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The Poor Billionaire Heiress Watch New Short Chinese Drama Now(Kaylyn Williams & Nick Davis)

2024-04-01 19:46:09 Moboreader.com 3631

Delve into a tale of deception and love in the gripping drama "The Poor Billionaire Heiress". Meet Kaylyn, the granddaughter of Asia's wealthiest magnate, who kept her true identity hidden while entwined in a relationship with Nick. Misunderstandings run rampant as her proximity to her grandfather leads others to brand her as a mere gold digger.

Caught in a web of mistaken identities, Nick, seemingly aloof until now, takes drastic action by planning to wed a classmate posing as Kaylyn, the true heiress. Yet, as truths come to light and facades crumble, emotions run high, culminating in a poignant moment where the once-distant Nick finds himself on bended knee, tearfully begging for a chance at reconciliation.

In "The Poor Billionaire Heiress", themes of wealth, love, and betrayal intermingle, painting a vivid portrait of the complexities that arise when secrets unravel and hearts hang in the balance. Discover how relationships are tested and destinies rewritten in this riveting narrative of broken trust and fervent yearning for redemption.

Part 1: THE POOR BILLIONAIRE HEIRESS Watch Drama Full Episodes online 

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Part 2: Plot of The Poor Billionaire Heiress

Asia's wealthiest granddaughter, Kaylyn, concealed her identity🎭 while dating Nick. However, due to her proximity to her grandfather👴, she was mistaken for a gold digger💰👩. This fool even planned to marry a classmate impersonating Kaylyn, the heiress... As identities are revealed, the aloof Nick tearfully begs for reconciliation😢.

Part 3: Main Characters in The Poor Billionaire Heiress

Female (Kaylyn):
Kaylyn is the wealthiest granddaughter in Asia. She masks her identity while dating Nick, leading to misunderstandings about her intentions due to her family's wealth. Mistaken for a gold digger because of her close relationship with her grandfather, Kaylyn finds herself entangled in complications when a classmate impersonates her as the heiress in a marriage scheme. As secrets unravel, Kaylyn faces challenges related to her true identity and intentions, navigating a tumultuous relationship with Nick, who tearfully seeks reconciliation as truths come to light.

Male (Nick):
Nick is depicted as an aloof character in the story. He becomes romantically involved with Kaylyn while unaware of her true identity, which leads to misunderstandings and mistaken assumptions about her motives. In a twist of events, Nick's plans to marry a classmate impersonating Kaylyn highlight the complexities of their relationship. As identities are eventually revealed, Nick experiences emotional turmoil and regret, culminating in tearful pleas for reconciliation with Kaylyn, signaling a turning point in their connection.

Part 4: Recommend 10 novels similar to“The Poor Billionaire Heiress”

If you like Billionaire romance novels, I recommend 10 books similar to "The Poor Billionaire Heiress".

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

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1. She Returns as A Billionairess

author: Fiona Jaramillo

She Returns as A Billionairess

She Returns as A Billionairess

Hendry Lowery and Kaylah Delgado had been married for three years, but Hendry never cared about Kaylah. Kaylah thought that even a stone should be warmed up after all the years. However, she was disappointed again. He wanted her life. Love was such a hurtful thing. Kaylah no longer wanted it. When Hendry met Kaylah again, she was the richest woman in the city. She was famous and gorgeous. Hendry never expected this to happen. A reporter asked Kaylah, "Ms. Delgado, you achieved such great success at a young age. Any secret of success to share with us?" Kaylah replied, "Never get close to a man. You will be unlucky then." The next day, the reporter continued to wait for Kaylah around her place. But they saw someone unexpected, Hendry. They were shocked since Hendry was famous for being ruthless and cold. "Ms. Delgado, I want to cooperate with you. Wanna talk?" "Cooperate in what?" "Remarriage."

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Chapter 1 His Mistress

After Kaylah served the last dish on the table, she saw Hendry walking in with Alondra Galvan.

During their three years of marriage, Hendry always ignored Kaylah.

Every night Hendry wasn't with Kaylah, Alondra would send messages or photos of her being intimate with Hendry to show off.

