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Boss Lady: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Boss Lady: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Elinor Clain


Everyone said Selena was a leech who wanted to suck Kenneth dry, and Kenneth was of the same opinion. Selena fought to make her marriage work. But after Kenneth hurt her countless times, she finally reached her breaking point. She slapped a divorce agreement in his face and declared, "I'm done with this marriage. Split the wealth and let's go our separate ways!" Kenneth was more than happy to sign it. He thought, "Good riddance to bad rubbish!" Once she became single, Selena put her newfound wealth to good use. She invested in many businesses and built a strong empire in just a few years. Money knew her name, and so did many handsome men. They flocked around her like flies. Kenneth could hardly believe his eyes. How did that submissive wife of his turn into a boss lady whom many people revered? Soon, he began to pester her again. This didn't go down well with Selena at all. When he cornered her one day, she blasted him. "Are you out of your damn mind, Kenneth?" His unexpected response left her stunned. "Yes, I'm crazy. Let's get married again. We should have a kid together and merge our empires. When I pass away, all my riches will be yours."

Chapter 1 Why Didn't He Care About Your Life

"Nobody picked up. Are we sure she's Kenneth's wife?"

"How could I mess that up? She's definitely married to Kenneth Powell. I'm certain of it!"

"I've called him multiple times and sent messages saying we have his wife. So, why no response?"

Selena Powell had been abducted.

She had gone out last night for a business meeting, thinking it was just about business. However, it turned out to be a setup.

A night had passed, and with the ransom deadline drawing closer, the kidnappers grew nervous.

"Why isn't Kenneth reacting? Doesn't he care about you?" one of the kidnappers snapped at Selena.

Trying to stay strong, Selena replied with a smirk on her bloodied lips, "Kenneth Powell is not the type to pick up any call. Give me my phone, and I'll call him. He'll answer it."

The kidnappers exchanged glances. Their goal was clear; they were after the money, and were not interested in actually harming anyone. So they decided to give Selena's idea a shot.

"Mr. Powell" was the name that topped Selena's contact list, meaning it was Kenneth.

With growing anxiety, she initiated the call.

It took three persistent attempts to call, but Kenneth eventually picked up.

"Mr. Powell, I've been kidnapped. Please help me." While Selena tried to sound composed, the quiver in her voice betrayed her mounting fear.

There was just a brief pause from Kenneth before he hung up on her without uttering a word.

The abrupt end to their conversation left Selena reeling.

Though accustomed to Kenneth's cold and distant demeanor, his blatant disregard for her predicament still left her deeply shaken.

"Damn, I should've known she'd be of no use!" One kidnapper seethed, his rage evident in his eyes. As he lifted his hand, poised to strike Selena, the other quickly intervened. "Wait! Isn't that Kenneth on the TV?"

Selena's eyes darted to the screen.

A sharply dressed man in a suit and polished leather shoes escorted a stunning woman into a restaurant. As she whispered something, he inclined his head, the epitome of tenderness.

Their marital bond spanned five years. Even though the TV only captured their silhouettes, Selena instantly recognized the man. It was her husband, the foremost heir of the Powell Group and Friesey's top magnate.

Selena was also all too acquainted with the woman beside him.

It was Giselle Adams, the true holder of Kenneth's heart.

Five years ago, Friesey's biggest business giant, the Owen Group crumbled overnight, leading to the tragic suicide of Mr. and Mrs. Owen. The Powell Group, a behemoth in the same sector, swiftly acquired the fallen Owen empire.

In a bid to project the Powells' righteousness, the patriarch, Joshua Powell, orchestrated a marriage between his eldest grandson, Kenneth, and the daughter of the Owen family, Selena.

This union drove a wedge between Kenneth and Giselle, condemning them to the agonizing fate of star-crossed lovers.

It became clear to everyone now that Kenneth's indifference towards Selena's plight was due to the fact that he was with his true sweetheart.

After recovering from the initial shock, a surge of bitterness welled up within Selena. Drawing a deep breath to steady herself, she stared straight at the kidnappers' eyes.

"Judging by the lengths you've gone to, kidnapping me must have taken considerable effort. If something happens to me, not only will you leave empty-handed, but all your efforts will be for naught. A real shame, truly. Perhaps it would be in your best interest to let me go. I have my own funds, after all."

Knowing her phone was still active, Selena was confident Joshua could trace her. She just needed to buy some time. Help would surely come.

"How much can you offer? It's easy to make claims now! It seems like only the woman on TV could truly make Kenneth part with a significant sum for her rescue."

"If Kenneth won't negotiate, perhaps we should take matters into our own hands. But before any rash decisions, maybe we should... enjoy our time with our beautiful captive. I wouldn't want to waste such a fine figure!"

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