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Unforeseen Temptation: Spoiled By The Aloof Magnate

Unforeseen Temptation: Spoiled By The Aloof Magnate



Andres was known as callous and ruthless until he met Corinna, the woman whose one heroic act thawed his cold heart. Because of her father and stepmother's ploy, Corinna nearly lost her life. Fortunately, fate intervened when she rescued Andres, the heir to Driyver's most influential family. As the incident prompted them to work together, their mutual assistance quickly blossomed into an unexpected romance, leaving the town in disbelief. Just how on earth did the notoriously aloof bachelor turn into this love-stricken man?

Chapter 1 Saved A Big Shot

The darkness enveloped the city of Driyver like a vast curtain.

Moonlight pierced the clouds, casting light onto the narrow alleyways.

Corinna Hudson, carrying a medical kit, briskly walked out of a house in the alley.

As she reached the entrance of the alley, a figure stumbled toward her.

She caught the pungent scent of blood emanating from the figure.

She instinctively recoiled.

The silhouette resolved into a man.

With a thud, the man collapsed to the ground.

He lost consciousness before he could speak.

With caution, Corinna moved closer, turned the man over, and recognized the face before her.

It was Andres Spencer, the well-known heir of Driyver's leading family.

She pondered both the risks and rewards of intervening. The potential gains made her decision clear.

She checked for his breath; it was faint but present.

He was alive. There was hope.

She supported Andres' arm and managed to lift him up.

They made their way to a hidden door down the alley, which she opened with a key.

Behind it lay one of her secret clinics.

Inside, she swiftly moved him to an operating table.

After removing her bloodied coat and donning a white one, she sterilized her surgical tools and commenced the operation.

Soon, a bloody bullet clinked as it hit the metal tray.

Corinna let out a weary sigh, the surgery taking its toll on her.

She then stitched up the wound, ensuring it was well cared for.

But just as she finished...

The door burst open with a loud crash!

Suddenly, a squadron of armed guards clad in black burst into the room.

Some guards quickly surrounded Andres, who was still unconscious on the hospital bed, while others moved to secure the premises.

A guard pressed the cold barrel of a gun against Corinna's temple, his voice tense as he asked, "What are you planning with Mr. Spencer hostage?"

Despite the threat, Corinna remained calm.

She glanced at Andres and noticed his fingers twitching.

It seemed he was beginning to regain consciousness.

This development made her worry even less.

She considered whether someone as influential as Andres, respected on both sides of the law, would be ungrateful for her intervention.

Pain wracked Andres' body, each minor movement bringing sharp, sweat-inducing pain.

"Let her go." Andres' voice was faint yet commanding as he spoke.

"Everyone out..."

Despite his weak state, the authority in his voice was clear and the guards did not hesitate to obey.

They left swiftly, leaving Corinna and Andres alone.

Corinna took this moment to sit down in a nearby chair, crossing her legs casually.

She watched Andres intently, maintaining her silence.

"You saved me?" Andres' voice carried a hint of suspicion.

Corinna simply hummed in response, maintaining her composure.

Andres grimaced as he touched his wound. "As a token of gratitude, I'm willing to grant you a favor. What... would you ask for?"

Corinna leaned back, feigning thoughtfulness.

"Let's say I'll call in that favor later."

Her tone was casual, but she was already considering the possibilities this connection could open up.

Andres was well-known in Driyver, a formidable figure not to be underestimated.

Given the challenges Corinna currently faced, aligning with someone like Andres could prove invaluable.

"Call me if you need me," Andres said, sliding a business card towards her as he slowly rose from the bed.

Corinna watched him leave, a smile playing on her lips.

Saving someone of Andres' stature had not been in her plans, yet here she was, possibly a step ahead because of it.

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