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Agreement Behind Her Marriage

Agreement Behind Her Marriage



"Will you, Drew Walton, take Lilian Rose Martin, to be your lawful wedded wife, to share your life openly, standing with her in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and love, now and forevermore?" Lily believed she had no purpose within her family. She had never been treated responsibly and frequently endured physical abuse from her father and other family members. Even the housemaids showed her no kindness, considering her a nuisance. Her value only became apparent when she was forced to marry into the Walton Family. Lily was terrified of Drew, the man she was to marry, but she was bound by her duty as a Martin. On their first wedding night, Drew confessed that he didn't like her. She was unlike the women he typically dated. Who would desire someone with her limited education, slim figure, and unattractive appearance? Nevertheless, she was determined to honor her marriage agreement with Drew rather than return to the Martins, who had mistreated her. [TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains adult language and themes, including graphic violence, explicit content, and instances of violence against women that may be disturbing to some readers. This book is intended for adult readers.]

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

[This chapter may disturb some readers. A trigger warning is advised.]

LILY'S heart was beating frantically. She was driven by her stepbrother Kenneth to a hotel-based bachelor party for a friend. Even though she was aware of the man's ulterior motivations, she felt compelled to go with him out of concern for her safety.

“I’ll kill your precious Manang Puring if you disobey me,” she remembers Kenneth's ghostly, demonic smile before he took her to that place.

"Hello, boys!" he said right after they opened the door of one suite.

They discovered four men inside the room.

"Wow, Ken!" One of his friends whistled. "You really brought Lily with you?" At the moment, she was uncertain why his eyes had a reddish hue. She recognized him as Kenneth's best friend, the man who often visited their home. She noticed he would often cast uncomfortable glances in her direction. She also overheard her brother commenting, "She's stupid! Even our father hated the woman. If you want to fuck her, go ahead. She might be of use to you.”

"Get inside!" came the stern command from Kenneth. When she hesitated, he pushed her.

"P-please... I want to go home..." Tears rolled down her cheeks as anxiety consumed her. She was filled with fear, fully aware that Kenneth's intentions toward her were always sinister. There were five men in the room, and she could see no one else.

One of his friends stroked her cheek and whispered, "Shhh."

He reassured her, saying, "We won't do anything harmful to you, Lily... We just want to see you happy. You'll enjoy this," in an attempt to ease her anxiety. Her veins filled with revulsion as his finger brushed her cheek.

She noticed one of his friends handing Kenneth a wad of cash. With an authoritative tone, he demanded, "Take off your clothes and start dancing!"

Lily clutched her garments tightly. "No... I-I want to go home."

Turning toward the door, she found one of her stepbrother's friends blocking her path. "Please... let me leave..."

"Tsk! Is this fun for you, Ken? You said she's fun?" said one of the men. With a grin, Kenneth took a seat on a couch.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" one of the men chuckled. “This is the reason why I like her. I can't wait to fuck her cowardly brains out. C’mon, Lily… show us what’s behind your clothes.”

"No!" she yelled. Her sobs multiplied.

One of them, who is already frowning, said, "Let her go!"

"I won't refund the money if you remove her from here!" Kenneth declared, his eyes narrowing as he advanced toward her. He slapped her forcefully. "What we asked you to do is simple! Why can't you just comply?"

Her hair became disheveled, and her body felt on the brink of breaking. "I'll tell Dad what you've done..."

Kenneth let out a disdainful laugh. "Seriously? When did your dad ever show you affection? He loves me more than he loves you, Lily. You're foolish and worthless! No one cares about you except for me!"

"Go, Lily. Feel free to get out. We will count to ten. Sorry if we catch you outside,” The man blocking the door tilted. She could see the excitement in his eyes.

That prompted her to leave the room and sprint down the hallway. She had to leave these beasts behind.

"Run, Lily, run!"

She burst into tears.

“Ten… Nine… Eight…”

She would definitely suffer if they caught her. She was certain that she was in danger, especially in light of the fact that Kenneth's companions were obviously not in their right minds. Perhaps they were under the influence of drugs.

She attempted to open each door one at a time despite her damp cheeks. At this point, that was her only chance for survival. Miraculously, one of them was slightly ajar. She entered without hesitation, but when she saw two nude people engaged in furious sex on the bed, she felt practically sick to her stomach.

"Fuck! Who are you?” asked the man with a broad body.

She was about to open the door so she could leave once more when she realized that there were wolves outside the room waiting to devour her.

"Hmm... Sir, you didn't tell me that you requested a threesome," the woman said flirtatiously, grabbing a cigarette off the nightstand.

"Shut the fuck up! Damn it!” He clenched his teeth. Standing up, the man headed in her direction while wearing a menacing attitude. Her eyes widened in fear, especially when he approached her naked. His hard and tall masculinity was clear in her eyes. She understood that since she was the one who had unexpectedly entered the room, she had no reason to be terrified of him.

“I’ll call the police!” he threatened.

Lily was going through a lot of emotions when her vision went completely black, and she passed out. She stumbled and landed in his arms.

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