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Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top

Chapter 2 Trampled

Word Count: 650    |    Released on: 12/01/2024


nd, Sylvia, leaning aga

s red in ar

was caressing her


owed in ang

pain and humiliati

her waist-high skirt, conce

ou doing he

. Didn't you say you'd go shopping with your

sked, fl

, but you can’t be with someone like that. D

, his eyes r

to death just to buy S

s beloved girlfriend just


d and scoffed, "Now that you know the tru

ould want to be with

ationship was nothing b

that you'd tak

ou," Trevor s

means not

ne, but you told me I h


me an iPhone but also gave me

parcel in Trevor's hand

ked him to fetch a parcel for me and

s clenched as

playing a

w a fifty-dollar bill at Tre

you can sleep

ell yo

n't eve

e fifty

old prostitute, you

'll fuckin

le anymore, Trevor rushed

e you fi

unch at Trevor,

over six

he basketball team, he

few inches shorter th

hud, and he felt a sharp pain on his c

summoned all his stre

sed his foot and trampled on Trevor's

was covered wi

him groaning in pain, he sti

ennis would

k and took out a black

orners of his mouth, he wrote "

warned, "If you dare to provoke me again, I'll be

held Sylvia's

s in so m

but point at him when they s

ed the most, betrayed h

liation, and Sylvia's ruthlessness

ly me and trample

n their eyes, I'm not eve

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