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Pact Of Destiny: My Secret Zillionaire Husband

Chapter 7 Plan B

Word Count: 1196    |    Released on: 21/10/2023

he supervisor will kill us. But if we publish it as schedul

as in charge of this design. Were

design to them? Are th

do I plan on jumping ship. I don't even know anyone at Cilice De

gered in and said loftily, "What're you doing, st

put on airs. "Katherine, you'd better have a good explanation f

alone speaking to him, but they were still colleague

the contrary, I suspect there's a

er design drafts and showed them t

dy dared to make a sound, lest they dr

hat makes you think there's a traitor in the company? Do you have any proof? You're

t I'm innocent. I'm sure the police wil

mble nor pushy tone, reaching f

hey couldn't believe that Katherine wo

than four hours before the press conference. Are you seriously going to publish a plag

, but he couldn't shrink back now. He continued to yel

se a completely different design draft by the deadline. But..." She deliberately paused for a s

lled 'plan B' will work? This matter has already harmed the c

didn't expect that Darrell, who had always been a good boyf

ne, and for a moment, the topic shifted to th

two fighting? Are you in the middle of a love qua

esides, she was married, so it was necessary that she made things cl

hy the atmosphere between the

ne was a senior designer, while Darrell was the manager of their department

a cruel person. I was blinded by love, so I'd been covering for her. I tried to persuade Katherine to become a better person, but she refused to change and wen

r in front of so many people, Ka

y said coldly, "We'll eventually find out who is in the wrong. There's no need to arg

for a second, he raised his voice with a guilty co

ive soon. They'll be the ones to deal with this matter. Why are you s

know better than anyone how long it took for the company to decide on this design concept. If you change the design now, y

g him, she sat down at her desk and opened

ail dress with tassels lining the hem. The shape was

anyone could see that i

n more gorgeous tha

rine, this

p card after all. B

so beautiful! I can't wait

Cilice Design might've released a new design today, but if we publish

! Simply

round her computer and pr

ns were drowned out. Everything he did to hinder Kather

Since you have the time to gawk, you'll all have to stay here and work

th, "Didn't you call the police? Then stay here for the po

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