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Love Crisis

After Brian’s once beloved girlfriend leaving him, in the years follow, there is no one who can stir his heart until he meets that girl, a Waitress named Molly. What begins in compulsion becomes true love, and soon Molly finds herself torn between 3 entirely different men, in 3 irreconcilable lives. Yet she knows at the bottom of her heart, from the very beginning, that who is the one she truly loves. As their fates unfold, the turbulent saga travels around the world, from the sunny tropical island to foggy London, and to lovers’ paradise—Paris. A story of a pair of lovers, tormented by the past, driven by desires, yet still entangled in a relationship of love and hatred.

Chapter 1

She was an angel while he was as ferocious as a demon. Was it a mistake from the beginning when two people from utterly different backgrounds crossed paths for the first time?


In the dark, a silhouette of two figures drifted in the shadows.

Hannah Song faced the man hiding in the darkness with vacant eyes and asked, "Brian... Mmmm... Do you love me?"

No response was heard. The man didn't stop his rhythmic movement.

Hannah found it hard to concentrate, but she couldn't afford to miss the chance. This was her perfect opportunity to get that most awaited promise while Brian was lost in the pleasure of lovemaking. "Brian, will you... marry me?"

"Sure," Brian Long answered in a low and seductive voice, which gave her a sense of casual coldness. His tone sounded slightly oppressive in this dark room with a subtly strange atmosphere.

"Really?" Her eyes lit up immediately as she asked with sheer excitement.

"However, you are not good enough for me."

Before Hannah could even figure out what he meant by that cruel statement, the room was brightened up all of sudden. She closed her eyes instinctively, and when she reopened them, her smile of happiness and satisfaction vanished into thin air.

She turned to the other side and saw Brian, dressed properly, sitting comfortably on a chair with legs crossed while watching her full of scorn.

Horrified, Hannah couldn't believe what just happened. Yelling and shaking uncontrollably, she screamed, "Why did you do this to me?"

"Why?" Brian's eyes reflected nothing but intense anger and coldness, and his voice sounded merciless as he spoke. "Was it really you that night?"

Hearing this, Hannah felt her face drained out of color as panic crept in. Frightened to death, she looked at Brian and spoke in a trembling voice, "What... what are you talking about?"

Brian didn't answer. Instead, he looked down and images of Molly Xia began to flash across his mind. Her innocent and beautiful face seemed to remind him how distant and unreachable she was.

Brian sneered in a deep sulk. Hannah wanted him badly, while on the contrary, Molly was very elusive, always running away from him.

As if being pierced with a needle, he felt a sharp pain in his heart just thinking about it.

'Molly Xia, did you really want to leave me so desperately that you even brought another woman into my life?'

Brian squinted. His beautifully deep-set eyes gave him a relaxed yet sharp look. Uncrossing his legs, he stood up slowly and walked to Hannah.

Hannah felt an aura of violence and danger drawing near. She trembled helplessly and couldn't help but pull back until she felt the wall against her. There was no way out.

"Do you know what you did wrong?" Brian asked calmly. But those who knew him well would tell the hidden danger in his calmness.

Hannah shook her head blankly. Still shaking in terror and intimidated by his

imposing manner, she was reacting all by instinct.

"It's alright if you just wanted to have me. But..." Brian's stare suddenly turned cold like ice as he finished the sentence word by word. "You should not have helped her leave me!"

Hannah froze in a daze.

"You. You shouldn't have done that," He added slowly and looked at Hannah. The grief and pain momentarily escaped in his eyes.

Sensing the danger, Hannah struggled to get away, only to be caught in the neck.

"Hmm..." Hannah was suffocating from Brian's grip and her pupils were already dilated with fright but she managed to utter out of breath, "What... what do you want?"

"What do I want?" Brian's eyes were sharp like eagle's as he put on a mysteriously strange smile. "I thought you knew."

"No!" Petrified, Hannah turned pale at once.

Brian threw her back forcefully on the bed. As if nothing happened, he put his hands in his pockets and looked at her disdainfully. "Enjoy this lovely night," he uttered coldly before leaving the room.

"Brian Long, you are such a monster! Ugh!" Hannah screamed in agony.

The shrill cries penetrated the darkness and were heard by Molly Xia, who was firmly grasped by two men in black downstairs. She stood there, shivering with gritted teeth.

Her eyes widened every time her ears were hounded by the screams and intimate moans resonating upstairs.

Brian walked down the stairs and moved towards Molly. Just seeing her pale face caused him that sharp pain again.

Molly stared fiercely at Brian with fists clenched. Her lips were quivering probably because of fright or panic.

"You know what? It's all your fault..." Brian spoke softly. His well-shaped face was void of expression. He raised one hand and caressed Molly's face with his long and thin fingers, which stopped at her shivering lips. Fixing his eyes on her, Brian gently fondled her tender lips.

Willfully, Molly shunned Brian's touch and glared at him. She sneered with lips quivering," Don't make me the excuse... for your cruelty!"

Brian froze as his stare gradually went cold then hard. He gripped her chin and forced her to look at him.

"Huh. Cruelty?" Brian mocked. The contempt in Molly's eyes was like a sharp knife cutting his heart into pieces. Moving closer to her, he remarked," You call that cruelty? Well... I'll make sure you experience actual cruelty yourself!"

Molly didn't respond. Instead, she clenched her teeth as she was determined not to show weakness even though she was frightened to death.

Irritated by her resolution, Brian dismissed her unemotionally. "Get her out of here."

The men in black took Molly away as directed. When Molly's emaciated figure gradually disappeared from his sight, the wound in Brian's heart tore up and bled terribly as pain and bitterness took him over.

'Molly Xia. Even if it was a mistake from the beginning, I'd rather not correct it. Never!'

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