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Loving my Luna

Loving my Luna


Chapter 1 Father Love

Word Count: 1174    |    Released on: 03/07/2023

e born to him by his late wife, Freya. Liam, his son, have refused marriage, instead goes a

o marry, and minimize his rudeness" Leo said to Lynn as he sat on

soon, and for his rudeness, that should be what we are to speak about.

have some rest; she also ma

get showered while she joined

him, and was watching a moving with him, while the wait the return of Liam at tha

dn't slept at home; he had left office f

who requires his own privacy." Liam said to Lynn, who had first c

ever care to inform us of your ways. Liam, what is really wrong? She spoke to him, being the junior sister. Leo got to hear her voice; he traced wher

ft the office after work only to see you here this morning, and

turns home in town, but you, her assistance, end up returning the next day; this is

at do you expect from a man who you have left empty, but an as

e with. I have done everything in my power to see that you are stands more responsible, yet it seems as

ill doing in my room? Use

business of the day. While Liam went back to bed, he was alr

As a young lady of 26 who is engaged to Lucas, she had to speak of her brother Attitude with Lucas, thesame Lucas th

; we have done everything possible to see that he became more

acting not be serious with life, yet he still workhard to earn what he sp

Though she has the company controlled by her, which is not her choice, she needed Liam to act as a man and take over the position as the CEO when their father Leo is no more, even though he is known as the son of a billionaire, who is also a billionaire; he needed to wake up and do the ne

. And went to see Lynn. "I sent you an email while a

Meanwhile, I want us to

r, why didn't you say so at home rather th

hy not come to the conclusion to be a change person? This attitude

arried, and again, he thought I would be wasting his resourc

f a CEO in this company, he will have to extend his l

you are 34, and by next year you will be 35 years old. Yo

e the more." He stood up to make a step further out from the

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