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Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence

Chapter 5 Terrifying Husband

Word Count: 1078    |    Released on: 19/01/2023

with all her might and finally broke free from Theodore's iron grip. Gasping for air, she stu

anic. But when his gaze fell on her belly, his expression twisted into one of pure ma

ssed, his voice laced with venom. "Because if you a

d uncontrollably, struggling to calm her nerves. Ariana f

is words. Theodore was every bit as ruthles

oice trembling with fear as she tried to explain herself. "Theodore, pl

ran out, and his face twisted into an icy m

how much she tried. She hastened to make her escape, but on her w

ly and bolted out of Theodore's

s intense gaze fixed on the spot where Ariana had vanished. It was as if he

Horace placed a test report

s, you can fully recover. He will continue to cooperate with your orders and pretend that you

et's keep them in the dark for a little longer. I want

took out ano

our new wife, Ariana Edwards," he said,

ment on the bedside table, but

ies of unfortunate events that have left her with little recourse. She lost her mother at the tender age of 13, and shortly thereafter, her father remarried a woman who brought with he

et to see her father again before his death. Yet even with her father's passing, she was unable to find closure, as her stepmother seized control

ight frown marring his features. "Horace, I can read. I

ut it wasn't long before he co

t is a little similar to yours. Sh

as he cut him off. "Do I have to cut your ton

k. His boss's threat was clear. He knew b

led the fear that had been etched on Ariana's f

f Theodore's room and headed to

Anderson has just woken up and he may need some time to adjust. Love requires patience and understandi

please that tyrant even if she was out of her mind. She trembled

iana collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from

away the sleep from her eyes, she gazed up at the unfamiliar ceiling, her heart heavy with con

s death was imminent and that she could secure

ot only had Theodore survived, but he also seemed

alarm. As she silenced the ringing, a piece of news caught her bleary eyes

d more. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the first item on t

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