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Chasing My Rejected Wife

Chasing My Rejected Wife

Author: J.Liu

Chapter 1 The Mistress Had a Miscarriage

Word Count: 1468    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

ice with a laboratory test report in her hands. Just when she was planning to make a phone call, her phone rang first. She picked it


uess? Why do you ask?"

ght a pregnant woman to an antenatal checkup on

aid, "Are you thinking that Ro

he re

e world cheated, Rodney wouldn't!"

"I'm extremely busy, so don't bother me if there's nothing. That's it!" His voice sounded cold and emotionless. Before Amber cou


er, but there had been a drastic change in his attitude lately. Not only was he cold, he

and a soft voice sounded in her ear. "Hey, sister." Amber turned her gaze in the directio


. "Don't simply address me as your sister. I'm the only child my mother

d and gently asked, "Are you here to tre

your business,

s well?" Celia smirked at Amber and contin

for Rodney had always been extremely obvious. She did everything possible to seduce him before he

medical consent form and her face turned pale as soon as she recognised the famil


e kept me up all night and then, I was pregnant!" Celia smirked proudly. "He really like

ia fell to the ground and groaned, "Ouch, my belly!" Amber was shocked, she had only hit Celia's


y the medical staffs. Having no courage

rection. It was Rachel Grant, Amber's mother-in-law. Rachel's eyes narrowed as she saw

n, she pushed her!" answered the middle-ag

it too?" Rachel gave Amber a hard slap across the face, she had never liked her sinc

elia was making up a story, but her mother-

if she was about to faint. But at the same moment, the door of the operati

. She charged towards Amber, punched a

sion became blurry and soon,

was aching so badly. Nevertheless, she managed to position herself to lean against the bedside. While she wa

ss. Stone. I'm Mr.

ked at the man before

yer. Mr. Barron has entrusted me to discus

divorce?" Amber thought s

ed her a document. "This is the divorc

give her a divorce agreement one day. She refused to look at it. Instead, she turned her ga

n, he's not available!"

en did her relationship with Rodney declined to t

ed Rodney's number, and waited with her eyes shu

reached such a state? First,

patiently. "Miss. Stone, please take a

e associated with Rodney had treated her with respect. But now, the lawyer's a

vision. Tears started welling up in her eyes as she read what was stated, "All property

he possessed were hers. However, within just three years, thei

she should make way, shouldn't she? Amber's heart was bitter to the uttermost. She stopped reading


Amber. As she took the pen, he added, "Mr. Barron has said tha

ss for a long time. Just when the lawyer thought

the pen and signed her na

greement and examined it brie

he window rolled down, revealing an extremely handsome face. The lawyer scur

d the words slowly, staring at the

uld reply something. However, he couldn't say a word. The man shifted his gaze from the

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1 Chapter 1 The Mistress Had a Miscarriage2 Chapter 2 The Unhealthy Boss3 Chapter 3 Treated as a Waitress4 Chapter 4 The Unfeeling Man5 Chapter 5 Sending Her to the Police Station6 Chapter 6 What Kind of Man Would Dare Want You7 Chapter 7 Nightmare8 Chapter 8 To Give a Great Gift9 Chapter 9 Couldn’t Care Less When You’re Desperate10 Chapter 10 : Without Me, You Are Nothing11 Chapter 11 Hah! A Sense of Relief12 Chapter 12 Uncle Had Fallen Sick13 Chapter 13 My Girlfriend Is Angry14 Chapter 14 A Threat15 Chapter 15 Compare and Despair16 Chapter 16 Not Missing Her17 Chapter 17 Who Wants Your Sh*tty Money 18 Chapter 18 Can’t Take It19 Chapter 19 The Vow Was All Lies20 Chapter 20 Delivering the Engagement Gift21 Chapter 21 She Felt a Chill Running Down Her Spine.22 Chapter 22 Take Turns and F*CK Her23 Chapter 23 Fighting24 Chapter 24 You’re Dead When You Get Out25 Chapter 25 Letting Her Apologise26 Chapter 26 Can’t Rush It, Take It Slow27 Chapter 27 Humiliating Her28 Chapter 28 It Must Be Her!29 Chapter 29 Identity Exposed30 Chapter 30 There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea31 Chapter 31 This Is the Consequence of Going Against Me.32 Chapter 32 The Mysterious Guest33 Chapter 33 The Real-Life Version of Mr. Darcy34 Chapter 34 Fooling Around Too Much35 Chapter 35 Scheming36 Chapter 36 Are You Vindicating Your Mistress 37 Chapter 37 Doing Everything Possible38 Chapter 38 Customised Round 139 Chapter 39 Customised Round 240 Chapter 40 The Choice Made41 Chapter 41 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing42 Chapter 42 Ungrateful43 Chapter 43 As Venomous as a Snake44 Chapter 44 She Will Have No Way Out45 Chapter 45 Scammed46 Chapter 46 A Plot Twist47 Chapter 47 What you did.48 Chapter 48 Not A Normal Man49 Chapter 49 Don't touch my woman50 Chapter 50 Have never won51 Chapter 51 What had happened between you two 52 Chapter 52 Formal Confession53 Chapter 53 Fight54 Chapter 54 Nice to meet you55 Chapter 55 Love affairs56 Chapter 56 Grandma's Idea57 Chapter 57 Mixing Feelings58 Chapter 58 Never Give Up59 Chapter 59 Nice Idea60 Chapter 60 It's Ridiculous61 Chapter 61 The painful Memories62 Chapter 62 Do you love me 63 Chapter 63 What a pretty kid!64 Chapter 64 Make Excuse65 Chapter 65 No.65 Bad Guy66 Chapter 66 No.66 Stay Away From Him67 Chapter 67 Flustered68 Chapter 68 Not Degraded69 Chapter 69 The Lover and The Mistress70 Chapter 70 No Drinking71 Chapter 71 Get Burned72 Chapter 72 Get Burned 273 Chapter 73 Her Trick74 Chapter 74 Can't Wait Anymore75 Chapter 75 Family Affair76 Chapter 76 Cruise Party77 Chapter 77 The first place78 Chapter 78 Proposal79 Chapter 79 Why did you lie to me 80 Chapter 80 What a coincidence81 Chapter 81 The old master82 Chapter 82 Break up83 Chapter 83 Car accident84 Chapter 84 Inveatigation85 Chapter 85 The truth86 Chapter 86 There's something wrong87 Chapter 87 Slap88 Chapter 88 To be smarter89 Chapter 89 Just like her mother90 Chapter 90 The illness91 Chapter 91 Rejected her92 Chapter 92 What is going on here 93 Chapter 93 Argument94 Chapter 94 Have a lot to say95 Chapter 95 To be honest96 Chapter 96 Look for her97 Chapter 97 All guilty98 Chapter 98 Women's fault99 Chapter 99 The expensive fruits100 Chapter 100 Her soft part