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The Alpha's Substitute Luna

The Alpha's Substitute Luna

Author: Preshpinky

Chapter 1 Her life story

Word Count: 1526    |    Released on: 14/09/2022


ived in a kitchen utility room, one whic

er seen a bed for the past fifteen years of my

rocky chair until my cousin Monica gave me her old mattress to sleep in. I gues

ay it out that she's my cousin because everyo

a, and she's the daughter o

he doesn't see me as his niece. According to what I was told, my Father died when he was shot with a silver bullet when he was saving my mother and I from the wolf hunters. I was also told

p. Even if they took me in, they still hated me and blamed me for the death of my Father, and for th

up so badly each time I made a mistake. They'd beat me up brutally, and leave me half-

arve for many days, and all I did was to pick up the grains of rice that fell from th

myself or say anything other than "sorry". Even if I didn't do what I was accused

anted from me was to pretend to be a dumb,

close. She didn't see me like a slave the same way her parents and th

before. She pleaded with her parents to enroll me into the same highschool with her

ter, and that made me feel better. Monica gave me some of her clothes because al

ash all the beddings, and scrub the floor. I do that almost everyday, an

ft a chore undone, she'll st

sink. I continued washing trying to forget all the misery I was going through

from the sitting room. I tiptoed out of the kitchen, and walked straight to the sitting room'

rt skipped a beat the moment I heard her scream because I know that each time she scream

arry out, then why don't you marry out that junk?"

at does she mean by marry out? Wait a

say that. I was bold enough to continue eavesdropping b

, Monica is just 19 years old. She's too young to get married to that ruthless and notorious Alpha who knows nothing but

he door, so I could hear w

rettes, and I knew it was my uncle or shou

in moon pack are waging war against us, and the only way we can match up to them is by joining forces with the blue moon pack. You know how powerful the blue moon

Banks? Gosh! I know that name, I me

a. A powerful Alpha at that.

nd very handsome. Again, he is very violent and fearless. Lastly, he enjoys s

look within myself, and that

e, "No, we can't do this to our little girl. I c

bbing before speaking up, "Mom, Dad, is there no other way

can let that junk marry him instead of

ried to the powerful Alpha" My uncle snapped, and I

. She's your brother's daughter

I smiled the moment I heard her voice.

't let her parents send me to the notorious Alpha. I can't go and die in the name

e whose violent and aggressive. Besides, I think Elena is perfect for him. After all, she's only a slave. I'm just worried because

straight into my chest. Hot tears rolled

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