Hendry didn't want to marry Kaylah. So their marriage was unhappy.

Alondra leaned against Hendry. "Kaylah, I'm so sorry to disturb you. Did you make all of this? How amazing! You are much better than me. I am too weak. Hendry feels I'm pitiful, so he never lets me cook."

Kaylah bit her lower lip. Alondra's appearance made her once again realize that Hendry didn't love her.

"Wow! I never expected a mistress to be so high-profile."

Alondra looked aggrieved. "Kaylah, don't misunderstand the relationship between me and Hendry. The doctor said I couldn't eat too much takeout food. I heard that you are good at cooking, so I begged Hendry to bring me here. I just want to enjoy your cooking.

Kaylah clenched her fists. "Ms. Galvan, are we very close? How can you address me by my name? I cooked for my husband, not you."

Hendry frowned. "What are you doing, Kaylah? Is this how you treat your guest? It's just a meal. Don't make a fuss over nothing."

"That's right. Serving us is your job since you married my brother. No big deal to have one more person eat here." Upstairs, Cecilia Lowery said with an impatient expression.

"Besides, if not for you, Alondra might have married my brother." Cecilia habitually sat at the table and patted the seat beside her. "Alondra, come and sit here."

There were four people at a table. Cecilia and Alondra talked to each other closely, while Hendry and Kaylah looked at each other in disdain.


The phone rang. Hendry picked up the phone and answered a few words. Then he hung up.

"I have something to do at the company. Kaylah, take care of them. I'm leaving first. I won't be back tonight."

Hendry left in a hurry.

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2. Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress

author: Kalong_Ungu

Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress

Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress

Emelia was the rightful heiress to the Hewitt family, but her real parents and four brothers, together with an impostor claiming her place, had almost ended her life. After that experience, she stopped pretending to be obedient and started being her true self. She stood up to anyone who tried to mess with her or bully her, ready to push back and teach them a lesson without a second thought. Revealing herself as a revered doctor and a skilled treasure appraiser, she made a fool out of anyone who tried to put her down. Still, someone dared to mock her, saying, "Being powerful means nothing if your own parents don't love you." Then, the most respected family in the city came to her defense. "She is like a precious jewel to us. Who cares about the affection of those worthless people?"

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Chapter 1 She Is A Jinx

Emelia Hewitt stood before the opulent villa, her face gradually losing color. She was clad in a hospital gown.

She had experienced a severe allergic reaction after unknowingly ingesting nut powder that Keira Hewitt, her adopted sister, had covertly added to her food. This reaction led to the swelling of her respiratory system, bringing her perilously close to death.

She had endured three solitary days in the hospital, with no visitors or expressions of concern from anyone.

Meanwhile, her biological family showered Keira with attention, treating the evil woman as if she were the focal point of the universe.

Emelia found it perplexing. She was, in fact, their biological daughter. Did her childhood disappearance grant them the right to effortlessly substitute her with Keira, the adopted one, and strip away her life and everything she cherished?

As she listened to the sounds of joy and laughter echoing from within the villa, Emelia finally grasped a harsh reality.

The familial affection she had yearned for proved utterly valueless.

The sorrow in her eyes vanished, replaced by a cold, ruthless smile on Emelia's lips. She relaxed her tightly clenched hand, retrieving a rusty rod from the fence. With determination, she kicked open the main door of the villa.

The butler and servants stood bewildered, immobilized. Astonished expressions adorned their faces as they observed the young lady, who appeared to be acting somewhat like a madwoman.

Within the living room, fashioned like a princess's fortress, Keira sat in front of the camera, proudly displaying the gifts bestowed upon her by her parents and four brothers. The scene created an ambiance of warmth and harmony.


The metal rod violently struck objects before the camera, breaking apart all the lavish gifts Keira had recently unveiled.

It appeared that Emelia's return had just caught everyone's attention. Allen Hewitt, the eldest brother, promptly terminated the livestream.

