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Bullied By The billionaire
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Bullied By The billionaire

Bullied By The billionaire

At 33, Adams Sanchez Walker is a multi_Billionaire, and living a lavishing lifestyle was his main goal. He was good at what he does and his company was still on its feet just as his father had left it to him before joining his predecessors. Being the only heir to Walker's inheritance, as well as a successful young man, he could do whatever he wanted and have any kind of girl he dreamed of but something was lacking in his life and that was the presence of someone to love him genuinely. Because he was not given all the love that a young could ask for while growing up, Adams had grown up to be a tyrant and he felt that doing that was the best thing to do as well as having any kind of woman in his bed and throwing them out like trash the next day. Thinking that he was the master of the universe, his world began to change little by little when he met June Ember Addison a 23 years old young and aspired lady. She was his interpreter but ended up being his maid just because of an accident which she had committed with him in his company. In need of money to further her education and to make her late mother proud, June was ready to do anything just to make Adam happy so that she could regain her old post but as time went on, he made her life a living hell in all ways possible. Her life was a living hell In his house and his girlfriend didn't make things easier for her. Crystal Monroe made do many attempts to take away her life but did not succeed so she had to result in planting things inside her bag to make her pass as a thief. Each day that passed by, made things even more complicated for the young lady and she had thought of running sway do many times, but the thought of her finally getting to be free and doing her dream job, kept her going. Adams got into a fight one night after he came back from his office drunk to a pub and the reason was recused, he had gotten into a misunderstanding with his girlfriend which ended badly and he had to tell her never to come to his house again as he had discovered a very big secret.


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