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The Domineering Alpha's Regrets

The Domineering Alpha's Regrets


Chapter 1 A Terrible Mate

Word Count: 1085    |    Released on: 04/05/2023


f wine and bring it ove

and delicately balanced the tray, making

ious strains of music filled the air. Yet, as a mere maid,

o the Black Moon Pack, and thus, representatives from all th

reat importance and concern to all in attendance. All eyes were fixed on t

d taken two wives an

lpha title, his younger brother, Killian Cohen, had proven himself to be more powerf

ew I must be meticulous and vigilant, taking care not to ma

my shoulder caused the wi

y the glass, spilling a small amount of wine in the process. Tha

, Nyla, you're utterly useless!" The person w

nted me, but I remained composed and

ince my earliest memories. Having lost my father at a young age, I toiled as a

te having reached adulthood. This provided everyone with th

s occasion only served to stoke the envy and resentment of m

gure present was none other than Killian, seated

glass and gingerly placed it upon his ta

, he let out a derisive snort before turn

made a hasty departure. Killian's reputation for his unyielding brutality

r his kindness and compassion. In fact, I myself had recei

the heir, for if he were to assume the position, my life wi

e weight or significance in the grand scheme of things. Returning the tray to its rightful pla

ed was to locate a quiet corner where I could rest for a spell and

inally allow myself a moment of respite. I sank into the cozy corner, propp

ed upon my peaceful sanctuary, lunging to

terror, I writhed and fought with al

o my resistance, pinning me firmly to the floor with his weight. I struggled and wrig

ed apart by the man's wild movements. My heart raced with fear and my body trembled in

As I turned my head to catch a glimpse of his face, ter

. It was

he doin

d was

hoed through the room as I


. In my heart, I prayed to the Moon Goddess, hopi

streamed down my face, and

tile after my comment, but I wasn't sure if

e it difficult for m

gony, I wanted to end m

fragile nerves, jolting me into immediate alertness. I recogn

stakable spark

be? How could Kil

ul. I was now completely under Killian's control, with pleasure and pa

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