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Legally Bound To The Mafia Boss

Legally Bound To The Mafia Boss

Author: Bora

Chapter 1 No. 1

Word Count: 1977    |    Released on: 13/07/2023

director wants

ry say, she stopped what she w

t? w


you can do yourself some good and go fin

ly people that have come close to liking her were her mom and stepdad, even her own dad didn't want anything to do with her and had left her mom before she was born, her stepdad, however, didn't leave her but she did

all day while keeping the director waiting?" Mary y

now," "Don't tell m

send her ass away, she just hopes she wasn’t in any kind of trouble because she couldn’t afford to loss her job now, not when she needed all the money she can get, she wanted to move out by the end of the year and start a life of her own, she was so tired of living a lie and that’s exactly how she has been living for the past ten years, yup, she knew when she turned fourteen that she was better

sir, you

e, he looked up at her and smiled, she hated how h

sit d

idn’t see it as a strength rather it was a flaw for her which is why she did her best to tone it down as much as she could, she never wears make up neither does she make her hair, not that she had any spare money for that but even if she did have she still won’t do it, because she didn’t like the attention that her physical features brought to her. She was beautiful and she has always been aware of that, she got everything f

er boss said bringing her out of her thoughts, she forced a smile as he got off his seat and


in as he reached for her han

nds not undress you, even though I will very much like that, how about we go

as if it was nothing and th

r, but that’s

r, it was all not new to her but she really wanted to keep this job and hope he was one to accept rejection without r

d know you will get this from me when you have been shamelessly flirting

as saying all these, she didn’t even know how to flirt, wasn’t even int

d in whatever it is you are offering,” She responded putt

t if you become my mistress I will give you a better position

don’t want

er want to be, never. “Then what if I tell you that there are consequences to not agreeing? You are already in the

hear him say those words, it was as if she already

give me the chance to, I am sor

st cost, she already knew it would be acc

the things you lack, just let me get between that honey pot that I know

, part of the reasons she was so sure she wasn’t ever going to fall in love was because of


etent people in our company, do well to pick up your things and leave this building i

r, she did her best to wear a bright smile as she boarded a bus home, even while walking the few blocks to the house she shared with her mom and stepdad, she kept a bright face, when she got home, she was surprised to meet the front door open, usually, at this time of the day, no one will be home, her mom usually hang

it was necessary, not that it was her fault, her mom didn’t like her. she didn’t want to have a hand in this and her mom was already

h as I don’t want to be that person but I am going t

they were finally going to get divorced, it was long overdue anyway, maybe when she was younger

er you moron! Or I will do it myself, on a second thought I am just going to shut up because you are her f

of nowhere, that was so random, she was twenty-four without a boyfriend and has ne

ge dad and with the way you and mom act

r room and be alone, she needed to start looking for a new job by tomorrow

to get married, I need you t


right? Why will I marr

ady in a bad mood and this sudden talk

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