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The Cursed Alpha's Abused Mate

The Cursed Alpha's Abused Mate


Chapter 1 One

Word Count: 2047    |    Released on: 23/08/2023


to fall over completely, my vi

uld be satisfied but of course not, he wouldn't stop until I passed

ding back and I screamed loudly

can't take it anymore." I begged helpl

up by my hair, pushing me against

tarting to give out and I feared t

nto his eyes, which had a wicked red glint

nly asked and the only thing I could do was shake my

f my life in cold blood and I'll make you pay for every single second of your life. I'll make you suffer so mu

the Alpha manages to come up with new ways

e words escaped my mouth

y m

ut turning arou

imprisoned and tortured my entire life but I've never committ

end, then I would at least

hten almost painfully before

He asked, a sinister smile f

crawl and at that mom

n one swift motion and

was left between us, bringin

whispered into my ear before biting hard on my earlobe and I bit painfully on

king a look at me while I ke

and that's why you still have the gall to

, you'll become the P

d, all my stre

and from my neck do

ipples, pinching them hard. I

desire and if you refuse, you'll be raped brutally so it would be better to give in

hurts." I cried

ive the rest of your life to serve me and this Pack. You have no idea the horror

red and swolle

in but look how hard your nipples are, I wonder how wet you must be undernea

want to be used and passed around like a whore, I wa

y becomes too much for my fragile body to bear

urt, everything had suddenly gone numb

finally find peace, away from t


he dungeon door f

as the door rattled and opened agonizingly

door behind her before crouching down to hug me. I winced when her hand came in contact wi

nd I nodded even though w

he asked and I bit my bottom

nd pick a fight with him and that would only me

" I tried t

d up and walked behind me, finally catchi

ld he do this to you?" She raged and stood

picking a fight with him will only make him go harder on me. I might not be able

ng to face me, she finally sa

ad to endure half the things you have. And what hurts more is the fact that you

me. I can't remember much except a burning house, my pare

a deep fear of fire because our house was on fire the last time I saw my parents. The Alpha kno

' crime and I've been told that I'll

ee and I have no fight left in me. Solar, my wolf is

her figure to her. Considering her position, I thought she would hate

me. She's probably the only reason why I still have the will to li

ime and I feel like I've failed you. I may be a princess but I'm comp

t thinking but in reality, he's really not that bad. He's taken care of m

's a completely different person when he's with you. He loves his mat

monster. A wicked and cruel monster w

t beat me up but on some days, he would

th more times than I can count but if this goes o

asked and I looked up at her with a nod. It hurts like

et you some

in here is one thing but bringing first aid will arouse suspic

but I can't even help you with something as trivial

ut I'll heal on my own, I alw

rs don't." S

How are you doing?" I asked, trying to chang

he subject. I'm really worried about you because the Alpha is planning something, som

do you

ing to invite a few other Alphas from the other packs

assed my body at the

rogue leader but he attacked the most powerful Pack, overthrew and killed the Alpha

e dares cross his path, not even other Alphas. It's no surprise that

havior. He doesn't kill his victims, he impales them or tortures them slo

Ethan over for a banquet then s

is in three days, the same day as the

the Alpha's mind and more important

ing me this?" I f

in that banquet, in fact, the Alph

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