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The Lycan King's Rejected Queen

The Lycan King's Rejected Queen



"Please trust me, I didn't do anything." "I don't believe you. I am rejecting you as my Queen and giving you the punishment of death." Alina was living outside her pack for five years. Her parents didn't try to contact her and always ignored her. Her best friend convinced her to go back to their pack and she agreed. But she had never imagined what was waiting there for her. She never thought she would meet her mate and had to face betrayal from everywhere. She had to pay for the crime which she never committed. Aaron Robertson is the king of Lycans. He is a very dominant and powerful King who not only rules Lycans but also rules other ranks of werewolves. Everyone is afraid of Lycans and he is the king of them. But who knew that he would get a mate who was just a simple Omega with no powers and strengths? He called her weak all the time but Little did he know that his weak Omega would give him the biggest betrayal of his life for which he had to give her the sentence of death.

Chapter 1 Nightmare

A girl was running through the dark forest.

She could see another territory in the distance. She tried hard to get there so she sped up her running. But before that, some wolves stopped her.

She could smell them, they were rogues. 'Why are all the dangers coming together before me? There is no one to save me now, no way I can save my life.'

Those rogue wolves started to growl at her. She was feeling afraid. There is no one in the world for her to call her own. Who would save her?

The rogues could smell her, that was why they came after her. She was an unmated Omega. Every male wolf could get attracted to Omegas or want to have them. She was trembling in fear.

Suddenly, those rogues stopped growling and stepped back from her. They looked behind her. She felt that someone was behind her.

Then she smelled the scent from which she was running from here to escape. She was trying to escape from the owner of the scent.

The man came from behind her and went to the rogues. His back was facing her so she could not see his face. But even watching him from his back, anybody could tell that he had a dark aura.

He turned his head slowly to his side and said in his deep voice,

"You had tried so hard to run away? But you know it very well that you can't escape from me. Nobody can save you from your death. You have to die. I want to see you die brutally."

Hearing him, her legs were wobbling. Her hands were shaken. She was breathing hard. She could feel nothing except fear.

When the rogues heard those words they started to growl at her. Those wolves understood who was standing in front of them. They didn't try to run because even if they tried to run away, they could not succeed. So they tried to attack the Omega so that they could get sympathy from the man and after that maybe he would forgive them and let them go.

The man narrowed his eyes at the rogues when he saw what they were trying to do.

"I don't have time to play with you all." He said angrily to the rogues and immediately shifted.

The girl saw him shift and got afraid. His wolf was huge. His blackish gray fur was not looking dirty but pure.

Those rogues looked so small in front of him.

In a blink of a second, he killed all the rogues. He killed them by biting their neck and separating them from their bodies.

The girl was shocked. But when the wolf turned around and looked at her with his red eyes she got scared and fell to the ground.

The wolf was slowly coming to her. Blood ran down from his teeth.

She put the back of her hands in front of her face in fear and closed her eyes tightly.

The wolf tightened his jaw and jumped on her.

"AAAA!!!!" She screamed.

"Alina, what happened to you?" She heard a voice calling her and patted her shoulder.

Alina opened her eyes and looked around her. She was in her room. She sat up and put her palm on her face and sighed. Her heart was beating fast and her whole body was sweaty.

For the last few weeks, Alina was having the same dream every day. It was a nightmare. But she felt it was so real.

"Alina? Again the same dream?"

Alina looked beside her and saw her best friend Crystal sitting on the edge of the bed.

Alina nodded at her.

"Don't worry. It's just a nightmare." Crystal said and patted her back.

"Do you want to drink a glass of water?" Crystal asked.


Crystal poured a glass of water and handed it to Alina.

Alina drank all the water in one gulp. She was feeling restless.

She looked at her best friend. "When did you come here?"

"When you were busy watching nightmares."

Alina chuckled at her words.

Alina was living in the dormitory. Her best friend's room was just opposite her room. They had keys of each other's room.

Crystal and she were friends for ten years. When they were ten, they met in their elementary school. They became friends. They both came abroad from their pack for their higher study.