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3. Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

author: Lloyd Perold

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

Everyone was shocked to the bones when the news of Rupert Benton's engagement broke out. It was surprising because the lucky girl was said to be a plain Jane, who grew up in the countryside and had nothing to her name. One evening, she showed up at a banquet, stunning everyone present. "Wow, she's so beautiful!" All the men drooled, and the women got so jealous. What they didn't know was that this so-called country girl was actually an heiress to a billion-dollar empire. It wasn't long before her secrets came to light one after the other. The elites couldn't stop talking about her. "Holy smokes! So, her father is the richest man in the world?" "She's also that excellent, but mysterious designer who many people adore! Who would have guessed?" Nonetheless, people thought that Rupert didn't love her. But they were in for another surprise. Rupert released a statement, silencing all the naysayers. "I'm very much in love with my beautiful fiancee. We will be getting married soon." Two questions were on everyone's minds: "Why did she hide her identity? And why was Rupert in love with her all of a sudden?"

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Chapter 1 The Benton Family

A woman in a white T-shirt and jeans walked out of the train station in Douburgh with a suitcase.

Her delicate face turned slightly red as the sun hit her. She tucked wisps of curly hair behind her ears. Under her arched eyebrows were a pair of bright and pretty eyes, a slim nose, and cherry lips. She looked so beautiful even though she had no make-up on.

"Hello! You are Annabel Hewitt, right? I'm the driver sent by the Benton family."

Annabel nodded and followed the driver into the car casually. She was already worn out.

On the way, the driver stole glances at the woman, whose eyes were closed as she rested in the back seat.

This woman was Rupert Benton's fiancee.

Rupert Benton was the most eligible bachelor in the city. At just twenty-one years old, he was already the CEO of Benton Group. He was way ahead of his peers. He was a vigorous, resourceful and no-nonsense person, causing many in the business world to be afraid of him.

His grandfather, Bruce Benton, took it upon himself to find a wife for him. And he picked Annabel, a girl from the countryside.

With his hands on the steering wheel, the driver took another look at Annabel's innocent face and clicked his tongue. He envisaged that she would have a hard time with the Benton family.

At this time, Annabel slowly opened her eyes and looked at the strange city with a calm expression.

The car arrived at the Benton family's residence soon. The driver carried Annabel's luggage for her.

Annabel barely had one foot inside the house when a well-dressed woman appeared. She eyed Annabel from head to toe with a look of utter disdain.


"Yes, Mrs. Benton."

As soon as Tracy was given a signal, she began to spray the disinfectant all over Annabel.

The well-dressed woman was Erica Benton, Rupert's mother. With her hands akimbo, she ordered, "Her shoes and hair. Spray them, too."

Annabel's face and body were soon covered with droplets of disinfectant. The pungent smell made her nose a little itchy. She uttered coldly, "What is wrong with you?"

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4. The Secret Heir Return to Wealth and Love

author: Eva Zahan

The Secret Heir Return to Wealth and Love

The Secret Heir Return to Wealth and Love

Rosalynn spent five years as Wayne’s substitute for his teenage crush. She hid her sharpness, acting gentle and obedient to satisfy his every need, but received no appreciation. Then, news of Wayne’s engagement to a wealthy socialite broke. Rosalynn decided she wouldn’t play second fiddle any longer. She ditched her deadbeat boyfriend and vanished, hiding her pregnant belly. Fast forward five years. Rosalynn was now a billionaire heiress and a titan in the cut-throat world of investment banking. When Wayne finally found her, he’s desperate and broken, throwing away all his pride to beg for her love. “Baby, don’t leave me…”

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Chapter 1 Unveiling Deception

In the afternoon, within a lounge located inside the secretary’s office, Wayne Silverman pa*sionately embraces her from behind, showering fiery kisses upon her neck.

On this particular occasion, Wayne embarked on a two–week business trip, which was quite unusual as he didn’t bring along his personal secretary, Rosalynn Tesdal. In light of this, Rosalynn couldn’t help but wonder if President Silverman had grown weary of her


She had to admit, she was quite happy about it

Five years ago, when the debt collectors came knocking at her door and her grandma was seriously ill, she was in desperate need of a large sum of money.

By a stroke of luck, she coincidentally bumped into Wayne, who seemingly noticed a striking resemblance between her and his lifelong crush, Olivia Whaley.

