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Burning Passion: Love Never Dies

Chapter 9 Bump Against Carlos

Word Count: 948    |    Released on: 08/04/2019

Brandon Perez, the dean of the school, paced back and forth nervously at the gate of the school, wiping the sweat from his forehead from time to time.

Ten minutes later, a stretch Lincoln limousine stopped at the gate.

Brandon trotted to the car and waited respectfully for the distinguished guest inside to come out.

The moment the car door was opened from the inside, he bowed his head. "Mr. Hilton, it's an honor to have you here. On behalf of all the teachers and students, I would like to thank you for your investment of one billion dollars in our school."

Carlos was fully dressed in an elegant custom-tailored black suit. His expressionless face did little to detract from the air of authority, confidence, and class he exuded.

The drastic changes in the way businesses were conducted both at home and abroad could be attributed to this very talented man. In fact, his every decision impacted the GDP of several countries.

Carlos nodded indifferently in response.

Brandon stood up straight, brushing his hair out of his eyes with a weak, nervous smile.

"Mr. Hilton, what's the latest news on the construction plan of the teaching building? Is there anything else that needs to be modified?" Brandon asked cautiously.

Carlos's eyes swept across his face before they landed on Emmett. "Have someone follow up on the construction of the teaching building. We must ensure that all the outlays are used in constructions and teaching only."

As Brandon realized that Carlos had seen through his intention of embezzling the outlays, his face turned red.

"Yes, sir," Emmett replied respectfully.

"Mr. Hilton, don't worry. I'll cooperate with Mr. Cooper. Let me show you around the campus first." Brandon stepped aside, trying his best to maintain a calm expression, as he stretched out his arm and invited Carlos to walk ahead.

Without saying another word, Carlos walked through the big gate of the campus.

Meanwhile, Kasie cursed and grunted on the way back from the dean's office as she and Debbie weren't able to see him.

She had made up her mind to go to the dean's office again at another time. Then she noticed the students clamoring in the distance.

"Look! Mr. Hilton is here!"

"Oh my God! It's Mr. Hilton!"

"My Goodness! Mr. Hilton is more handsome than most movie stars!"

All the students and even the staff members were crowding up the walkway. Kasie looked forward curiously and saw Carlos at a glance. And the dean was following him around as if he was a very important man.

"Debbie, the dean is over there!" Without any hesitation, Kasie grabbed Debbie's hand and ran towards the crowd.

Unfortunately, Debbie lost her balance as she didn't expect to be yanked by Kasie and she bumped against one of the security guards before landing in a man's arms.

An awkward silence permeated the air.

Debbie was already quite popular with the students as she was known as the campus belle.

The crowd broke into a babble of voices.

"Ah! Why didn't I think of that? I want to hug my Prince Charming too!"

"Debbie is really something. I admit defeat. Can I be the second one to hug Prince Charming?"

"No! Debbie is the girl of my dreams. How could she throw herself in the arms of another man?"

The crowd started to whisper among themselves. Debbie's eyes widened with astonishment as she raised her head and saw Carlos's handsome face.

The moment they locked eyes with each other, Debbie felt as if she was struck by lightning.

'What is he doing here?' Debbie wondered and got out of his arms in a hurry.

She seemed annoyed at fate for putting her in awkward encounters with Carlos, especially after she asked for a divorce.

"Mr. Hilton, are you okay?" Brandon turned pale with fear as he saw a student bumped against Carlos.

"I am fine."

Carlos cast a cold glance at Debbie and straightened his slightly wrinkled shirt with a disgusted look on his face.

Carlos's arrogant and conceited expression angered Debbie.

How dare he treat her with such disrespect?

"What's wrong with you?" Brandon yelled at Debbie, pointing his finger at her. "You are so reckless. Hurry up and..."

"Mr. Perez!" Kasie interrupted him before he could finish speaking. "Please check all evidence before passing any judgment! It wasn't Debbie's fault. Why did she get a demerit?"

"We will discuss this matter in detail at a later time. Don't ruin Mr. Hilton's visit." Brandon frowned and made her a sign to get out of the way.

However, Kasie wasn't going to be talked down to. Instead, she raised her voice and asked Brandon, "Why do we need to talk about it later? It seems like a good time to talk about the matter right here, right now!"

"You!" Brandon didn't expect Kasie to make a fuss in public. Embarrassed, he pulled a long face while glaring at Debbie, and gestured for her to stop Kasie.

With an indifferent look on her face, Debbie smiled and said, "I also want to know why I was given a demerit!"

"You..." Brandon was infuriated, but he didn't dare to lose his temper in front of Carlos. He turned around and shouted at Paul, "Paul, what happened?"

"What? It was your order, wasn't it?" Paul was so frightened that he wiped the sweat on his forehead and quickly defended himself.

"What are you talking about? How dare you put this on me?" Brandon glared at Paul and screamed at him.

Paul felt like pulling his hair out. He replied, "Aren't you the one who asked Terence to tell me to give Debbie a demerit?"

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