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Bye, My Irresistible Love

Chapter 4 A Greedy Man

Word Count: 1915    |    Released on: 17/11/2021


ndmother were coming to see us. It had been a long time since I last saw them. I was so excited by Alice's call that I practically screamed my

ke I was family. If they found out that Charles and I we

home. It just was not the right time to tell them. We had to be really careful as well because Christine was unusual

w him, I acted like a caring wife to him. I honestly

Charles earlier like he was a naughty, restle

s so f

alone for a while. Since Charles and I talked about the divorce, I had

are you


, please?" Charles ord


the huge white porcelain double bathtub and realized that I had ne

the-bathtub scene out of proportion and sent me reeling. 'What the hell, S

After adjusting the water temperature

th Charles to the party would make me a bit uncomfortable, but I had not seen or spoken to his family in a long time. I would really love to

y reverie, the bathroom d

und to look, but I was not

, I was falling i

full. It was so big that I felt as i

flailed around instinctively. Then, I reme

ly silent except for the sound

ly got out of the bathtub. I scatter

zing?" Charles frown

clinging to my legs. Even though I was fully clothed, I felt like I was naked. I tried to wr

the bathtub? I could have just stood

uickly turned off the tap an

it. You g

ew me his bath towel

o clean, dry clothes. After changing into fresh clothes, I grabbed

looked like a well-chiseled statue of a male Roman deity, and it made me catch my breath. I wanted to turn around and leave, but my eyes seemed to have a mind of

Charles was about to take off his pants, but s

ull view of his gorgeous torso. My eyes darted to

did he have

had been staring. If it were not for Charles's question,

. I lowered my head and handed t

towel was replaced by a pa

e bathroom and tossed his clot

tarted ringing again, and Rita

yself grabbing on to the sheets. I sat there in bed, think

of the bathroom in a bathrobe. He

sexy. But I forced

you just now,

at me and then went to the balcony to call Rita. I could

ou need to get plenty of rest." I scoffed. Rita's performance would be insufferable even if it were in

me back in, walked to the wardrobe, an

mood to watch him. The more I saw of hi

me if there's anything urgent," Charles t

y heart to think that he was running off to Rita, I still

peared to

l the dri

ll. Not long after, a ca


t in Scarlett's eyes bothered the hell out of me. I suddenly felt fidgety,

, please," I

, to come see Rita. Rita would be fine i


on lights were still flashing, the music was still blaring, and t

'd come back!" Spencer came up and


s of whiskey. I drank

why you're upset, Charles. It's because you're too greedy. You want too much all at once.

r once, Spencer?" David chime

w a cue

It'll take your

the cue, and David start

illiard balls rolling on the ta

someone else pursues Scarlett? After you

oached Spencer with

meone special in her life, you know? You and Rita have been living like an old married couple since Scarlett left three years ago. Don't you th

near the side pocket,

e not an old m

sleeping with her regularly

we did everything but be intimate. Even if I wanted to, I could

me you haven't gotten her

ng again. It was Rita. I rejected

villa. If anything happened to her and my phone w

my phone

a? Why didn't you answer?"

f your busin

this. It's unfair to both of them. Since you want

e Scarlett" sounded like n

through the divorce formaliti

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