However, Olivia had married someone from the renowned aristocracy of R Country after Wayne had an accident and ended up as a vegetable.

Wayne probably loved his crush so much that even after being abandoned, he couldn’t let her go.

After meeting Rosalynn, Wayne helped her solve her family’s debts and arranged the best hospital for her grandma.

And Rosalynn became Wayne’s secretary by day and his substitute lover by night.

For five years, she hid her true nature, imitated all of Olivia’s mannerisms, acted as perfectly submissive and devoted as she can to please Wayne, and had grown sick of it.

She was just hoping Wayne would move on to the next one soon.

To her surprise, Wayne returned from his business trip and seemed impatient to see her. He couldn’t even wait for her to finish work and instead hurried straight to the company.

“President Silverman, the shareholders are waiting for your meeting,” Rosalynn gently

reminded him.

Wayne coldly responded and let go of her, heading straight to the bathroom.

Rosalynn sighed with relief.

Despite her discomfort, she considerately grabbed a spare suit from the lounge for Wayne.

After he finished showering and changed, Rosalynn gently helped him tie his tie.

His beautiful eyes were filled with indifference as he lowered his gaze, looking at Rosalynn.

The woman was as gentle and graceful as she had always been, and he was very satisfied.

“There’s a check on the table, twenty million,” Wayne said unhurriedly. “Also, the villa at Moonlit Lake will be transferred to your name,

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5. The Unwanted Heiress And The Cold-Hearted CEO

author: Graceful Rose

The Unwanted Heiress And The Cold-Hearted CEO

The Unwanted Heiress And The Cold-Hearted CEO

"You don't belong here. Get out!" Hanna, the rightful Wheeler daughter, came back only to be expelled by her family. Her fiancé cheated on her with the fake daughter, her brothers looked down on her, and her father ignored her. Then, she crossed paths with Chris, the formidable leader of the Willis family and her fiancé's uncle. "Let's pretend it never happened." Despite Hanna's hope to part ways, Chris insisted she be responsible. He threatened to reveal Hanna's true talents as an outstanding doctor, a brilliant screenwriter, and the brains behind a famous design studio, forcing her into marriage. Chris was once asked to protect someone. Destiny reunited them in tricky circumstances. He had planned to keep his promise and provide a safe haven, only to find Hanna was far from the delicate woman she seemed. She was witty and cunning...

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Chapter 1 A One-night Stand

A torn dress and a wrinkled shirt lay scattered beside the hotel bed.

Hanna Wheeler found herself ensnared by a massive hand, her senses dulled by the swirling effects of a potent drug and the heated breath of an unfamiliar man.

Her voice hoarse and her entire being aflame, she endured the onslaught of his aggressive kisses.

A peculiar blend of pain and pleasure sent shivers across her skin, and then she felt a discomforting sensation between her legs.

Yet, amidst the haze, she recalled her fiancé, Ryland Quinn, giving her a glass of wine under the instigation of her sister, Emerie Wheeler.

If Ryland, that scoundrel, hadn't drugged her, how would she find herself breaking into this man's room, subjected to such torment?

It was beyond her wildest imagination that the gentle and considerate fiancé she thought she knew had betrayed her, entangling himself with Emerie, the adopted daughter of her parents.

He drugged her, aiming to tarnish her reputation. Had she not escaped, she could have fallen victim to a gang of ruffians.

In a semi-conscious state, gritting her teeth, she whispered, "Ryland Quinn..."

The man halted, his voice a low and cold. "Hanna?"

Did he know her?

Struggling to open her eyes, she could only make out his cold, red eyes.

Lost in the throes of ecstasy, she leaned on the man's shoulder, breathless.

It all felt like a nightmarish dream.

It was unclear to Hanna when she entirely lost consciousness as a result of their intimacy. She was simply uncomfortable all over and had an embarrassing discomfort between her legs when she woke up again.

As she glanced at the bedsheet and the suggestive red marks on her body, the memories of the previous night flooded back.

