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Pact Of Destiny: My Secret Zillionaire Husband

Chapter 6 Plagiarism

Word Count: 927    |    Released on: 21/10/2023

as her family. Now that her cousin and her ex-boyfriend were gon

wouldn't make the same mistake. He was determined to prove to his grandmother

h be told, one of my business partners ran away with the money, and now, the company's short of funds. This apartment

comfort him. "It's okay. Good thing I saved a bit of money and bought an apartment, but i

him that Katherine would react like this. He narr

ng cat and mo

least, she didn't seem to be pretending

and said dryly, "The company can hold on for a little

dn't say anything mo

om now on. After all, we've only just met, and we don't have any feelings for each o

Esteban's decision, so she agreed

living room, kitchen, et cetera, but you can't en

kind of person who would pry like that. I hope y

agreement regarding their living arrangements. Soon

prepare breakfast. She wanted to cook up somethi

gs and a glass of milk waiting for him on the dining tab

to the kitchen subconsciously, only to s

ed at him from over her shoulder to say, "You can eat a

Katherine continued

d come here, he was always alone. Thus, a strange feeling surge

g hot bacon. Esteban was still standing there in a daze. Just as she was abou

any calling, Katherine answ

have to come to the office ri

it for a response from Kathe

. She didn't have time to delay, so sh

eeing that she left without

teban had no appetite and was about

e was so busy cooking in the kitchen just now. Without thinking, he

rise. He didn't expect the p

the company thanks to her

ding, the people in the company

gn department's office, she

ing at the door and surveying the

aft Cilice Design released today? We're so dead!" Her coll

ed. "What does Cilice De

. "The design draft we were supposed to release today at ten o'clock is so similar to what Cilice

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