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Return To Love's Embrace

Chapter 4 Can You Carry Me In Your Arms

Word Count: 1628    |    Released on: 15/01/2024

day was

ys to Poustea Hospital

he took the two kids by the hand

conspicuous and familiar car ste

ke the one that was parked in the garage of the Fuller family.

t skippe

gate to the hospital. The driver promptly got out and trotted ove

ped on the pavement, followed by a tall,

man was none ot

save for a pair of sharp eyes. This, coupled with his ser

tall, making him easily

of heat rising up to the top of her head as she stared at her ex-husband in the distance. Tristan s

aron cursed i

ith her. She couldn't let Tri

pulled the two kids and hid behind a


ep quiet

ordering her son did

divorced her, he never even bothered to meet her. Last night, the lounge was so dimly lit for him to

stan had no idea wh

e, why shou

simply arou

head to look a

Louis were staring up

hed nervously. "Oh, it's nothi

"Then shouldn't you say hell

got along well," Sharo

his sharp eyes


were so difficult

zes, Sharon pretended to be calm and

lan didn't ask about it an

stone pillar and looked around. Seeing that Tristan was no longer

d out from behind

till going to

bit h

not help b

ooked like, the other members of the Fulle

uis looked j

e boys, the Fuller family would in

tely take the chil


d. She was certain that if they turned around an

ed his hand at t

ing to see Grandma today. I made a pro

uis clappe

ffed his hands into his pocke

lead the way, Sharon w

d had no choice but to f

eassure herself silently. Tristan was lik

t department. Since Tristan was probably headed to the out-patient de

he Fuller family. Fortunately, there were no more incidents, and the family of t

ward, the three stood n

trying with difficulty to turn Nicola over to c

mother getti

grimly, "I'm afraid nothing's

n't know w

instruments and with eyes closed, a lump formed in her throat. She beckoned t

as also in a coma beca

r to be Tristan's wife was that she had a lo

had been unconscious for five whole years

f the bed, Sharon massaged

ed Sharon and tried to massage Nicola, though his movements were clumsy. He said in a cu

firmly, "Grandma will wak


o hope that Nicola w

to wake up from his coma, she was

s exchanged meaningful glances. The next second, Louis

and get some

with me. I saw a water dispenser at the nurses' sta

protest, the two ran

place filled with strangers. Worried about the safety of her boys, she asked Kh

he nurses' station, the two k

the outpatie

e, Tristan left with a doctor's

to him. Tristan reacted quickly and steadied the kid.

sappointed that he failed to knock Tris

n a hurry. Scrunching up his face, he feigned a pitiful expression a

et, Tristan was s

eyes that shone like stars. His short hair fell gently, covering his smooth forehea

s now a father that he found that

of Nolan and asked gentl

ow... I'm lost!

istan said, straightening up

are we

rses' s

tearfully, "I'm scared, sir. My mother said that kidnappers will try to grab a pretty child.

ied that I might

said sweetly, "No, you look like

nd compassiona

ably had a b

the teeth mark

Tristan spoke, he sta

a small hand tuggin

like eyes. His stone-cold heart softened for some reason

ips trembling as though he was about to c

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