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Daddy don't hurt me

Daddy don't hurt me

Author: Charon

Chapter 1 1 Losing everything

Word Count: 1881    |    Released on: 27/07/2021


Did I imagine it? I lay still, frozen in bed. Sweating of fear. Trying to get my heartbeat under control I tell myself: there is nothing going on. Just breath.

at is not me breathing. I knew it. I jump up, sitting on my bed I look around. There is someone in my room. I heard someone breathing. I can't see anyone. I grab my phone

birthday party. I know what alcohol does to me. I wanted to remember my party, not getting drunk and forget everything. I've been there, done that. Not tonight. Tonig

Dane made me relaxed. I turn off my flashlight and lay down agai

t scr

my sound is being muted by a

, didn't I?' a man w

n't see his face, because he is wearing a black mask.

m. I don't think you want to wake up your little sister, otherwise I have to hurt her.' H

I'm so sure he will squeeze it when I disobey him. He knew my na

down the hall, downstairs and into the living room. I ju

oks of it. Before I know it, my knees hit the floor, when the person behind me pushes

o scream. Now I h

hit her so hard in the face. Now she doesn't scream an

ng room, I see five men with masks on. Th

de behind a mask? Why do you all hide

man Brad? Did she k

r like mine. He smiles at me. I can see a golden tooth in his mouth. The ma

mma.' the man said.

s back at him. Yes,

ather. 'You gave it all up to be a stupid receptionist of the major. You could of have so much more, Emma. Or shoul

Shut up, you have no r

y neck, my collarbone, to my left breast. I can feel his warm breath on my skin, his lip

e back on my knees. He is so much stronger than me. He holds my neck with both hands now, softly squee

fore. She is always so strong. A leader. She has the pants on in this household. That is probably why my f

.' He points to my father. He lowers his head. He doesn't even look at me. 'I am your father, not that imposter. Look at him, you don't even l

'Please Brad, leave her alone. You may

n. I fall hard on the ground, almost hitting my head in the process. I caught myself with my hands, but they were pulled away and pushed on my back. Then one of the men in mask begins to tie them together. I wres

on't do this.' I try to get away

s my neck again. 'I won't hesitate

en holding a gun to my mother's head. 'No

ll and spread

thing fun.' mom tries to calm me down. How could she even say that? The

ad says sarcastic. I could hear him zip his

Now this man is going to take my virginity. In one trust he enters. I scream out loud. His penis is so big and it hurts so much. I never felt pain like this in my life. His hand is pressed on my mouth again while he starts to move in and out. I scream in his hands when he trusts are getting faster. He fucks me hard and with no passion. I try to think of something fun, like my mothe

.' the man that t

hey pressed their hands on my mouth every time even if I wanted to scream. I am no longer me. My body feels numb, broken and sore. The last thing I remember, b

t forget that.' mom whispers.

ad said. I can see he

m and dad.' I whis

to my mom and dad. One second ago they told me they loved me, now they were sitting there, lifeless with a bullet in their heads. My legs

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