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6. Substitute Wife, Destined Lover

author: Kelly Hareven

Substitute Wife, Destined Lover

Substitute Wife, Destined Lover

"I'm in desperate need of money to pay Grandmother's medical fee. I will marry Charles instead of Yvonne as soon as I get the money." When her sister Yvonne ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to pretend to be Yvonne and marry Charles. Her only wish was to get a divorce after a year. Charles is rich and powerful. His name had been linked to innumerable ladies. He had different girlfriends for every day of a year. Neither of them had expected that they would fall in love with each other.

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Chapter 1 Fine!  I'll Marry Him!!

Yvonne Ortiz fled from her wedding!  As described by the media, this was to be the wedding of the century.  However, now it might just become a joke!

Autumn Myers looked at herself in the mirror.  She heavily stamped on the wedding dress lying flat on the floor and thought to herself, 'Why?  Why do I have to clear up the mess created by Yvonne?'

"Go on!  If you are still furious, there are ten more dresses that you can stamp on!"  Wendy Myers, Autumn' mother, gave her a stern look.

Autumn's heart sank.  She stood still and took a deep breath before she began speaking, "I'm in desperate need of money to pay Grandmother's medical fee.  I'll marry Charles Taylor instead of Yvonne as soon as I get the money."

With a wry smile on face, Wendy shoved out her cell phone from her pocket, called her secretary and said, "Dillon, call the Hospital Administrator."

After hanging up the phone, Wendy went to see Autumn.  Wendy was irked to see her in a bland wedding dress.  She walked up to Autumn with a pair of scissors in hand.

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7. I Cannot Quit on the CEO

author: Ife Anyi

I Cannot Quit on the CEO

I Cannot Quit on the CEO

His voice dropped a tempo as he spoke again. It was deep and almost seductive. “I don’t think I’ve properly apologized for this mess I’ve put you in. But I’ve given it much thought, and I've concluded it’s not working out. For me, it’s not. So, I want to say that I’m sorry for everything. You did not deserve it. I shouldn’t have given you any ideas if I didn’t maintain my stand. We...” “It’s fine. Apology accepted. I’m not mad. You told me before that you didn’t date, right? You have casual flings like Julia and Janice. I get it...you don’t have to apologize,” Elsie said in a small voice, cutting Luca off. “And if you’re apologizing because you want us to be cordial and friendly with each other, then I can try,” she added, uncertainty tinged in her tone. Luca swallowed hard. He did not want anything cordial or friendly with Elsie. He wanted to consume her, ruin her, and show her what it felt like to be with someone like him. None of that was cordial or friendly. “Can’t do that, Elsie,” he said in a husky voice. “Uh, okay. That settles it, then. I’m just your employee, and you’re my boss.” “Fuck that,” Luca growled before crashing his lips to hers and swallowing the remaining words he didn’t want to hear. Elsie couldn’t think, but her body could act. Luca struggled to get her to kiss him back. Her hand lifted on its own and landed on his cheek. Then she seized the opportunity to push him away as shock took control of his features. Hurriedly, she wiped her wet lips with the same hand that had begun to sting and hurt. Tears welled in her eyes as she stared directly into Luca’s confused eyes. “Why are you doing this to me?” Her voice cracked. “Why won’t you let me be? Why can’t I just work for you? What did I ever do to you, Mr. Vanthross?” Elsie asked as hot liquid streamed down her cheeks. Hearing her call him Mr. Vanthross sparked something in him. Luca’s expression turned cool and indignant. He scrubbed his face with his hand, sighing exasperatedly. “Mr. Vanthross?” He scoffed. “Can you stop calling me that?” He asked with a hint of threat. “What?” Elsie was stunned. Wondering where the conversation was going. He’d kissed her forcefully. Now, he’s acting offended because she’d called him by his name. “It’s been weeks, Elsie. Months since you called me Luca!” Luca suddenly exclaimed. “God. It’s maddening,” he said, taking a step towards her. Then, tentatively, his hand reached out for her. When Elsie didn’t move, as she was still stunned and trying to understand the turn of events, Luca’s hand caressed her cheek. “This lack of emotion. The way you spit out 'Vanthross' like it's poison. These past few weeks have been hell for me. I can’t deny it anymore that what I feel for you is stronger than I’m used to. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a woman before,” he continued, talking in a rush before Elsie shut him out again. This was the only opportunity he could use to explain how he felt. “I don’t know how to prove it to you, but I’m not with Janice. I can’t explain how complicated our situation is right now but know that I am not with her. There’s nothing going on between me and her. Or even Julia. I haven’t even spoken to Julia since the last time she was here when I told her it was over between us. I want to...” “Enough.” Elsie cut him off. She didn’t want to believe his words, even though they made her heart flutter with hope and something dangerously close to affection for Luca. “Whether you’re with her or Julia is none of my business. I think it’s best we maintain the current status of our relationship. Nothing good has ever come from an employer-employee relationship anyway. I appreciate your thoughts and feelings for me, but it’s long overdue for us to...explore it,” she finished. All of what she said was a lie, but Luca didn’t have to know that. There was nothing more she wanted than to explore whatever feelings they shared together. But she was scared. Her mother’s story was always at the back of her mind. She was terrified that she’d end up longing after a man that her heart would never forget for years to come.

