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Bye, My Irresistible Love

Bye, My Irresistible Love


Chapter 1 Back For Divorce

Word Count: 1947    |    Released on: 17/11/2021


t my watch. My husband, Charles Moore, was nowhere to be found. He was supposed to pick me up from the airport. But he must be with his

iversity abroad. I was accepted to one of their programs, so I left to study there. Charles and I had not se

ome. I wanted to end our nominal marriage. I decided it was t

sent Charles a message th

room. I sat on the sofa and waited. The house looked and smelled like no one had lived in it for y

l had not replied. I guessed that m

m my seat, feeling my heart break into a gallop. Did I still expect anything of my stone-hearted husband? Maybe. Maybe not. B

. He was clad in a charcoal black suit and immaculate white shirt. His expression showed exhaustion, but it did nothing to overshadow his

ts. I could not believe I forgot how handsome he was. He was like a god who did not b

-looking, head-turning man. I averte

nd sat down. I took the

ught was to lower my head and avoid looking directly at him,

onotone, which would have made me bris

keeping my voice as

Charles spoke, he loosened his tie. His

wallowed and schooled my

orce agreement. Although I was expecting it, I still felt like somebody drove a knife through my chest. The pain was sw

sband. Soon, he would no longer belong to me. I had a good run pretending to be Mrs.

to read the ag

forced a smile. Ex-wife. I was going to be his ex-wife pretty

en Street house. And th


and looked at me

ning the papers?

h my lawyer," Charles replied

I'll wait fo

silence, he look

. I just want to fulfill he

What a great man. But did he have to do it at my expense? Well, I supposed I had

gh deep inside, I was brimming with so m

se, I'll have my lawyer

re, it's enough." Once again, I

Charles stood up and start

girlfriend. He was commanding me. What did he think of me? And why sh

that?" I asked him w

with someone else. Assure her that our decision to end our marriage has nothing


it difficult to say no to him. All he had to do was look m

'll pick you

text me the address,

ast look at me and

e knew about it except our family and close friends. A few months ago, the media reported news of Charles and Rita's engagement

, I thought that I should not lose hope in us. I believed that as long as I stayed married to him, there was still a chance that

eeded him to love me back and not just for a bit

w him my affection and concern despite the distance between us, but I got noth

h, and from her corpse rose a new one, a Scarlett clad i

m looked like nobody had touched it since I left. There was not a knickknack out of place or even a wrinkle on the sheets.

ir. To my surprise, I saw Charles's car still parked in the driveway. Wh

car, my phone rang. It was my best

, Ti


nk y

. I'm so sorry I couldn't pic

. Work com

re you going to leave again

ll be stayi

job. You majored in media, your voice is pleasant to hear, and you're gor


a's voice suddenly became low as i

Charles's car in

u about his lit


jerk! How dare he

asked me to come see Rita

ouraged him to divorce you. I honestly don't know why she's wasting her energy. The Moore family didn't approve of her for Charles three

oint, I just want to let bygone

t, you still love

e I still loved him. I had

yell snapped me ri

ll call you tomorrow,

ep breath. Charles's car was still there, and it didn't look

m and crawled into bed. I laid on my back, stared at the ceiling, and waited

lid out of bed and opened the door

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