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Burning Passion: Love Never Dies

Chapter 3 Show Off Their Love

Word Count: 978    |    Released on: 05/04/2019

Kasie rolled her eyes and patted Debbie's head. "Not that one, you dummy. I'm talking about the man you kissed!"

"Wait, what?! You kissed Mr. Hilton? You're quite a troublemaker, aren't you, Debbie?" Jared remarked with a chuckle. He was the first to react. He was so surprised with what he had just heard that he stepped on the gas hard.

His father was the general manager of a financial company in Alorith. He had known about Carlos for years.

When Kristina heard Carlos's name and recalled who he was, she exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh! Debbie, you just kissed Mr. Hilton! Come here. Let me kiss you to feel his lips and smell his scent!"

As soon as she said those words, she threw herself at Debbie.

"Stop it." Debbie pushed Kristina away in annoyance and wiped the water off Kasie's face with a tissue. She was so dumbfounded by what she had just learned that she even forgot to apologize to Kasie.

"Carlos rarely appears in media. How do you know it's him?" she asked in a serious tone.

"He cooperated with my father, and I met him once," Kasie replied impatiently.

"Are you sure it's him?" Debbie queried.

The truth was, she was on the verge of breaking down.

"I'm a hundred percent sure!"

Although kissing Carlos was a great honor, Kasie never expected Debbie, who had never flirted with men, to be so excited.

A sinking feeling emerged in Debbie's heart. She was doomed.

Noticing that Debbie was in a daze, Kasie patted her friend's hand comfortingly. "I heard that many women wanted to sleep with Mr. Hilton, but they were thrown out by him. Debbie, you have no chance of hooking up with him. But on the bright side, not all women have the chance to kiss him."

Debbie shook off Kasie's hand and glumly said, "He doesn't deserve it."

"Whatever. Anyway, we have to celebrate. Let's go shopping tomorrow! After that, let's ask Debbie to treat us to dinner!" Kristina shouted excitedly.

Debbie rolled her eyes at Kristina and leaned back in the backseat, lost in thought. She paid no attention to her classmates' enthusiasm.

Unlike them, she was distressed.

She and Carlos got married three years ago. The marriage procedure was handled by Carlos's assistant.

When their marriage had been finalized, Carlos asked Phillip to give Debbie the best no matter what she needed.

For three years, it was only tonight that she saw what her husband looked like.

Carlos had kept a low profile and never accepted any interviews. The media was not even allowed to post his photos on the Internet.

But one day, the media had a slip-up and posted Carlos's photo. It was a picture of him holding a female star's arm at a press conference. However, the only thing that was shown of him was his back. No wonder Debbie felt that his back looked familiar.

And tonight, she kissed him at the bar... If Carlos had signed the divorce agreement, he would be her ex-husband now.

Debbie got home about an hour later. To her disappointment, Carlos had not signed the agreement yet. She went nuts upon knowing this. Her uneasiness did not dissipate even when she was about to sleep. She just twisted and turned on the bed the whole night.

The next day, Debbie walked hand in hand with Kasie and Kristina at Shining International Plaza. She had dark circles under her eyes as she had a sleepless night.

With shopping bags in their hands, Jared and Dixon Stevenson followed the girls wherever they went. They had been shopping for hours, and the boys were exhausted.

Unable to take it any longer, Jared patted the shoulders of the three girls. "Hey, ladies. I've never seen you so energetic in long-distance running before. Why don't you take a rest when you go shopping?"

"What for?" Kristina pointed at the store in front of them and added, "We're here. This is the last stop."

Jared clasped his hands together and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, ladies!"

Debbie, Kristina, and Kasie all walked over to the store and whispered with one another. When the saleswoman saw the box of lipsticks in Debbie's hand, she smiled at her and said, "Hello, Miss. That lipstick is popular here. If you want it, take it. You're lucky we still have one left for you."

Debbie took a look at the price tag. The lipstick cost $129, 999. 'Should I buy this or not?' she asked herself.

"Debbie, have you forgotten that you're rich? You drive a car worth tens of millions of dollars. What are you so hesitant about? These lipsticks just cost more than a hundred thousand dollars. You can afford it. If you're hesitant, I'll decide for you. Buy it!" Jared urged.

"The car isn't mine. I just use it for the meantime," Debbie uttered.

Actually, the car belonged to her husband, not her. She had nothing to show off.

Just then, a commotion occurred not far away.

Debbie lifted her gaze to see what was happening. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and she almost dropped the box of lipsticks in shock.

Several people were making their way to the shop Debbie and her friends were in. The man in the lead was wearing an expensive dark tailored suit. His attire emphasized his tall and straight figure. His deep eyes were calm, yet his imposing aura made people back away and make way for him.

'This man is... Oh, no! It's my husband! But who is the lady next to him? She has fair skin and a perfect figure. She's absolutely stunning, ' Debbie marveled inwardly.

It was unusual for Carlos to have a girlfriend, much less go to the public with her to go shopping. 'Is he so eager to show off their love?' Debbie wondered.

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