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Return To Love's Embrace

Chapter 3 A Beast

Word Count: 1631    |    Released on: 15/01/2024

ooks on their faces, the t

d her throat and slapped the butts of the two boys playfully. "Go t

his butt, his cheeks turning bright red. "

't help it," Sharon replied,

guy kept two palms on his butt t

lp but laugh as sh

one to bed, Sharon retu

, crossed her arms over her chest

y, Sharon ave

appened. "The 'mosquito' that bit yo

oked up,

rted. "If it were any other man, you

at suppose

d the police. You wouldn't be able to come back until at least midnigh


e class from primary school to college. Besides Sharon's sister, R

helped take care of the two

together, Rena knew Sharon

l the truth. She glossed over the details and recounted the story b

ly to see that Rena's eyes were as

o whole hours in bed. How much longer will he last once he

eechless. Then her expression d

you forgotten that he's my ex-hu


her gently, saying, "You said yourself that the lounge was so dimly lit, and Tristan was drunk. I doubt he'd remember your face. Anyway, you two were

ad no other choice but to accept it. Re

and sighed, "Yes, I

he computer screen, wearing earphones. They had bugged the living r

earphones first, hi

nger and hissed in a low voice,

er, and this was no se

oned Tristan to them, they were

cently. When they asked Rena about their parents, she'd come up with a silly story to fool them. So, one d

y had a father. But th

pictures of Tristan onli

when Tristan woke up, but unexpectedly, the opposite happene

chest and snorted angrily. "He's a terrible person! He aband

other hand,

s and said loftily, "You're so

hubby fists and sighed. "Then what

ms crossed, squinting like a baby fox. "I


ed. "Just w

the Fuller f

or to the living room, a little girl in a pink nightdress hold

opped in h

almost bumped into Tristan's ba

idn't say

ghtdress. "Oh, my Gosh! What a cute baby! Tristan, since when did this adorable little girl

she looks

looked at him

is temples. "She


nt as wide

w went

help but see her as a miniature version of Tristan. However, the little girl's face still held baby fat, and the contours


to be around three

ma for four years. How c

hat he just heard. He stammered in a daze, "T

can se

he's com

widened slightl

as indeed running

re like a baby waddle. The maid behind her exclaimed

rl turned a deaf ear t

ms akimbo. Glaring up at him, she d

he had a baby when he had

like everythin

ughter. He had no idea how to raise a child, let alone how to get along wit

themselves if they were st

was dif

lany was the lady of the Fuller household

her chest and complained aggressiv


ter. Why did you

e that in his house, Tristan would've t

temper when he looked into this c

fficult time, but when she was about to say something

hed over and wrapped her arms around Tristan's leg anxiously. "Dad, your face

called him, Tris

e had heard Lise call him

he middle of discussing billion-dollar business deals. However, in this moment, when he heard the little girl call

level with the little girl and

she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck a

ine, r

's so much

said calmly. "I was bitten by a beast.

his, Shawn wa


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