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Chapter 1 New Qualifications

What is that fucking noise?

Luca Vanthross groaned as he opened his eyes in annoyance.  The blaring sound assaulted his ears when his senses came alive.  It was from the alarm clock on the table by his bed.  With one more groan, he stretched his arm from under the bed covers and turned it off by smashing it against the floor.

He grabbed his phone to check the time.  It read 8:00 am.  Clare, his secretary was supposed to be here by 7:30 am to prepare his outfit for work.  She was also meant to prepare breakfast, run him a bath, and have his car warmed up, waiting at the front of his esteemed mansion.

“Where is she?”  He asked himself, angry.  Luca thought about firing her but decided against it when he realized Clare had never missed any of her tasks and always showed up on time.  But he was Luca Vanthross and he detested mistakes and incompetence.  Clare was going to be reprimanded.  With that decision, he climbed off his bed and walked to the bathroom.

After having his bath, Luca grabbed his iPhone and called for his housekeeper who lived in a little rack he'd built for her.  It was right behind his mansion and only took about two minutes, going and coming.

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8. Boss Lady My Ex husband Wants Me Back

author: Elinor-Clain

Boss Lady: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Boss Lady: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Everyone said Selena was a leech who wanted to suck Kenneth dry, and Kenneth was of the same opinion. Selena fought to make her marriage work. But after Kenneth hurt her countless times, she finally reached her breaking point. She slapped a divorce agreement in his face and declared, "I'm done with this marriage. Split the wealth and let's go our separate ways!" Kenneth was more than happy to sign it. He thought, "Good riddance to bad rubbish!" Once she became single, Selena put her newfound wealth to good use. She invested in many businesses and built a strong empire in just a few years. Money knew her name, and so did many handsome men. They flocked around her like flies. Kenneth could hardly believe his eyes. How did that submissive wife of his turn into a boss lady whom many people revered? Soon, he began to pester her again. This didn't go down well with Selena at all. When he cornered her one day, she blasted him. "Are you out of your damn mind, Kenneth?" His unexpected response left her stunned. "Yes, I'm crazy. Let's get married again. We should have a kid together and merge our empires. When I pass away, all my riches will be yours."

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Chapter 1 Why Didn't He Care About Your Life

"Nobody picked up.  Are we sure she's Kenneth's wife?"

"How could I mess that up?  She's definitely married to Kenneth Powell.  I'm certain of it!"

"I've called him multiple times and sent messages saying we have his wife.  So, why no response?"

Selena Powell had been abducted.

She had gone out last night for a business meeting, thinking it was just about business.  However, it turned out to be a setup.

A night had passed, and with the ransom deadline drawing closer, the kidnappers grew nervous.

"Why isn't Kenneth reacting?  Doesn't he care about you?" one of the kidnappers snapped at Selena.

Trying to stay strong, Selena replied with a smirk on her bloodied lips, "Kenneth Powell is not the type to pick up any call.  Give me my phone, and I'll call him.  He'll answer it."

