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Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence

Chapter 2 Artificial Insemination Operation

Word Count: 1248    |    Released on: 20/02/2023

iately took

hat was wrong with him

anything odd. Theodore was still lying on the bed

s that one of his hand

t looked limp, so she felt that it probably fell out when

Ariana calle

as no r

d called out more fir

e got no

is hand and put it back under the quilt. Theodore still didn't move a muscle during

d hallucinated in

hest as she breathe

some unknown reason, she feared that Theodore would suddenly open his eyes. She sat on th

turned her head to look at Theodore. To her relief, he didn't seem to have moved an i

er had really seen Theodore move last night. It

er teeth, her eyes fell on a red mark on her neck. It wasn't the

with Jasper last night, she reason

de her at the thoug

ent back into the bedroom. She put o

dressed up, she

ir when Jasper appeared out of nowher

" he whispered into her ear, fear

ht of Jasper. She took two steps back and

, I thought Theodore opened his eyes and stared daggers at me. Thank goodness it was just

ody in the past. But now, she hated it. She lowered h

what happened last night. He apologized softly. "I'm sorry about what ha

a smile. "Ok

use so she could leave

d at the table. He was a stern man who rarely smiled. After Ariana gre

as Jasper's biological mother, so she probably knew about his plan. It wa

omfortable thro

an took her to the private hospi

s being ushered into the operatin

took th

plan. But the moment she turned around, her smile vanis

g love to her stepsister and how he had betrayed her, she gritted her teeth and balled her

a wheelchair. The doctor took off his mask and said to Darian, "Everything went well,

rkened as soon a

see that he was pleased with the news. He looked at Ariana with an expression of sat

Several green veins became visible on his fo

g to him. She looked out of

d out. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to

reed that you would ruin the operation.

xplanation. He disgusted her. She shook off his hand and said coldly

laugh. He kicked the tree nearby. "What di

e saw his bloodshot eyes. She spun on

k out on me, Ariana! I'm not done speaking to

ed. She tried to break free whil

ll a fast one on me now that you are married to Theodore? Just so you know, you can't get rid of me. There's no t

, isn't he?" Ariana sneered. "No matter what happens, I'm sti

sper nuts. He raised

out of the house and shouted, "Ma'am! Mr. Theod

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