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Burning Passion: Love Never Dies

Chapter 6 Give Me Her Information

Word Count: 1167    |    Released on: 07/04/2019

Debbie seemed to know what Emmett would say next, so she winked at him, hinting at him not to say it.

What she didn't know was that when Carlos saw what she did, he thought that she was trying to seduce Emmett.

'It turns out that she has something to do with Emmett, ' Carlos thought and then sneered, "Emmett, you can't judge a person by the outside appearance. Some people look pure and innocent on the surface, but they are actually filthy inside."

Emmett was stunned upon hearing this.

He didn't understand why Carlos was picking a fight with a woman in public. As far as he could remember, what Carlos disdained the most was dealing with women.

On the other hand, Debbie thought inwardly with clenched teeth, 'Is he trying to humiliate me in public?'

She experienced being bullied before, but she had never suffered losses like this. Losing her temper, she snapped, "Carlos, wasn't it just an accidental kiss? Why are you being so mean to me?"

Wasn't it obvious that she was the one who lost out? That was her first kiss, after all.

This time, Kasie and Jared tugged at Debbie's sleeves. "Debbie, stop it now," Jared reminded her in a low voice. "Remember that he is Mr. Hilton. We can't afford to offend him."

Debbie couldn't help raising her eyebrows. So if they couldn't afford to offend Carlos, did it give him all the rights to humiliate her at will?

"Do you feel bad that a filthy woman has kissed you? You must be defiled by me!"

As soon as Debbie said this, the entire fifth floor fell silent.

Some wondered if Debbie had lost her mind. How dare she say that she kissed Carlos!

When Olga heard Debbie's words, she gnashed her teeth and glared at Debbie.

Actually, she only got a chance to be with Carlos today because of her grandfather. But it would take a lot of courage for her to take Carlos's arm, let alone kiss him.

But Debbie didn't intend to stop. She continued, "What? Feeling guilty now? It's okay that you've once driven me out. But now, you want to drive me out again? How arrogant you are! Do you think the whole Shining International Plaza belongs to you?"

At this moment, Emmett couldn't help covering his face with his hands. There was probably no one in the world more ignorant than Debbie. Of course, Shining International Plaza belonged to Carlos. And since Debbie and Carlos had not divorced yet, it also belonged to her.

Kristina, who was infatuated with Carlos since the beginning, shivered when she heard what Debbie said. She couldn't help saying in a trembling voice, "Well... Debbie, Shining International Plaza indeed belongs to Mr. Hilton."

Debbie was dumbfounded. She was silent for a while before she finally asked, "What... What did you just say?"

Olga, who was standing next to Carlos, sneered and said sarcastically, "I'm really ashamed of your ignorance. The whole Shining International Plaza belongs to Carlos, okay?"

Kasie helplessly closed her eyes and nodded.

Debbie looked around the luxurious and high-profile fifth floor with a smirk on her face.

If Shining International Plaza belonged to Carlos, it also belonged to her.

Everyone looked at her. And seeing her giggling, they concluded that she must be insane.

But of course, except for Emmett.

He understood Debbie's reaction when she found out that she also owned the Shining International Plaza.

Thinking that Debbie must have really gone crazy today, Jared didn't want her to cause more trouble, so he suddenly bent down and simply carried her on his shoulder.

The sudden surge of dizziness made Debbie come to her senses. "Jared, what are you doing? Put me down! Damn it! How dare he say those words to me!"

Kasie turned to Carlos and smiled apologetically. "Mr. Hilton, I'm so sorry. My friend is just out of her mind today. I'm sorry. We're leaving now."

Kristina and Dixon also apologized to Carlos. "Mr. Hilton, sorry for what has happened. We're leaving now. We're really sorry!"

When Debbie and her friends left, Emmett turned to Carlos. Looking at Carlos's cold face, he said tentatively, "Mr. Hilton, the private room is over there..."

"Give me her information," Carlos interrupted.

Then he turned around and left indifferently.

Olga stomped her feet angrily and hurriedly caught up with him.

When Emmett heard that Carlos asked for Debbie's information, he felt like his legs went weak. If he provided Carlos with all the information about her, then Carlos would know that she was his wife. Would he lose his job by then?

He couldn't help but feel anxious. But wait! Had Carlos really asked him to investigate Debbie? Carlos had never been interested in women.

Was this Debbie's charm? Did she happen to capture Carlos's heart?

Emmett immediately sent Debbie a message, asking for help.

"Ahh! Mrs. Hilton, bad news. Mr. Hilton is asking me to investigate you. What will I do? Mrs. Hilton, I've just applied for a house loan. I can't lose my job."

Debbie couldn't help bursting into laughter when she read Emmett's message. She directly called him, and he picked it up at once.

"Mrs. Hilton..." Seeing that Debbie called him, Emmett was thrilled.

For the first time, he felt that his job was so difficult. He had a feeling that handing in Debbie's information to Carlos meant that he had to retire in advance.

Debbie could tell that Emmett was anxious, so she comforted him, "Well, it's not really a difficult problem. It's something that can be solved. Just remove any information about my relationship with the Hilton family, and everything will be alright. Anyway, he had never seen me before yesterday. And I'm going to divorce him soon."

"How can that be?"

Emmett couldn't help trembling with fear when he realized that Debbie wanted him to lie to Carlos.

Debbie raised her eyebrows and began to brainwash Emmett. "Why not? Think about it. I'm divorcing him, and I won't contact him anymore. He is a busy man, and he always goes abroad for business trips. Do you think he can still remember my existence? He won't even waste time thinking about me, right?"

"But..." Emmett was still hesitant.

Indeed, Carlos had never asked about Debbie in the past three years. It was as if he had forgotten all about her.

Seeing that Emmett was still hesitant, Debbie said gently, "If you don't do as I say, then I won't divorce him. Instead, I will tell him every night that as his assistant, you're not doing your job well. Then you will soon lose your job. You must know that anyone who gets fired by Hilton Group will have a hard time in the future."

After saying this, Debbie heaved a sigh.

Emmett was almost scared to death when he heard this. He knew very well what was going on, so he replied, "Yes, Mrs. Hilton. I'll do it right away."

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