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Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne

Author: Harriet

Chapter 1 Rebirth

Word Count: 1164    |    Released on: 23/09/2019

woken up from a nightmare. Gasping for air, he soon noticed something was amiss. His a

s day. He was lying in a comfortable bed with a golden silk quilt, white tulle encircling it on all sides. Rocky Bai felt like he was lying on an imperial b

e International Animal Genome Center to deliver a keynote speech. Rocky Bai, a young and talented scholar in the field of gene study, ranked number one among his peers. No one in the whole world

he soul could go to heaven when someone died? Souls couldn't feel anything physically, right? But his senses were so real and substant

his companion. He was greeted with the sight of an elegant female body. She was lying in his arms. From where Rock

obe and wore golden ornaments on her head, wrists and feet. She

Otherwise, how could he have such a beauty be sleeping in his arms? A smile crep

leep and shifted her position. Her face left Rocky's shoulder as she turned to the ot

had an incredibly cute upturned nose, and her rosebud lips looked as sweet as candies, alluring Rocky to have a taste. Although she

at her right away. His face flushed as his heart pounded. He was a man in his thirties after all. He still could control himself even with su

ing around. Logically, he should have died in the air

e up. Her round eyes slowly opened. Rocky was stunned by her again. Nobo

we lying here together? Do we...? You know, do we...?" Rocky stammered

"Basil, are you all right? Was your head damaged by the high fever? What are you talking about? I have told you I don't need you to pick up my hanky from the pond, but you just ignored me and insisted o

e mentioned? Was it him? The girl seemed to know him well, but

he girl said as she got off the bed. She ran to the do

and tried to stop her, the gi

around the room, he felt like he was in

the air. As he raised his arm, he saw his muscular arm had turned into a slender one, like a slim

and closer, a fragile and bony figure gradually appeared in the oval mirror inset with shining diamonds. The young but pale face in

that!?" Rocky cried out as h

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