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Dirty Desirable Saint

Dirty Desirable Saint

Author: Cord3lia

Chapter 1 1. The boss is back

Word Count: 2120    |    Released on: 18/03/2023

an M

or a lot of things, even if most of

to mine throwing a party when I was

riends drinking strai

mments that I was prone to since I was a black stude

his advances towards me. Well, he picked me to answer the question because I wasn't paying attent

advantage of the days I did. And it always came to bite

. It was a very easy question and it'd definitely look bad if I couldn't answer it, but the p

"KCL, which is Kirchhoff's Current Law, states that," I read as she wrote. "The total current

gh at the expression on his face. It was easy to see

my lips, I asked, "Can

ing around his desk. "Just make sure t

kered. I didn't blame them. If it

e was only in his late twenties. Sometimes, I seriously doubted his age because he acted like a bitter old man. The onl

hering all my things, and by the time I was do

tly rolled his eyes. "What do you want, J

ssor. Just for you t

chair. "I'm not picking on you, Jordan. You

ted out. "Just because

rk must've thought the same thing because he looked around the class with wide eyes. Thankfully, it was cle

being around 6'0 to 6'2. His brown hair was curled, parted in the middle and he had charming crystal

that way, but it was Professor Mark. If he told on m

n. "Have a nic

he class to see my friends waiting for me outside. All four of us

something is going on." Blake snickered, flinging an

," Cathy rolled her eyes, "if she

musement as Cathy glared at Spencer. She hated be

et a person like that be friendless. Transitioning was always hard. When the time came for college, both of us applied for the same ones, the rest of our friends scattering across the globe.

g us fast friends. He was also part of the hockey team, which automatically made him

acked it out of her hand, its content decorating the floor. It'd almost led to a fight, but when I told her I saw a guy putti

ds, but we did, and now, even if she had

?" Blake nudged me, bringi

?" I asked, not realizing w

le. "We were thinking of having a movie night instead of

ffered the same things. I didn't have to think for long before I came up with something though. "I wasn't planning on attending the party anywa

e also hopped on Spencer's motorcycle, wrapping her arms around him. They

d Ghostwrit

ur own stuff."

oney as a side hustle.


there on the next one." I yelled out as Sp

membered Blake was still present. "You're still going to make an

e knew I was lying. I was lying about writing, just not about deli

t sure I would. Giving him a brief hug, I strode to my car, not loo

e wasn't supposed to be late at all, not in this line of business. The only reason I was still there was that I'd already

minutes of waiting in the dark alley. "What

s hard to get out without

be forced to cut him off. I couldn't have people wandering about and seeing

He stared at the plastic bag in inspection, nodded, and then, smiled a

im suspiciously and counted again just t

e asked i

rrowed my e


st. When guys thought they could intimidate

all I have. Take it or," he shrugged nonchalantly, "throw i

any losses. I dragged him back, simultaneously whipping my gun out. "Look here, Marco," I sneered. It was either I sounded t

o me." He reached out for it, but I pulled it behind me. He laughed agai

ng it at his head this time. "Do

, still not believing

leg and pulled the trigger, the silencer silencing the shot, and the force of it still took me


the gun under his chin. "The money," I growled out. I'd wasted too much time

ther wad of cash, throwing it

that bundle, I figured it was another eight dollars. I wasn't going to give him any

fuck out." H

ith his groin, hearing him cuss out again. "Cagna." I scoff

I wouldn't attend when I got a text message from my Capo

sted for all his dealers

urizio was ba

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1 Chapter 1 1. The boss is back2 Chapter 2 Disrespecting the boss3 Chapter 3 Mine to use4 Chapter 4 A run in with the boss5 Chapter 5 Grade improvements6 Chapter 6 Learning a lesson7 Chapter 7 School can wait8 Chapter 8 Voyeurism 9 Chapter 9 The art of seduction 10 Chapter 10 Manipulative little bitch11 Chapter 11 Exhibitionist I12 Chapter 12 Punishment13 Chapter 13 Your choice 14 Chapter 14 Training with the boss15 Chapter 15 My dick in her mouth16 Chapter 16 Escape plan17 Chapter 17 Pest like woman18 Chapter 18 Using the professor19 Chapter 19 Hurting Blake20 Chapter 20 Meeting with the professor 21 Chapter 21 Back for her22 Chapter 22 Unpleasant surprise23 Chapter 23 Grudges24 Chapter 24 House attack25 Chapter 25 My handprint on her asscheek26 Chapter 26 Job proposal27 Chapter 27 Dress shopping28 Chapter 28 First fuck29 Chapter 29 First mission I30 Chapter 30 First mission II31 Chapter 31 Questions for the boss32 Chapter 32 A diamond set33 Chapter 33 The flight 34 Chapter 34 Welcome to Italy35 Chapter 35 Uninvited 36 Chapter 36 Mad at me37 Chapter 37 Getting punished38 Chapter 38 Do you want me too 39 Chapter 39 Catching feelings40 Chapter 40 Yes41 Chapter 41 Pain slut42 Chapter 42 Morning sex43 Chapter 43 Sound of a gunshot 44 Chapter 44 A bullet for her45 Chapter 45 War46 Chapter 46 Fuck you senseless47 Chapter 47 Revelation 48 Chapter 48 Both flowers49 Chapter 49 A bullet for her II50 Chapter 50 Kidnapped51 Chapter 51 Romano Luciano 52 Chapter 52 Few years back53 Chapter 53 Be okay54 Chapter 54 Gun fight55 Chapter 55 Manhandle 56 Chapter 56 The mole57 Chapter 57 A distraction 58 Chapter 58 Meeting Maya59 Chapter 59 Snake60 Chapter 60 Locked in61 Chapter 61 Encountering Chris62 Chapter 62 My girl 63 Chapter 63 Let it go64 Chapter 64 Not like this65 Chapter 65 Search party66 Chapter 66 A themed 67 Chapter 67 Engaged68 Chapter 68 Shopping69 Chapter 69 Regret70 Chapter 70 Marry her