The kidnappers exchanged glances.  Their goal was clear;  they were after the money, and were not interested in actually harming anyone.  So they decided to give Selena's idea a shot.

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9. My Bossy CEO Husband

author: Symon Diller

My Bossy CEO Husband

My Bossy CEO Husband

Rosalynn's marriage to Brian wasn't what she envisioned it to be. Her husband, Brian, barely came home. He avoided her like a plague. Worse still, he was always in the news for dating numerous celebrities. Rosalynn persevered until she couldn't take it anymore. She upped and left after filing for a divorce. Everything changed days later. Brian took interest in a designer that worked for his company anonymously. From her profile, he could tell that she was brilliant and dazzling. He pulled the stops to find out her true identity. Little did he know that he was going to receive the greatest shocker of his life. Brian bit his finger with regret when he recalled his past actions and the woman he foolishly let go.

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Chapter 1 She Wants A Divorce

On a quiet, summer night in Wragos, Rosalynn Fuller sat on the sofa in her home, browsing through some news on her phone.

"Brian Hughes, CEO of Hughes Group, attended a social event with the famous actress, Eleanor Hilton.  They later retired to a hotel and spent the night together.  Intimate pictures of the two have been captured..."

This particular article was among the trending topics online, and it spread all over the Internet like wildfire.

Rosalynn pushed her black-framed glasses against the bridge of her nose and peered at the photos published with the article, her face devoid of any expression.

The pictures were blurry, but one could make out the silhouette of a man and a woman kissing by the window.

This man, Brian Hughes, was none other than her husband, and the heir to the wealthiest and most influential family in the city.

He was a powerful man who had control over the economic lifeline of the entire city.

As ridiculous as it would sound to most people, Brian had never set foot in their home since they got married two years ago.

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10. Miracle Doctor And Her Hot CEO

author: Author Feathers

Miracle Doctor And Her Hot CEO

Miracle Doctor And Her Hot CEO

Natasha didn't expect that a casual one night stand would lead to her being pregnant. She quickly searched for the man she had a one night stand with and told him about her unexpected pregnancy but the man refused to accept her pregnancy. He even had his men escort her away from his presence. Ten Months later, Natasha encountered the man that had rejected her and her pregnancy. He is Dmitry Pushkin, a misogynist and a cold blooded hot CEO. He was by far the most powerful man in the city and is known for his hatred towards women. Now a miracle Doctor and a mother of two cute babies. Natasha will do anything to stay away from this icy man. But her kids and her healing skills caught the man's attention. The man was about opening his heart up to her when her stepmother and stepsister set her up to be the murderer of his god sister and his mother. Not just that, her stepmother also set her up in a deadly accident that led to her 'death' and 'that of her babies.' Five years later, Natasha is back! Stronger than she ever was. Will she be able to expose her evil stepsister and Stepmother and prove her innocence to Dmitry Pushkin, who was now engaged to her evil stepsister? Will she be able to claim her twin from her stepsister who's now claiming to be mother over her twin? Will Natasha and Dmitry have a love story?

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Chapter 1 I'm Not A Slut

Natasha sauntered into her fiance's company excitedly, happiness could be seen reflecting all over her face.  She was carrying a lunchbox wherein the delicious food she had made for her fiancé was.

She didn't even tell him she was coming over, she had wanted to surprise him.  She walked straight to his office unchallenged.  Afterall, everyone knows she's the CEO's fiancée.  She twisted the knob of the office and walked in merrily.

She was horrified and dumbstruck when she saw her fiancé  pinning one of his employees against the office table and fucking her ruthlessly.  They were both engrossed in their intimacy that they didn't notice a third party had joined them in the office.

"Sir!"  The female employee being fucked was the first to sight Natasha.  Fear and shame gripped her.  Natasha's fiancé, Huxley twisted his head to the direction of the door and sighted Natasha.  He pulled out at once and immediately stuck his manhood inside his trouser while the female employee adjusted her skirt and sped out hurriedly.

"Why?"  Natasha asked, tears blurring her vision, her heart hurting in an inexplicable manner.  She felt like her world had suddenly collapsed.

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