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Affinity Romance (AR)

Affinity Romance (AR)


Chapter 1 Their Beginning

Word Count: 2096    |    Released on: 03/08/2023

reknown that he has feelings for her but she can’t assume that the spreading of that wildfire news is a spectacular truth. It is what it is—her perspective a

assessing the situation— he is giving her a major

t anno of their high school life. It was a picture of two young teenagers, a guy and a girl to be explicit. The golden brown shade of th

med an expression of displeasure. The corners of her lip are turned down. She’s frowning— looking at the camera with eyes scowling “murder”. Her cheeks are red—looking flush.

erted her gaze towa

s t

and Jordan taken after

her lip for

are a lot better in comparison to t

tudent of her class. She is free from all that now. She can do what she wants without trying to endure the thought of wanting to please the oldies. Oldies are hard to deal with- hard to satisfy. They are too firm implementing their beliefs of their olden days— but the honest truth of the obvious

heard outside her room. The visile voice coming from a male made her frown. She can

doesn’t like stretching her vocal cords— whenever she starts toforcely magnify her tone it always lef

s neck craning while having that sneaked look on his face.

is ever refreshing, astonishing handsome face that gives off a pol

she is stopping herself from releasing an antagonized glare. She frowned

seeing him doing it. What is he trying to do? And why is she letting

man’s features. She stood there— standing like an im

already standing in front of her looking at her with an intensified gaze that she can’t withstand.

body— she can’t explain the interesting feeling. She took a step back- putting herself in a safe distance. The fastening tight

list is impressive.” He eyed her with a glint of mis

taring for so long.” A half-suppressed chuckl

gives her his prolonged gaze. It’s been going on for years. And she was cool to take and received that without trying to impl

lastic bag in his hand. It’s good excuse to do— an excuse to not com

have a glimpse of what’s inside. All sorts of goodies she like from the convenience store are there,

e to drink it, because the the sky is unclouded and the brilliant rays of the

. It is a nice word to be pronounced.” Jorda

ou are aware of it. What are you going to do now?” She asked him with the visi

friend’s hand for marriage. It was supposed to be their moment—not them. She felt bad robbing the spotlight off the setting proposal that she participated in. She made a pact with her brother to assist him as he decided to take his plan of offering her bestie the proposal she’s been waiting to be experienced. The

rother. After Sunny was lifted in the air looking so happy—while hearing the cheers from the people who witnessed it. Jordan stepped i

d her to be his girlfriend. She was stunned the very moment her eyes land upon the words he happily showed her. It brought a great b

in circles. Not letting her grasps the situation that is occuring. Instead of running into his arms, she chickened out. She ran into the opposit

that’s when her tears started to fall. Looking at his eyes made her feel even more terrible. Jordan

ad. And here, he is. He’s looking at her with eyes full of sympathy, expression full of understanding. He pulled he

id the apology that is been wanting to come out of

hed you into this. I am sorry too.” She shook her head as she pu

sn’t prepared for the opinions of people regarding the rejected proposal that happened between them. She felt

m still here. I will stick around—until you are ready.” He patt

d. Jordan’s head went down- snuggli

ou after you run away from me. But I was still recovering from the unexpected reaction I got from you. So, I came here a littl

s ran wild. Letting her fears take over her ability to make an intended

I felt really bad.” She felt Jo

his face. They both stared at each other. Jordan’s eyes are searching so

t out an exasperated sigh

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