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The 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King

The 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King


Chapter 1 One

Word Count: 995    |    Released on: 24/10/2021

She looked at the Lycan King indifferently, whose lilac

et session that he dreaded. The worst thing was that this session among Alphas, Lunas and their Gammas from every pack in existence was to last for the

studied his expression, “Huh. Y

nd irritated now, “Again, what do

r been going through the reports of rogue attacks that were steadily piling up on his desk. He couldn’t wait to get the night over with. If he made his rounds quickly enough, he would still reach home o

id simply. To the King, her name felt like the first spring breeze after many long months of harsh w

if he tried. He felt like his mate was already te

merely glanced over them. The animal in him was following a scent that has never graced his nostrils. Butterfly pea

ling effortlessly from her head. There was only one word in his mind — mate. The figure started turning around to face him,

, and a strong scent of acacia wood and forest trees graced her nostrils. Shocked at the proximity, she took a step back to see who it was. Realizing that the dark-haired man with slightly tanned sk

To her dread, she realised that the man in front of her was her mate who spoke in his clear, deep voice, “You

w the bond was going to end. ‘Here we go again’, she thought, before proceeding to as

His voice was soft but demanding.

would you like to do it yourself?” The hope and life she gave him earlier seeme

The room fell into dead silence. After he exploded in anger at what he had just heard, the K

e it’s because I’m not your type, not good enough for you, not pretty enough, you may already

Luna’s as he growled, “I

unison as a sign of apology. No right-minded wolf w

nty and beautiful she looked. Why did she want to take herself away

I meant. It’s just... that’s what my previous mates told me before or after

rbed ones as he asked in a dangerously

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