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Lonely Bride

Lonely Bride

Author: Shikha A

Chapter 1 The D-day

Word Count: 1385    |    Released on: 13/06/2023


Williams (F

ndfather - Rose

mantha (Passed Aw

end: Sam


dson (M

er: Jennet

her: Morr

end: Eri


my husband. Yes, my husband, who has n

ss the Bride,” P

g, but I acted as orderly as I could. I fisted my

is face, but he has no expression. No smile, no

ght, is there someone on the

ittle. I looked up to see his face. I was looking in

ose to me, and I closed my eyes and waited for

ed a cheering noise from our family and a f

ood he just acted

ut this was the best insult

a kiss to his newly

I hid them instantly, as I did n

he was smiling at everybo

ought, looking back

ye to my father, who was happ

y life. When I see her, I feel I am still lov

d to get some warmth from, but my father took away that also and sent

fe. Now you are not alone. Sean is with you and he will take care of

said, “Son, take care of my

something, then nods but I look into his eyes and I can

and said “take care granny

flower I will,” she sa

the car and moved fo

be a little bigger, but for me, it is still the same

t me. I felt bad a little, but then I laughed internally. What,

earing his throat and I looked up and saw

thank you and sta

urroundings. It has a beautiful garden and bi

he need this much security? I shake my he

door. My heels were making a clickin

aw him standing there with all his glory, keeping his

at him as I waited for him to speak. And finally, I go

live, fuck off. I dislike noise in the house. The second stays out of my business and the third does not come to front me

pped and called out to Anna, A lady in her mid-50 came run

stated in one go and had

s in my life, still belonging to a rich family. I always had luxury aro

owards me to follow her and because of no other option

cellar after cross

I cou

smay; it is not a normal basement; it is a beautiful small hou

t Some ease, at least it is

he lady's name Anna, spoke

id she think she could dominate? Like it or not, I am still his legally wedded wife and

ing this, she smirks

accept me as his wife. Hell, he does not even want to share the sa

e.” I said, walking towards the kitc

from there, and I to

stock up refrigerator and a storeroom with laundry. My bedroom has a king-size bed with a sofa, a T

. I can go out directly using this door, So I do not must use the main door for my ex

ing room. I took my simple dress out as I want to

xing shower, I sat on the

fe came in

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