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Word Count: 1006    |    Released on: 12/06/2023

e’s Em

ith a phone in her left hand. She held the tip of he

young lady of 19 came out from a

The woman asked her an

he sat down on the cou

the house and Tina who was on the C

he stamped her fe

g out from the kitchen. “ Emily, ar

ot a call from the hospital asking for the bills. What are you s

to take me even as a maid” She sighed Worriedly. “ Are you kidding

nd her out of the house. She ha

looking so pitiful. “ Wait for me here” She entered the room u

at Emily and sat

our Father’s hospital bill today, Don’t come home aga

Emily. “ My phone is in the room” She said and Tina stoo

e this and leave!” She threw the ba

moved the apron she was wearing and dropped it

ed her life in to a living hell. A day never passes by that her st

in the hospital. Her step mum Has refused to cater for

ng hair. She gasped as she stood in f

t only her phone and identity card was there.

She Sighed Bitterly and shook her head. “ Oh

far away from the city. It took her two hours t

companies ahead of her. She has already went to som

t of her and she increased her pace. Even she was surprised, she w

s wide open. The inside was such a sight to behold. And when Emily stepped insi

re you here for the interview?” Came a voice behind her. Emil

ob there. “ You came with your CV right?” The man asked

r left upstairs. That’s where the interview is taking place” He said

Emily took the corridor on the left just as the Man in suit has directed he

ontemplating if she should walk ahead or turn back. Sud

ds, she stood in front of a door. It was th

, it was two voices. Emily moved closer, she held the d

manly voice. Emily closed her eyes as he spoke, she felt a ti

w of a hospital that can provide us a surr

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