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Frozen heart

Frozen heart

Author: Ania S

Chapter 1 Nordmar

Word Count: 1791    |    Released on: 05/02/2022

ly in snow. Up in the vast mountains of Nordmar, it is always cold. The peaks of the mountains are so tall that one can

oms called barbarians. Tall and strong, the Nordmanders are born to dominate the

ngdom of Myrthana, King Rhobart returns home. But he doesn’t return alone; he returns with Pr

in an attempt to make peace between the two kingdoms. Rhobart wanted to kill Galian like the coward he was, but he was so tired of

ore snow. If she stared too much at it her eyes would hurt. Ayla loved the snow, it was the cold that she couldn’t get used to. She has never been so cold in her life. Myrthana is nothing like the c

ng on her lap. From time to time, Kerra would purr softly. The snowcat had been t

y that Rhobart left Kerra with Ayla, she is not an ordinary cat; Kerra it’s a magical cat. Kerra has two form

hem. Very few magical cats lived in the wild. And from what Ayla read, magical snowcats are completely white with green eyes. But Kerra's ears and tips of her tails are black, while her eyes ar

from Ayla’s lap and moments later the door to the carriage op

oom to the carriage and threw her in. Ayla didn't think she would ever get used to how big King Rhobart is. Almost 6’7, with strong ar

-six winters. She wants to study him for hours, to see and learn who the real King Rho

ble make their wa

didn’t understa

ll me that!” Rhobart said in

o say something but no sound cam

ll you, then?” Ayla

of his hands to his eyes

said, “King Rho

etween them. But Rhobart didn’t linger too muc

t her, Rhobart said to Ayla the words she drea

dow, but all she could

Here where?” But Rhob

la knew she had to follow him. In to the cold.

er. But while she was still a “princess”, and kept in her golden cage, ther

d a village from Nordmar that was closer to the border. Thirteen years had passed since then. Thirteen years of war, pain,

y never wanted. Or started. Rhobart with his family's life, and Ayla with her freedom. Well, she has never b

powerful man on the continent. But no one expected King Rhobart. Even from her golden cage, Ayla heard rumors of the barbarian ki

ak, her fingers wrapping around her mother’s amulet a

ks, the only person she has ever seen has been Milton. She was never permitted outside, except to take car

he carriage was slower than their horses, but his loyal Pa

aid the moment he s

es landed on Kerra, that was now in her battle form. A scream almost escaped her lips, but she swallowed it. In her

nd King Rhobart. She fisted her hands, in an attempt to hide ho

made it where

arrive at the castle. From here we will take the

ng Rhobart's face, then to the h

with a horse,” she said, fe

een on a horse before. Seeing one so up close in

t on the horse, or you walk. Either way,

knights laughed, whil

danos’ name does tha

to prote

s about to say, King Rhobart turned

get home,” Rhobart s

e at Ayla before followin

ghts got on the horses until the onl

on that horse,

“I am not a princess, F

me, Lad

on waited patiently for her to look at him, sh

ou are and forever will be a princess. And as for Rhobart. He

an know what King Rho

hobart all my life,” Mil

my fa

horse. The sun will set soon and you don’t wan

expecting a shadowbeast to emer

anned the trees. When Milton didn’t reply,


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