"Alina it has been five years since you went to the pack house. But you promised me last week that you will go with me tomorrow in our pack. Do you forget it?" Crystal asked.

"Why would I go back to the pack? My mom and dad don't love me. They never tried to contact me in these five years. I bet they will not be happy if I go there." Alina replied.

"But you promised me last week. And you are a woman of one word. Aren't you? " Crystal tried to convince her.

"Okay, I will. But only for you. Because I don't break promises."

"That's my girl. Come here, let me hug you."

"No. Don't hug me. I am all sweaty." Alina said and got down from her bed.

"I always think about your dreams, Alina. Doesn't the man always come to save you in your dreams?"

Alina put out her clothes from her closet while shaking her head. "No, he always comes to save me but he says he is the one who wants to kill me. He says he has the right to kill me."

"How strange! I thought he was your knight in shining armor."

"I never felt safe in my dreams when he came to save me. It was like I had already known that he would kill me. In fact, I was running from him." Alina explained her dream to Crystal.

"Don't worry. Maybe you are too stressed, that is why you keep dreaming about these. The man is just an imagination, otherwise why would anyone try to kill you?" Crystal said and Alina nodded her head. She was about to go to the bathroom to take a shower when Crystal suddenly asked.

"But what about the looks of the man in your dreams?" Crystal asked excitedly.

Alina stopped at the door and replied,

"He had a dark aura. And I always saw his side face. He was a very handsome man."

"You mean a handsome imaginary enemy who wants to kill you every day in your nightmare?"

Alina chuckled. "Yeah." Then she went to take a shower.

After showering and wearing comfortable clothes. She came out of the bathroom. She saw Crystal was not in her room.

Alina wiped her hair and dried it. She did a high ponytail and looked at herself. Though she was a twenty years old woman now. But anyone looking at her would think she was a sixteen or eighteen years old girl. She was very youthful for her age.

She went out of her room and knocked on Crystal's door. Crystal opened the door immediately and looked at Alina. "Let's go."

Alina nodded at her and said, "Yeah, we are getting late because of my annoying nightmare."

"No, it's not like that. Don't worry. If we run, we can reach the class fast. Though I am not a werewolf like you and I can't compare your strength but still, I can try." Crystal said.

Alina looked at Crystal's green eyes.

Crystal was not a werewolf like her. She was a witch. A daughter of a very powerful witch. Her mother was a royal witch of their pack. So very soon Crystal will be the royal witch just like her mother.

Crystal's mother died five years ago. She loved her mom a lot. But her mom passed away very early. She could not even say goodbye to her.

"So what if you are not a werewolf? We werewolves have physical strength while witches have the most powerful thing which is their mental power. You can do anything with your powers." Alina said.

They were walking and chatting in the hallway. But they saw some girls fangirling around someone.

"This man is getting attention every day." Crystal said while looking at the crowd.

"Yeah, he is the national crush here." Alina said and laughed.

"Alina, I heard he is a true blood Alpha. You are a werewolf too. Do you want me to match up you two?" Crystal said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Oh please, no thanks." Alina replied and looked at the crowd. She saw the man who her best friend called a true blood.

He was none other than Rick Miller. He was very popular at their university. People said he didn't want to be the head Alpha of his pack so he came here and started to study with other creatures together. Here everyone was free to date any. No boundaries or rules to have the same rank or same status.

Crystal patted her shoulder and asked, "What happened? Do you fall in love at first sight?"

Alina giggled. "No, I am not like you. You are the one who can fall in love at first sight. But you never told me who he is. You even go to the pack every three months just to see your prince charming. Isn't it?"

Alina thought about the day four years ago, when Crystal came back from the pack after vacation and told her about the man she fell in love with. That time Alina didn't believe in her. But after that, Crystal went every three months to the pack house just to see him. It was like she was obsessed with him.

"Shh. Don't talk about him here openly. And he is not any prince charming." Crystal whispered to Alina.

"Really? Then who is he?" Alina asked jokingly. She thought Crystal would not answer her and ignore the question again. But this time Crystal answered her with a lower tone but Alina could hear her clearly.


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