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Catch You

Catch You

Author: itzgrace

Chapter 1 Prologue

Word Count: 391    |    Released on: 03/08/2023

reminded of, so I looked past them, on the roads. There were hardly any people there, and I liked to think that t

wn hadn't cha

nge soon. I'd always loved rains, but I didn't want to spend my first day here soaking wet. I looked at the f

ar, eh?" He asked, his accent

l smile appearing on my face a



n, surprise evident on his


nted to visit Canad

t's great. You sho

o, your paren

ed. "No, it'

dn't, but he didn't press it further. "Well, ask him t

smiled. He se

out, sighing when I saw the caller ID. I

the other side. I know she was happy, I knew it. "Wha

I wanted to sound confident, but

she was on top of the world. But I noticed a bit of hesitancy

voice soft. "I'm coming

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