novel

Chapter 1 Betrayal

"Please... Let me go," Corinne Gibson pleaded, her voice quivering with fear.

She felt engulfed by the man's searing body warmth, reminiscent of a furnace's heat.

Fear gripped her, tears brimming in her eyes. The man's imposing figure blurred before her, his grip tight on her wrist. His voice, deep and raspy, offered reassurance. "Don't worry. I'll take responsibility for this."

A sharp pang shot through Corinne, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Ah!"

"Wait for me. I'll make you my wife," the man said in a hoarse voice.

The scene shifted, leaving only Corinne amidst the disarray of her strewn garments.

She struggled to sit up, pain coursing through her body.

Suddenly, her foot stepped on a solid object.

Retrieving it, she discovered a necklace engraved with "JS."

It belonged to him...

Tears streamed down her reddened cheeks. Consumed by anger, she contemplated hurling the necklace out the window, but ultimately, she clenched it tightly, wearing it around her neck.

"Miss Gibson, please review this agreement. The total bride price is $300 million, payable in installments. The initial $50 million has been transferred to your uncle's account. The remainder will be transferred upon your marriage to my son and the birth of a child," a soothing voice explained.

Corinne, who had been dozing on the sofa, suddenly startled awake, her gaze fixating on the elegant and graceful woman before her, momentarily stunned.

Recently, her father's company had fallen into turmoil, with him gravely ill in the ICU. The company teetered on the edge of collapse.

A month ago, upon her return to the country, she had frequented numerous parties, borrowing money from influential individuals. This ultimately culminated in the fateful night when, inebriated and disoriented, she stumbled into a stranger's room.

Lately, she found herself frequently dreaming about that particular night.

Today, her uncle provided her with an address and requested her presence to borrow money, yet...


Having a child?

Fifty million?

What was happening?

After a while, she pieced it together.

Clearly, she had been sold by her uncle. For a hefty sum of three hundred million!

A chilling realization struck her, causing her lips to quiver. "May I inquire about your family?"

Zoey Scott, the elderly woman, narrowed her eyes slightly before answering, "The Scott family."

In that instant, Corinne felt dizzy, her breath quickening.

Not long ago, the heir of the top rich family, Julian Scott, suffered a car accident that left him in a vegetative state, dominating the headlines.

Presently, the Scott family was seeking a suitable woman of childbearing age for marriage. However, with Julian's slim chances of recovery, what family would willingly wed their daughter to a dying man?

Corinne hastily rose, bowing respectfully. "My apologies, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I came solely to seek financial assistance and have no intentions of marriage."

Zoey's expression softened with a touch of regret. Then, she offered a faint smile and said, "That's quite alright. The Scott family never coerces. However, should you choose to marry my son, rest assured, we'll ensure your well-being for life."

Corinne offered a grateful glance to Zoey.

Zoey instructed the butler, "Please escort Miss Gibson out."


Thanking them, Corinne was escorted out by a middle-aged man.

Midway through, Corinne spotted a familiar figure in the garden's corner and eagerly approached.

Meanwhile, Mathew Scott smirked as he conversed on the phone. "Mr. Gibson, Zoey is highly pleased with Corinne. The funds should reach you shortly. Congratulations."

After the man on the other end of the line said something, Mathew chuckled. "Of course. We're all family here. I'll make sure to treat Rosalie well."

Later, he issued a solemn directive. "Keep a close watch on Corinne's father. Ensure he remains unconscious. Otherwise, all our efforts will be for naught. The forthcoming shareholders' meeting must proceed without any hitches."

It had been days since Corinne last saw her boyfriend, Mathew. Upon hearing him speak on the phone, she hesitated to interrupt, inching closer instead, only to overhear the most venomous words she'd ever heard in her life.

Suppressing her tears, Corinne bit her lip fiercely, a whirlwind of emotions churning inside her. With a steady hand, she pressed the record button on her phone.

Thus, everything had been orchestrated by her uncle and Mathew. The company's debts, even her father's illness, were all part of their scheme.

Hearing it all firsthand, Corinne felt her throat constrict and her vision blur.

Staring at the blazing sun, she felt nothing but icy disdain.

Corinne clenched her fists in anger, her nails digging fiercely into her flesh. She longed to confront Mathew and tear him apart, but she knew that premature exposure would not benefit her.

Suddenly, a thought struck Corinne, sharpening her focus.

Silently, she made her way back to the main house of the Scott family.

At that moment, Zoey remained inside, savoring her coffee.

Corinne burst into the house, her breaths coming in ragged gasps. Zoey looked on, surprised by her abrupt return.

Gathering her resolve, Corinne said, "Mrs. Scott, I've had a change of heart. I will marry your son. However, could you cancel the transfer of the fifty million?"

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